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Smoking Marijuana Increases Test Scores

bica24bica24 Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
edited October 2006 in ACT Preparation
i know students who smoke weed all the time and amazingly do extremely well on the ACTs... like 32,33 .. WHAT IS THIS? it's been VERY consistent... is there some science behind this???

any explanations or ANECDOTES???
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Replies to: Smoking Marijuana Increases Test Scores

  • drew718drew718 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    it doesn't, i know people that have smoked weed before the SAT and ACT and their scores were at least 200 pts (or 7pts) lower that they should have been getting. i know it might be hard, but you should probably cut back on the weed for a week before, because it takes 1-2 weeks to get your full thought process back. i know all this because at least 3 of my friends tried to smoke before both tests.
  • drew718drew718 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    on second thought, go ahead and smoke before you take the ACT, it will set the curve lower and give all of us higher scores, and thats always good isn't it :-)
  • bica24bica24 Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    i dont smoke weed
  • Generic NameGeneric Name Posts: 146Registered User Junior Member
    I really hope that this is a joke...
  • r3n-_-r3n-_- Posts: 296Registered User Junior Member
    i heard you get higher score while jerking off during the test.
  • Shark_biteShark_bite Posts: 1,561Registered User Senior Member
    Whatever it takes...
  • sockssocks Posts: 577Registered User Member
    there are some stoners are my school who, while clean, are very very very sharp. while stoned out of my their minds they are still pretty smart. sorry bica, some ppl are just like this. the stoned kids getting 32s could probably get 36 if they werent stoned.
  • ShadowRider78ShadowRider78 Posts: 583Registered User Member
    Shark_bite and bica24, come to your senses. A high ACT score will not procure an automatic admission at the top-tier colleges/universities. I personally think the essay plays a huge role for an applicant to be admitted into an elite university.

    My $1.00.

    Smoking marijuana will probably sharply decrease your chances from even graduating high school.
  • bman14bman14 Posts: 588Registered User Member
    lol.... honestly i think smoking weed makes you smarter also. it like opens up your brain to think more broadly or something. true story: i know this jewish kid who's naturally smart and got 2190 on the SAT's, which i think was before he turned into a pothead. after he started smoking, he retook and got 2300....
  • Shark_biteShark_bite Posts: 1,561Registered User Senior Member
    I was being sarcastic...You have to be a fool to think a mind-altering substance will increase your test scores. Its like showing up drunk.
  • TheVeganActressTheVeganActress Posts: 6,666Registered User Senior Member
    ok, two days before the ACTs. shall I try this new score improving method?

    **note: COMPLETE sarcasm here**
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