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Difference between English Lit and English Language

chr100chr100 Posts: 152Registered User Junior Member
edited August 2007 in AP Tests Preparation
Could someone explain the differences between the literature and language AP tests? Also, do juniors tend to take one of the tests and seniors the other?
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Replies to: Difference between English Lit and English Language

  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Posts: 4,535Registered User Senior Member
    i've been wanting to know the same thing.
  • sciencenerdsciencenerd Posts: 1,478Registered User Senior Member
    juniors usually take ap english lang and seniors english lit.
  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Posts: 4,535Registered User Senior Member
    ^not that kind of difference! I"m talking about the difference in course material ( what's taught). that's exactly why you're a sciencenerd.
  • aarosurfaarosurf Posts: 660Registered User Member
    i thought they were pretty much the same except the literature test includes poetry and is easy if you read a couple of books
  • lehcarlehcar Posts: 323Registered User Member
    English Lit is more about reading and analyzing literature and learning all the lit terminology (i.e. personification, symbolism, etc.). You're also mostly writing about specific literature and how the author achieves certain things.
    English Lang is still about reading, but it's more about becoming a better writer yourself. (I think it's called AP English Language & COMPOSITION).
    I'm not completely sure about English Language b/c I haven't taken it yet (my school does AP Lit junior year and AP eng lang senior year) but I took Lit last year and the exam is all about analyzing literature.
  • arwen15arwen15 Posts: 804Registered User Member
    English language & Composition involves a ton of rhetoric terms that
    you have to know very well and be able to use; Not being intimately
    familiar with the rhetoric usage will cost you dearly on the multiple choice.

    English literature is more forgiving. You are required to have read a
    smattering of books (and poetry) that you will have to use in your
    essays. The multiple choice is relatively simpler (compared to English

    Senioritis + English Language could be a lethal mixture ....hmmm maybe
    that is why msot schools including mine insist on doing English Language
    in Junior year and Literature inSenior year...:)
  • aarosurfaarosurf Posts: 660Registered User Member
    yeah, you definitely want to take lit after comp... it makes lit so much easier
  • a778999a778999 Posts: 1,520Registered User Senior Member
    lit also has composition in its full name
  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Posts: 4,535Registered User Senior Member
    ^ i was going to say that.
  • dchow08dchow08 Posts: 3,267Registered User Senior Member
    Also, for English Language, it's not about what you say, it's all about how you say it. In other words, if you sound like you know what you're talking about, you'll get a good score on the essay, if you do have something good to say. If you sound stupid, you'll score low.

    You don't have to memorize a bazillion rhetoric terms. Just know apostrophe, imagery, tone, purpose, audience, alliteration, rhetorical question, parallel structure, and stuff like that. You don't need to know zeugma or anything like that.

    For English Lang, focus more on writing skills than knowledge of rhetoric. It's really like a long Verbal SAT
  • chickenboi8008chickenboi8008 Posts: 2,500Registered User Senior Member
    is lit typically easier than lang?
  • GeordieGeordie Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
    Depends on whether you are better at reading or writing.
  • GatorPotentialGatorPotential Posts: 76Registered User Junior Member
    well the two official names for the courses are AP English Literature & Composition and AP English Language & Composition. Both have Composition in their titles as collegeboard shows. Also, when i took the AP exam it had composition in the title of the english lit exam....and also, on my transcript it says ADV PL ENG LIT COMP.....both have composition in their titles so i dont think it matter as far as that....i took both...in language we focused on writing and rhetoric.....in literature we focused on novels/novellas and poetry
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