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Mechanical pencils on ACT

kutibahkutibah Posts: 771Registered User Member
edited June 2007 in ACT Preparation
It seems that major test makers like the SAT for some reason don't allow mechanical pencils. I have always taken my SAT and SAT II Subject Tests using Mechanical Pencils even when they say not to because it seems to work. Is there a reason why they don't allow them? I use 0.5 lead and it works fine. I plan to use them on the ACT as well. Could this test give me a problem with mechanical pencils when none of the SAT's have?
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Replies to: Mechanical pencils on ACT

  • rencerence Posts: 385Registered User Member
    Just use a regular pencil. Problem solved.
  • Xylem101Xylem101 Posts: 868Registered User Member
    yeah seriously just use a regular pencil, i mean all you have to do is fill in bubbles with it. Its not like the mechanical pencil is going to give you any sort of advantage (if you we're writing it could....)
  • kutibahkutibah Posts: 771Registered User Member
    The only reason I prefer mechanical is because it's easier to fix if I break my lead and it stays sharp. But yeah...I guess I might as well try using regular pencils...
  • aldeswarialdeswari Posts: 124Registered User Junior Member
    regular pencils don't erase as well.. a real pain in the ass if you ask me. i probably managed to get a couple wrong from smeared correction marks.
  • iin77iin77 Posts: 828Registered User Member
    I've used a mechanical pencil on every standardized test I've taken and nothing has gone wrong. They make darker marks and erase better, so I like them better.

    On the SAT and some APs, the marks from mechanical pencils actually go through the answer sheet and mark on the other side, though... you have to watch out for that.

    Supposedly, the reason they don't allow mechanical pencils is because people would poke holes in their answer sheets so they had to rebubble all their answers, and they'd cheat by getting answers from other people.(?) Doesn't quite seem feasible to me, but w/e.
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