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Favorite AP Exam? Least favorite exam?

clienkclienk Posts: 243Registered User Junior Member
edited November 2012 in AP Tests Preparation
Yeah, tests all suck, but some more than others. What were your favorite and least favorite exams?

I think my favorites was APES. I didn't take the class, and barely studied, so it was fun putting knowledge from news articles together with knowledge from other science classes in ways I hadn't really thought of before.

Least favorites were probably English language, because I felt like I was dying and failing, even though I ended up with a 5, and Bio and Chem, because they were really disappointingly easy compared to tests I had taken in class, so I felt like I had wasted time preparing excessively.
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Replies to: Favorite AP Exam? Least favorite exam?

  • DarthpwnerDarthpwner Posts: 1,003Registered User Senior Member
    Favorite: APUSH because it was fun and I got a 5. Least Favorite: Bio since it was my only 3 :O
  • dirkslam41dirkslam41 Posts: 732Registered User Member
    fav is psychology, because its just memorizing. And least fav English lang cause it was a very challenging course.
  • emzagemzaemzagemza Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    favourite: (i have 2)
    - calc because i thought i got a two but i actually got a 4 so its super scaled
    - psychology because psych is so much fun and its really easy and its just really nice
  • emzagemzaemzagemza Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    oh oops
    my least favourite was probably world history basically because i hated the class, but it was still an easier test than you would think it would be
  • wynterwynter Posts: 359Registered User Member
    I like this topic. For the most part, I love taking AP exams. idk why. especially the free-response section. I'd say my favorite was Physics B just because even though it was really hard the free response section was very unique (i had some other form of the exam administered to like 4 kids total in my 50-person test room) and it was fun to think about. I also liked the calc BC exam because similarly some questions were atypical and there wasn't even a solids of revolution problem which i was dreading. My least favorite was probably chemistry just because I saw on the exam what I expected to see and still wasn't too prepared for it.
  • CantConcentrateCantConcentrate Posts: 2,552Registered User Senior Member
    Favorite: AP Music Theory. It was honestly a fun exam to take.

    Least Favorite: AP English Language. I literally almost fell sleep.

    5s on both.
  • hpyscmhpyscm Posts: 899Registered User Member
    Loved physics c mech. I took it and had no idea what I was doing. It was fun though and somehow I got a 5. Lel.

    Hated APUSH. Dear god save me now
  • rspencerspence Posts: 2,118Registered User Senior Member
    Physics C - Mechanics was a pretty fun class for me.

    AP Stats was probably my least favorite; even though I scored 5, the course was pretty much a drag, and isn't that rigorous. On the other hand, nearly all of MIT's probability and statistics courses require multi-variable calculus as a pre-requisite. A pre-requisite!
  • tangentlinetangentline Posts: 1,026Registered User Senior Member
    Statistics... Senior year math is required, and I sit there, in a class mostly full of people that opted out of taking Calculus. Those z-score tables replacing the actual integration :P I certainly would like to deal with all of the Calculus behind it instead of listening (and he wants you to pay attention even if you get it) to the teacher repeating the same explanation on similar questions that students ask.

    On topic:
    Least favorite would be English Language and Composition. Reading passages, it's the SAT all over again, but some of the passages you don't know what in the world they are talking about. Then scrunching out essays on random topics, meh, not the most interesting thing ever.

    Most favorite: Physics B (because C is not offered/haven't self-studied (yet)), given my class, we were taught about 60% of the material, so I had to self-study cram on the last weekend (as well as Bio on the same day too). What I love about the test is challenging problems--especially if you've never specifically studied it all but you can piece together what you know about the world etc to come to a logical answer. Calculus may have been my most favorite... If they made the problems much much harder / unique to each test and encourage actual problem solving skills with a wider variety of Calculus topics.
  • MascaraMascara Posts: 697Registered User Member
    Favorite: Calc BC and Language. So much fun to do!
    Least favorite: APUSH
  • rspencerspence Posts: 2,118Registered User Senior Member
    @Tangentline, yes exactly! Although integrating e^(-x^2) dx is a little beyond the scope, even for Calculus BC. But it's still doable. Finding the coefficients of the least squares regression line also requires quite a bit of calculus.

    Another thing, my AP Stats class last year was full of people who had either taken Calculus AB/BC/multi-variable, or people who wanted to skip calculus. On some tests the score distribution looked rather bimodal...
  • joshuabovejoshuabove Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
    Favorite: AP Physics B and C! I loved physics B, and physics C is pretty fun this year (at least mechanics is...I'm not sure how it will be when E&M rolls around). Yes, Physics B was difficult but I LOVED the material. Also had an amazing class that I looked forward to going to everyday.

    Least Favorite: AP Euro? I actually really liked the class, and especially everyone in it. Plus, the subject really grew on me throughout the year. It was just very tough to remember all the things I had to for the test. Even though I did great on the exam, it stressed me out to study for it. No regrets taking the class though! I'm actually extremely glad I did :D
  • SleepingAwaySleepingAway Posts: 73Registered User Junior Member
    Most Favorite: AP Microecon- The class was really fun (the teacher was great) and though it was draged out into a year long class, the AP was really easy and we covered essentially everything on the AP (many people didn't get to the trade graphs at the end of the year apparently)

    Least Favorite: AP Statistics- Funny how much this class turns up in "least favorite", in my class there were essentially 3/36 that kept awake and even though I read the book and kept awake I still got a 4
  • Jumper008Jumper008 Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    I really like US History (I'm taking it now). History is really interesting to me.

    I'm not really a science person, so I didn't like Physics C- Mechanics. Bio was actually fun though.
  • biodontchembiodontchem Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    Least - AP US Government - scored a 2 and learned like absolutely nothing the whole year last year.

    Favorite - AP Calculus AB - So freaking easy and predictable. I'm in love with Calc I but feel like I would hate higher level math classes.
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