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AP Self Study- is it worth it?

YeYe_girl09YeYe_girl09 Posts: 66Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2012 in AP Tests Preparation
I have heard of many kids self study for the AP test. My school does not offer a wide range of AP classes but I want to prep and take the following AP tests: AP English Language, AP Biology, AP World History, AP French, AP U.S. History (is it possible to re-take AP tests?). I am fluent in both French and Spanish. AP Biology and World History are my only two challenges of the bunch. Do you consider these the most difficult AP tests to prepare for? Does the state of California sponsor any online AP courses? If so, send me a link about it.
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Replies to: AP Self Study- is it worth it?

  • quitejadedquitejaded Posts: 1,816Registered User Senior Member
    There is no point in self-study unless you want to save money for college.
  • YeYe_girl09YeYe_girl09 Posts: 66Registered User Junior Member
    Obviously, it would help to save money but is it reasonable to self study for AP Biology? AP Foreign Languages and Literature can EASILY be self prepared. How difficult would it be to self study for any of the science tests?
  • mattd1688mattd1688 Posts: 660Registered User Member
    Enviornmental science = a joke
    chem = I basically did, got a 4
    Physics = really easy, self studying for C from a B class.

    in order of easiest to hardest. I would do enviro and bio, some of the same things.
  • lortlort Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    ap self study can show to many colleges that you are a motivated student. AP tests are not hard at all... most of the humanities/social sciences don't require much work to ace.
  • sciencenerdsciencenerd Posts: 1,478Registered User Senior Member
    Should you self study a subject even though you already have a lot of AP's taken? For example if you have taken AP USH, Comp Govt and World History is there any reason to take European History?
  • ckmets13ckmets13 Posts: 2,294Registered User Senior Member
    i have taken USH, World History, and am taking Gov, and self studying euro, but i am not sure if its really worth it
  • sciencenerdsciencenerd Posts: 1,478Registered User Senior Member
    Can someone reply? Thanks
  • mattd1688mattd1688 Posts: 660Registered User Member
    Do seniors who are self studying, do you put that on your app. I didnt and dont plan to for my 3 other ones.

    If your college gives you actual credit for it, then yes its worth it. $100 to save a few k, worth it to me.
  • SparkShooterSparkShooter Posts: 135Registered User Junior Member
    I'm glad I'm taking AP Euro just becuase of the background knowledge it gives me on most of the world. Combined with AP US, I have a decent view of modern history, a great asset in life-- as well as for interviews, Literature, and a bunch of other things.
  • sciencenerdsciencenerd Posts: 1,478Registered User Senior Member
    If you already have 3 AP History credits do you reccomend taking AP European History? Thanks.
  • SparkShooterSparkShooter Posts: 135Registered User Junior Member
    For this year? Or starting next year? If you get an actual textbook, and "Modern European History" (my lifesaver) and actually work for about an hour a day-- you should have no trouble getting a 5. But that is an hour a day..
  • believersmombelieversmom Posts: 1,109Registered User Senior Member
    Resurecting an old thread hopefully get some useful feedback. Are students allowed to self study if an AP is offered at their HS already but they cannot fit it into their schedule?
  • privilegedprivileged Posts: 265Registered User Junior Member
    Believersmom I just assumed they could. Does the school have to approve the student sitting the AP exam? My son was planning to self study AP bio even though it is offered because he wants to do another subject in his senior year which has ap bio as a prerequisite but he just couldn't fit it into his schedule this year. We assumed that he would just sign up for the AP bio exam.

    Feedback please.
  • Vicky_skyVicky_sky Posts: 768Registered User Member
    Yes! in my school, even though the county pays for our exams, there is no report about who takes the class or not. they just assume everyone takes the class.
  • VandanVandan Posts: 153Registered User Junior Member
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