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Should I drop AP Chem?

interruptingcowinterruptingcow Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2008 in AP Tests Preparation
I honestly don't think I can handle (or deal with) AP Chemistry anymore. My teacher is extremely FAKE nice, but everybody still loves her...except me. She doesn't teach AT ALL, and whenever you ask her a question, she condenscendingly asks you something like "what do you think?" in a fake voice that a mother would use to a child. Oh yeah, and my teacher strongly dislikes me for unknown reasons.

Needless to say, I've grown to despise chemistry with a burning passion -- and the class even more. And, of course, I'm failing it (I got a C+ last marking period...this is after I busted my butt fixing every little mistake on my last test to get that extra 0.4, for my teacher does NOT round up). This marking period, oh boy, I've pretty much failed every test so far. I could go on all day ranting about how much I hate and am bad at AP Chem...

Do you think I should drop this class? I know it'll look horrible to colleges and everything...but I honestly don't think I can stand that class (or me failing in it) any longer... ADVICE PLEASE?! Thanks in advance!
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Replies to: Should I drop AP Chem?

  • BigIsBigIs Posts: 1,055Registered User Senior Member
    You gotta know when to fold em, know when to hold em.

    Talk to your counselor tomorrow. Dropping may be your best option, but you need to know all the ramifications.

    If you're a senior, it shouldn't affect your admissions process, but ask a real person (rather than a posting on this board) who may know.
  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Posts: 4,535Registered User Senior Member
    Okay..my comment is going to be wayyy off the subject:

    are you a "fan" of baratsandberta, the youtube bloggers. I'm asking because your username (interrupting cow) reminds me of one of their (hilarious) videos.

    YouTube - Completely Uncalled For
  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Posts: 4,535Registered User Senior Member
    okay, but anyway:

    I think you should hang in there. If you drop out, then you've let HER win. She would like nothing more than for you to be out of her class. It's never a good idea to let people's feelings about you dictate your actions.
  • qtipkorea4uqtipkorea4u Posts: 292Registered User Junior Member
    i am going through a same stuff right now.. >.<

    I am taking ap chem, ap calc, ap economics

    I thought i could handle them pretty well, but I am getting C ,D for this marking period which i am gonna bring it up to B at least, but

    i always thought of dropping the class, but at the end, I guess i will believe in myself and keep taking those classes~

    Good luck
  • xtraxtra Posts: 761Registered User Member
    can't you at least self-study with a book???
  • Speak_EasySpeak_Easy Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
    Dropping a course this late in the year will show up as a "withdrawn" on your transcript and will most certainly require an explanation.

    You'll need a better excuse than: "My teacher was a b!tch who hated me."

    I had a similar problem with my physics teacher. He didn't teach and I was struggling in the class. I have wicked good grades, so a "C" was absolutely killing the ol' GPA. I managed to get a low B first term and then I slowly figured out how to do well in the class. I'm getting an "A" now, so I'm very happy that I did not drop the class.

    Doing well in a class often involves figuring out the teacher, their teaching style (sometimes lack thereof) and learning to compensate.

    I love chemistry, so I'd hate to tell anyone to drop it.

    You should talk to your GC, but unless you're legitimately failing, dropping a major course so late could have bad consequences.

    You should focus on self-studying and preparing yourself.

    Is there a better revenge against a bad teacher than getting a 5 entirely by yourself?
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