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Whats a high ACT score?

mj23mj23 Posts: 77Registered User Junior Member
edited October 2008 in ACT Preparation
I scored a 34 in Dec. and I was wondering if this score places me in the higher end. Is it true that colleges on the east coast dislike the ACT?
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Replies to: Whats a high ACT score?

  • Chrisr88Chrisr88 Posts: 339Registered User Member
    Check your percentile...that is extremely high.
  • robotFOODrobotFOOD Posts: 957Registered User Member
    That is actually very good.

    Most selective schools have an ACT range of 30-33 with HYPS in the 31-34 range.

    Of course, the higher the better.

    From the ACT percentile charts, 32 and above is 99%+
  • mj23mj23 Posts: 77Registered User Junior Member
    thanks for the help
  • AbooAboo Posts: 250Registered User Junior Member
    Yeah, I just got into Yale with a 34. You're set, man. I heard the whole thing about the SAT bias with the Ivies, but I guess it's not such a big deal. I always to horrible on the SAT I and SAT IIs. Plus, if you take the ACT, you don't have to take the 3 subject tests!
  • mj23mj23 Posts: 77Registered User Junior Member
    thanks Aboo, any other opinions?
  • AbooAboo Posts: 250Registered User Junior Member
    Not anything I can think of. Where are you looking to apply?
  • mj23mj23 Posts: 77Registered User Junior Member
    HYP, Columbia (letter of rec from Columbia doctor), Johns Hopkins, NYU, BC, Brown, Cornell, BU, Dartmouth, and Duke
  • AbooAboo Posts: 250Registered User Junior Member
    Nice - good luck. I was going to apply to most of those schools, but after being accepted to Yale, I'm too apathetic to care anymore.
  • linke3linke3 Posts: 94Registered User Junior Member
    Yeah, a 34 is a good score.
    I'm also applying to some of those schools (Columbia, Cornell, NYU, BU) with a 34 ACT.
  • slacker101slacker101 Posts: 128Registered User Junior Member
    i made a 29 and am looking to apply to Emory. I have a 3.8 uw gpa tho...is that goode enough?
  • Shark_biteShark_bite Posts: 1,561Registered User Senior Member
    so if you applied to yale with a 34 act, how does that translate to sat and sat2's? im just gonna take all tests, but if i do well on act should i still send in sat scores? (if i did bad on the sat's)
  • DianeRDianeR Posts: 1,541Registered User Senior Member
    You can google on ACT SAT conversion and see how a score on one translates to the other test.

    I don't agree with the conventional wisdom that east coast schools dislike the ACT. That used to be true, but it doesn't seem to be true now. Colleges are free to specify one test or the other, or to say they prefer one, but nearly all say they are indifferent. They use the conversion formula if they are more used to one test or the other. I haven't made a study of the subject, but in years of having this discussion on different lists, I've only seen one name school identified (Princeton) that still has an express preference. Among east coast schools, my daughter was admitted to Brown and UNC-Chapel Hill (nonresident) with ACT scores and no other testing at all.

    Just to clarify something else -- only some schools will accept the ACT as a substitute for SAT IIs.
  • harvardgirl13harvardgirl13 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    well i am a junior and looking to go to possibly K-state and i have been taking ACT prep for the past three weeks and we took an evaluation the other day and it predicted my score to be 30 i have a 3.95 GPA currently but do i need a higher score to be accepted? WHAT are my chances do u think? honest opinions are very much appreciated. i take the ACT well since its two thirty in the morning i take it in eight hours and im freekin out
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