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Micro or Macro...Which First??????

FixedAxelFixedAxel Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
edited July 2008 in AP Tests Preparation
Hi guys

I was wondering... Which do you take first microeconomics or macroeconomics? Which do you recommend taking first? And last any recommondations for textbooks.

Thanks in advance :)
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Replies to: Micro or Macro...Which First??????

  • QuesceQuesce Posts: 770Registered User Member
    Some schools teach micro first, others macro. Basically, it doesn't make a difference either way. You could prolly even take them concurrently if you wanted to since they're not mutually exclusive.

    If you really can't decide, flip a coin :D
  • SophosSophos Posts: 41Registered User Junior Member
    It really should not matter which you take first.

    Nevertheless, if you take macro first you class may fly through the basic introductory concepts in order to get to National accounting, AD/AS etc. Therefore if you intend to study both sets of material spend a little time on your own getting a firm grasp on basic supply/demand and the corresponding statics/graphs and you will save yourself a little time in January. Macro does very little with developing the nuances of elasticity, supply/demand, etc. whereas this is a large part of the micro course.

    You will be fine no matter which order you study the material if you put forth a little effort.

    Micro, as far as AP is concerned, is anologous to one basic idea (marginal analysis), and a number of corresponding mathematical definitions. If you have any interest/ability in math you are almost automatically a 4.

    Macro is not any more difficult than Micro (for AP purposes), but it is not as completely mathematized.
  • JenifeJenife Posts: 156. Junior Member
    i dont think it matters but most colleges teach micro first.

    my school only offers macro b/c apparently, my school thinks it's more "basic"
  • FixedAxelFixedAxel Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    any textbook and/or prepbook for economics...
  • figment42figment42 Posts: 105Registered User Junior Member
    If anything, take micro first. The first unit in macro basically sums up all of micro, so having already taken micro helps juuust a little. Taking macro first wouldn't help at all in micro.

    And don't use sparknotes for econ. My dad got it for me and it was FULL of inconsistencies and wrong information
  • treesnoggertreesnogger Posts: 171Registered User Junior Member
    My school offered a year-long AP Econ course which covered both, but began with Macro--which, coincidentally, was how our text (McConnell Brue--it's a good one) was organized. I think that's a common order. It worked well.
  • arnocarnoc Posts: 324Registered User Member
    I did micro first and enjoyed it more.
  • TTwhiteTTwhite Posts: 750Registered User Member
    Here's what I did (loved economics, got a 5 on both tests).

    Took 1 semester of Macroeconomics.
    After getting the basics of economics and a few of the important graphs under my belt, I studied PR's AP microeconomics book.
    Micro was C-A-K-E.
    Micro seems more cut and dry. Macro was an awesome class - more fun. I think that is so because macro studies more interesting subjects for a regular student. General economic theories and the US economy are more exciting (IMO) than talking about a pizza factory for an example.

    5 on both tests...
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