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How hard is AP Psychology?

EmililyEmilily Posts: 3Registered User New Member
edited March 2013 in AP Tests Preparation
People have told me that AP psychology is the easiest out of all the AP's but if I could get any ratings from 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest to how hard it is? THANKS!!

Oh! And also good study books or studying techniques.

Thanks so much
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Replies to: How hard is AP Psychology?

  • Ilovesoftball44Ilovesoftball44 Posts: 1,497Registered User Senior Member
    I haven't taken it yet but I'd say its about a 5-6 it really depends. The best study book is barrons and the best thing to do as far as studying is make sure you know your terms and just outline.
  • adzukiadzuki Posts: 200Registered User Junior Member
    I think AP Psych is probably more like 3-4 because the MC part of the test (which counts for a majority of your score) is incredibly easy and straightforward - if you know your Psych vocab, you'll do great on it. The FRQs for Psych are also pretty straightforward and even though the graders are really strict about looking for specific types of answers, the average scores for the FRQs are super low, so a bad score on the FRQ won't really affect your overall AP score much as long as you do well on the MC.
  • pinnipottopinnipotto Posts: 717Registered User Member
    I don't know if I can quantify it, but it was incredibly easy.
  • EmililyEmilily Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    Thanks for your replys, very useful and I will get barrons.
  • madamebovarymadamebovary Posts: 1,640Registered User Senior Member
    very easy. I studied for two weeks before the test and got a five. get the barrons
  • Xylem101Xylem101 Posts: 868Registered User Member
    Haha do you think its easy enough, that i could leave it for now then buy barrons 1 month before the test and just read it and still get a five? (Assuming i know nothing about psych except like background info, and that i have other things todo)
  • madamebovarymadamebovary Posts: 1,640Registered User Senior Member
    i dont know; i took regular psych at school for the first semester. and started studying two weeks before the test

    it will be easier if you have done ap bio
  • Ilovesoftball44Ilovesoftball44 Posts: 1,497Registered User Senior Member
    I would recommend that you buy barrons and take notes from it, and then study that, and you'll probably get a 5.
  • katia11katia11 Posts: 611Registered User Member
    What if you've never ever taken psych before? My school doesn't offer any psych classes. Just curious.
  • rockermcrrockermcr Posts: 14,670Registered User Senior Member
    madamebovary: Why do you think that the AP Psych exam is easier if you took AP Bio before? I just got the Barron's study book and looked through all the chapters. From what I've seen, AP Bio might be helpful for a very small portion of the exam, but I don't think it would be necessary at all.

    katia11: I'm self studying for the AP Psych exam this year, and I've never taken a Psychology class before either. It seems pretty easy, although there is quite a lot of stuff to memorize. If you feel like doing the exam, Barron's seems like a very good study book to use, and nearly everyone that's taken the Psych exam before has said that it's the best book to use. Remember that you have until March to register for the AP exam so you have plenty of time to try to teach yourself psychology, and if you end up hating it, you don't need to apply. Good luck :)
  • Xylem101Xylem101 Posts: 868Registered User Member
    Haha madamebovary around how many hrs a day/total did u study?

    o and yes i did take AP bio and i got a 5 lol
  • focusfirefocusfire Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    I'm self-studying for AP Psych too, without having taken any classes. From what I've heard, it's a really easy test... I've been studying maybe 20 minutes a day just looking at Barron's.

    @rockermcr, APBio covers basically all of the physical parts of psych (i.e. the nervous system, brain structure, neuron function, endocrine system, etc.) so sure, apbio helps, but it's nothing you can't study on your own. Also, from what I've heard, the APBio and APpsych exams are very similar in structure... so if you did well on one, you should be fine on the other using the same study methods.
  • 082349082349 Posts: 2,228Registered User Senior Member
    ^ Did you just revive a 4 year old thread?
  • LazyGeniusLazyGenius Posts: 217- Junior Member
    @focusfire You are really DUMB! Like foreal! (lol) You know everyone who posted in this thread before you has graduated high school? so idk why do you trying to tell someone something lmao
  • piedpilkopiedpilko Posts: 571Registered User Member
    lol .
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