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Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection

Six Penn students committed suicide in a 13-month stretch, and the school is far from the only one to experience a suicide cluster. Some students blame the pressure to appear effortlessly perfect.

Started in Parents Forum by oldmom4896

George Washington U. is Now Test-Optional

Starting August 1, most applicants to GW (both first-year and transfer) will no longer have to submit test scores.

Are Low AP Scores an Elite-College Deal-Breaker?

Question: Will failing 1 or 2 AP exams affect admissions to top tier schools or Ivy League colleges? Find out what "The Dean" said!

Unpaid Internships Are Back! Educational Benefit or Exploitation?

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upholds unpaid internships for the Fox movie production of Black Swan. What are your thoughts on the ethics of unpaid internships? Let us know!

Started in Parents Forum by GMTplus7

FSU Outlines Plans to Improve Student-Athlete Behavior

"FSU president, John Thrasher, said FSU wants student-athletes to be required to take a course in social responsibilities, one that 'would give them some additional background in consequences of actions.'"

Started in Parents Forum by dstark

What Makes You Ridiculously Angry About the College Admissions Process?

With college season coming up, here is your chance to rant about the admissions process. OCanada31 hates the fact that you have to pay such expensive fees to just apply to college! What about you? Let us know!

2016-2017 College Financial Aid Formula Penalizes Middle Class $8,000

"The 2016-2017 update to the federal college aid formula penalizes middle class families even more. For families that save at all, the change in the formula has penalized them by almost $8,000 over four years of college."

Pain Points in the College Financial Process

There are many pain points in the entire college financial process. Let's improve this experience for future college parents. Please share what do you find most frustrating, annoying, or confusing about this process.

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