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Can I raise my 26 composite to a 30??

beck13908beck13908 Posts: 4Registered User New Member
edited February 2011 in ACT Preparation
Hey I am in desperate need of help. I just scored a 26 on my first act and am planning to take it gain in February. With a 30 I can get thousands on scholarships and could use the help! Any pointers or tips? Thanks for all the help in advance
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Replies to: Can I raise my 26 composite to a 30??

  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Posts: 2,504Registered User Senior Member
    "thousands on scholarships" - where? Anyways, this is very feasible. My friend has gone from a 25 to a 31. All it takes is hardcore studying. Don't think about how hard you're going to study. Sit your ass down, take out your book, and work like a dog.
  • mtv22mtv22 Posts: 293Registered User Junior Member
    If you can find the right materials to help you, you shouldn't find a problem studying every night if it's going to end up saving you thousands of dollars.
  • coalminersoncoalminerson Posts: 172Registered User Junior Member
    Yep, I went from a 27 to a 31.
  • IdnahgIdnahg Posts: 18Registered User New Member
    In June, I got a 23 and was disappointed. So in the months of July and August of 2010, I had the Real ACT Book, 1296 ACT Book, The PR ACT bookk, the 10 ACT Practice Test Mcgraw hill Book, and a Kaplan ACT lesson book [which i really only used for the practice test]. With all these books, I had 23 practice tests, but I took 17. I woke up early, took a test, took a break, and then had a notebook to write down my mistakes with notes such as "improve on this, do this next time, etc" and re did the math problems with the answer key as a guide. And then the rest of the day, I hung out with my friends and relaxed. I did this everyday until school started, and took a Practice test the night before the ACT test in September and got a 29. Like UVAorBust said, it's all about hardcore studying.
  • boomshakalakaboomshakalaka Posts: 703Registered User Member
    I agree with the post above
    Depends on how much you want it and how much you are going to give up your time...really, the best way to improve is to practice, period. If you do not want to be a nerd then it's okay, but it's rather unlikely that you are going to end up with a 30+
  • kpravetzkpravetz Posts: 29Registered User New Member
    Use greatvocab.com and you should go up. Vocab is key on the test because it helps you understand the questions. The site was designed for GRE, SAT, and ACT so it has a ton of words.
  • kpravetzkpravetz Posts: 29Registered User New Member
    Nevermind, that's SAT that has all the vocab. It's been a while since I took them.
    For ACT, practice tests are nice. That way you can get a real taste for what you need to focus on.
  • UChicago2016UChicago2016 Posts: 280User Awaiting Email Confirmation Junior Member
    As everyone as already basically posted, practice does make perfect if you sit down on and just study your ass off, anthing is possible. There is always a certain amount of luck involved with these tests, so you may even be luck and score higher and if luck is really on your side or if you study your ass of you could get a perfect 36.
  • UChicago2016UChicago2016 Posts: 280User Awaiting Email Confirmation Junior Member
    I am studying for the June ACT and I am doing 4 hours every Saturday and my library offers free online tutoring via tutor.com so whatever I don't know I just go on and ask for help and they show me the way.
  • MyCollegeKidMyCollegeKid Posts: 285Registered User Junior Member
    Not sure if you are a senior. It can be done.....You may want to read the strategy books, CRASH COURSE ACT book....etc.
  • CoffeeNoCreamCoffeeNoCream Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    Pretty much what the above users have posted. I would also strongly recommend that as you do more practice exams that you should review every question you got wrong as well as right ones. Quality is just as important as quantity. You should start seeing some trends in how the ACT tests the material. Study hard and your goals will be realized
  • jeandevachesjeandevaches Posts: 31Registered User Junior Member
    In addition to the practice tests, I would also recommend reading some different strategy guides and picking and choosing things you like from each. While practice alone helps on all of them, and is the core of improving on the math, it won't help past a certain point with the others unless your method is solid. I'd make sure you have a firm foundation first before you really start hitting the books hard.

    But yes, it's very feasible to go from a 26 to a 30. I've tutored and taught lots of students who have done it.

    One thing I will leave you with is that a lot of the time, it's not so much how many you do so much as how you're doing them. Doing a lot of tests back-to-back without thoroughly reviewing and learning new things from each one after you take it will likely be a waste of time.
  • jeandevachesjeandevaches Posts: 31Registered User Junior Member
    @ UVAorBust

    most big state schools will give you a full ride with a small stipend for a 30. LSU, for instance, gives a full ride plus $1000 a semester (either per semester or per year, can't remember) for a 30. Obviously this isn't true for the more elite public schools like Berkeley, UCLA, UVA, UNC, etc.
  • Tabby123Tabby123 Posts: 101Registered User Junior Member
    Yep! I went from a 26 to a 30 with A LOT of studying. Best of luck to you!
  • cristophercristopher Posts: 41Registered User Junior Member
    went from a 26 first time to a 32.

    you mad?
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