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ACT with Extended Time

Gandhi21Gandhi21 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
I am taking the ACT with extended time (time and a half) on February 6th. I was wondering what the test format would be like? Will I get a certain block of time for each section or for the entire thing? Will I be taking the same ACT as the others kids testing on my testing date? Lastly, do ACT with extended time scores take longer to be processed? Will I have to wait longer than normal testers for my scores?

Replies to: ACT with Extended Time

  • mmk2015mmk2015 Registered User Posts: 542 Member
    If you signed up with the Essay, you'll get 6hrs total (5hrs if you didn't sign up for the Essay).

    You're allowed to break up the 6hrs any way you want. For example, 2hr 30mins on E, 30 mins on M, 2hrs on R, 30mins on S, 30mins on Essay. I don't recommend that breakdown, but I exaggerated so you understand that you can do whatever you want with those minutes. Break up the time according to what works best for you. Maybe you need more time in Reading, so dump more minutes there. Maybe you're great at M, so use less time there.

    Once the clock starts, you can't stop it. You can take breaks, but the clock will keep running. So don't waste too much time taking breaks.

    Once you finish a section (like English), you have to notify the proctor. Then you start the next section (like Math). Once you finish a section, you cannot go back to it. So make 100% sure you're done with a section before you move on.

    Take a watch that counts the hrs and mins. But it cannot make any noise. If the proctor hears a beep, he can dismiss you and invalidate your test. If you have a watch that makes beeps when you start it, go on YouTube and watch a video on how to disable sound. (It involves opening the back of the watch and putting a piece of tape inside. It's pretty easy.)

    If you test on Saturday Feb 6, you will take the same test everyone else is taking. You will probably have 1-4 other students with you in your room. Not many.

    You'll get your scores on the same day everyone else who tested in the same school as you (unless there is a problem with your test).

    For more information, go on the ACT website or call them to confirm all this.
  • intparentintparent Registered User Posts: 28,294 Senior Member
    Good to be aware of this ahead of time. It freaked my kid out when she got as much time as needed on each section, she thought maybe the test administrator had messed up!
  • Gandhi21Gandhi21 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    edited February 2016
    Thanks @mmk2015
    So the test results won't take longer to be released? I am taking the With Writing and I've heard rumors that for special accommodation kids the composite score isn't released before the writing. In other words, will I have to wait till the writing is graded to see my composite? Also from your experiences do scores make a huge increase with extra time? I took the test with normal time in December and scored a 30 composite. I couldn't finish the Reading or Science because my vision causes me to be a slow reader, so I'm hoping that with extra time Ill do better on those!
  • mmk2015mmk2015 Registered User Posts: 542 Member
    C30 with normal time? You're definitely going to do way better with the extra time! You probably should dump extra minutes in Reading and Science.

    Your scores will be released without the Essay score like everyone else. You'll get your Essay later.
  • Gandhi21Gandhi21 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    @mmk2015 Thanks for your help.
    I'm planning on finishing Math and English almost normal time and then using the extra time to read the Reading and Science portions. My goal is a 34, so I'm really hoping that I will get a big boost in my scores in Reading and Science! Last question, do I have to take the sections in order? Or can I finish Reading and Science first?
  • mmk2015mmk2015 Registered User Posts: 542 Member
    You have to do the sections in order. So make sure you're confident you're done with a section before moving on to the next section.

    Use the extra time wisely. You'll do well.
  • Gandhi21Gandhi21 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    @mmk2015 Thanks for your help. I got my scores back today and I was really excited. I exceeded my goal score! It was really helpful to know the format of the test before actually taking it. :)
  • mmk2015mmk2015 Registered User Posts: 542 Member
    You're welcome Gandhi21! Glad to hear I could help. And consider taking it again in April. You will definitely get better with more experience.
  • Gandhi21Gandhi21 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    @mmk2015 I got a:
    Do you think I should retake for a 36? I think it may be attainable, but would it be that helpful in the long run?
  • mmk2015mmk2015 Registered User Posts: 542 Member
    Wow! You're done! Don't waste your time. No college in the world is going to reject you because you "only" got C35 and not C36.

    Also keep in mind that no college will ever know you got Extra Time. That's confidential information.

    Congratulations on the insanely high score!
  • txstellatxstella Registered User Posts: 919 Member
    Wow! That scores is terrific. I'm thinking about going through the process to get extra time for my DS20 who has dyslexia so your post was helpful for me.
  • Gandhi21Gandhi21 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    @mmk2015 @txstella Thanks. And the process, although somewhat long, is definitely worth it. I improved in every section even my "strengths!"
  • hebegebehebegebe Registered User Posts: 1,694 Senior Member
    Also keep in mind that no college will ever know you got Extra Time. That's confidential information.
    Isn't that unfair to test takers who don't get the extra time?
  • apdeprivedapdeprived Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
    no, why would it be unfair for someone who has a vision impairment or a learning disability, etc.?
  • iubaccountingiubaccounting Registered User Posts: 884 Member
    It's almost certainly unfair one way or the other. For example, if the OP's vision causes him to read 20% slower but gets 50% more time, he has an unfair advantage. It could also be the opposite though. It's unlikely that having a disability EXACTLY equals the extra time given in terms of score, and I would be willing to bet that the disability hurts more than the time helps most of the time.
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