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What are the average sat scores and gpas of admitted african american at ivy leagues

ivayhopefulivayhopeful Posts: 217Registered User Junior Member
this question has been on my mind for a bit...what is the average sat score and gpa of an admitted african american at an ivy?
...and specifically for every individual ivy
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Replies to: What are the average sat scores and gpas of admitted african american at ivy leagues

  • eating foodeating food Posts: 1,927Registered User Senior Member
    colleges don't release information like this for obvious reasons, but I would venture to say that the average ranges for SAT scores are as follows:

    HYP: 2050-2250
    The Rest:1900-2150

    GPAs are going to vary because different school grades in different ways. But most black students are going to be in the top 10% of their class.
  • Chi-town23_33Chi-town23_33 Posts: 375Registered User Member
    I would largely agree with eating food.

    First, to have any chance at success a black applicant is going to have to be Top 10% in his or her respective class and have good extra-curricular involvement/leadership. Excellent essays are a must.

    Eating food provided estimated score ranges, but I'll take a different approach. Based on applicants I've seen, I'd recommend these scores (of course, there are applicants that are exceptions to these generalities):

    HYP & Special Programs (Wharton, Penn Joint-Degrees, Brown PLME): 2100+SAT and 32+ ACT

    Other Ivies: 1900+ SAT, 29 ACT+

    The higher the scores, the better the chances.
    Still nothing is a guarantee, as I've seen some great black applicants get rejected. Essays are I feel possibly the most vital part of the application.
  • BananaSandwich15BananaSandwich15 Posts: 545Registered User Member
    i've know a couple URMs to get into harvard with a 28 ACT...

    i can't give a general range though
  • EmekChrisEmekChris Posts: 502Registered User Member
    I know some that have gotten in with a 1800+ SAT...
  • 2011VAMom2011VAMom Posts: 216Registered User Junior Member
    bumping this one up. Does anyone have any new information on this subject from the most recent admission cycle?

  • smoothboysmoothboy Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    I think that I can give you some information. From personal experience based off my college admission results as well as the results of my friends, I can say the SAT range for admitted African Americans ranges anywhere from 1900-2200. For admittance to Cornell, I'd say 2000+ gives one a clear shot. For Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Penn, Brown, Dartmouth, and Columbia, 2150+ SAT or 32+ ACT can help one be extremely competitive.

    Here are the results for many of my African American classmates and friends:

    Male: 35 ACT/ perfect Subject tests, 4.0 GPA UW/ 5.8+ maybe a 5.9 W Very good extracurriculars. Acceptances: Harvard, Princeton, Yale and everywhere else

    Male: 2050 SAT 3.9 GPA W/ 4.5 UW. Barely any extracurriculars. Acceptances: Duke, Cornell, rejected everywhere else (HYPS).

    Male: 32 ACT, great SAT II (750+ on all). Great extracurriculars. Accepted: Harvard Princeton

    Male: 2150 SAT, decent Subject tests. 3.9 UW/ 4.8 W. Outstanding extracurriculars including research. Acceptances: Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke

    Female: Very high GPA (assuming 4.0 UW/ 5.0 or higher W). Accepted: Princeton, Penn

    Female: Decent GPA, Good SAT (assuming 2100+), Amazing extracurriculars (better than most mentioned above, except that 1st dude). Acceptances: Columbia, MIT, Duke, JH

    So I would say that the most successful applicants had 2100+ SAT scores, decent subject tests, and REALLY amazing extracurriculars like research, internships, community service, sports (though none were recruited). Most also wrote really amazing essays.

    If you have anymore questions, just ask. As a side note...I would suggest that you don't believe everything you hear about affirmative actions. It doesn't "help" significantly (like result in several students getting into Princeton or Yale with 1700-1800 SAT scores...that just doesn't happen very often or at all really), but rather makes your application stand out a little more. Being black is a part of who you are; and who you are is what gets translated to your college application. Most of these African-American students worked extremely hard, just as hard as their non-minority and over-represented counterparts. It's not all about SAT's and colleges see that. Once you get to a certain level (especially as a minority), the process really depends on what you do outside of the classroom. That's my personal sentiment.
  • ksarmandksarmand Posts: 2,743Registered User Senior Member
    Also, it is useful to check the acceptance threads.
    Personally, I received HP & Columbia admissions with a 2270 and 101%+ GPA (ranked #1 unweighted, #3 weighted).
  • BeautifulNerd219BeautifulNerd219 Posts: 862Registered User Member
    I agree with ksarmand, the acceptance threads are helpful, but don't let it freak you out b/c you'll start to compare yourself to other students and it can get out of hand.

    Personally, I think my essays and recs were great, but I received Princeton, Columbia, Penn, and Cornell admissions with a 2010/28 ACT score and 3.6/4.5 GPA. It's possible with a lot of determination.
  • 2011VAMom2011VAMom Posts: 216Registered User Junior Member
    That is great beautifulnerd! Just goes to show that you do not have to have a 2300+ on your SAT to get into some of the top schools.

    Good luck to you at Princeton. Out of curiousity, where else did you apply?
  • gc414gc414 Posts: 267Registered User Junior Member
    I'm a URM with a 1440/2220, top 10% most rigorous courses possible at a school that sends 15/100 kids to ivies each year, respectable ecs (student council vp, model un + debate president, varsity field hockey captain), solid essays (letters from adcoms told me they were what stood out in my application) and recs... etc.. into penn.. rejected from dartmouth and princeton.
  • dignified1dignified1 Posts: 680Registered User Member
    ^glad you posted that information gc414. Otherwise, too many urms with similar stats might be convinced that they have a lock on the ivies. My D will probably apply to 13 colleges, even though her stats are right in line with the stats mentioned by smoothboy and ksarmand. The acceptance rates are just too low to be certain of anything for anyone.
  • ShrinkrapShrinkrap Posts: 11,777Registered User Senior Member
    I know it's not an Ivy, but I've been tracking URM Duke admits for several years, and I'd say the threshold is about 1300/2100, 3.8 UW GPA, and good EC's. Many (out of about 30 or 40 I've tracked) are better, and a lot seem to end up at Ivies.
  • justadream92justadream92 Posts: 617Registered User Member
    Personally ...
    SAT: 1880
    ACT: 29
    GPA: 4.0/4.7

    accepted: Stanford, Princeton, UChicago, Brown, Cornell, Georgetown SFS, Johns Hopkins, Williams, Tufts, Northwestern
    rejected: no where.

    Rare case, but that shows that the numbers aren't EVERYTHING. Don't freak out. Enjoy your summers and write kick ass essays.
  • Mouse121992Mouse121992 Posts: 208Registered User Junior Member
    Well for me

    ACT: 30
    GPA: 3.7 (weighted)
    Ecs: varsity soccer (3 years), National Honor Society, French Honor Society, tutoring twice a week
    Extra: Good recs (adcoms I met said they made me stand out)

    However, I don't know if it's been mentioned but I think part of your acceptance relies on how many other qualified applicants attend your school or are in your area. i mean stellar applicants won't get rejected, but there can only be so many 2400/5.0s if you know what I mean. I think part of my acceptance into Cornell was because I was the only person in my district to apply (1000+ students applying for college) and I was qualified. Also, I'm from a different region than my college. That probably makes no difference, but they have to have someone from Illinois right? lol
  • Jersey13Jersey13 Posts: 4,622Registered User Senior Member
    OP, colleges would never release such information as it would result in increased outcry from those against AA policies and would provide plenty of data for them to refer to in order to support their claims.
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