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Which Graphing Calculator Should I Get?

KMAKMA Posts: 322Registered User Member
edited December 2009 in AP Tests Preparation
Hi there

I am self studying AP Stats next term and I need to know which calculator to get. I have heard great things about the TI 84 Plus and the TI 89, but many people say that the TI 89 is too much for Stats. I also plan to take higher level math and science classes during undergrad in college--so which one would be the better buy? (considering both of them are almost the same price) @ walmart :)

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Replies to: Which Graphing Calculator Should I Get?

  • BrandoIsCoolBrandoIsCool Posts: 799Registered User Member
    TI-89 is by far the best and only calulator I would ever recommend. However, you will NOT be using in college, at most they will allow you a simple scientific calculator. The 89 is just too powerful. A caveat though--the 89 can be very hard to use if you are getting this for the first time, takes a while to get used to its numerous functions. I would suggest you get the 84 Plus if you don't plan on doing AP Calc AB/BC. Otherwise, your prof will not let you use these calculators in class at all, so stick with the cheaper one.
  • KMAKMA Posts: 322Registered User Member
    Yea after doing some research I have found that to be the common theme--that professors wont allow the 89. Would you happen to know if there is a large difference between the "84 plus Silver" and just the "84 Plus"? Cause the 84 Silver is almost the same price as the 89.
  • jerrry4445jerrry4445 Posts: 2,741Registered User Senior Member
    I say TI-84 is better for Statistics, but TI-89 is better for calculus and related math. But, just to save money, TI-89.
  • cowking15cowking15 Posts: 725Registered User Member
    ti 84 so much easier for stats (i havent found stat functions i need on my 89 yet, i dont even think they were put on there)!

    84 for stats
    89 for calculus
  • KMAKMA Posts: 322Registered User Member
    should I also mention that I have some experience with TI 89? we had to use them for pre-cal.
    The reason I am being so nit-picky is because I dont want to spend like $120 and then say, oh I shouldve spent $15 more and gotten the best calculator out there. Please Help!!
  • KMAKMA Posts: 322Registered User Member
    So 84 silver or just 84 plus?
  • cyberchondriaccyberchondriac Posts: 456Registered User Member
    silver edition just has more memory for programs
  • lolcakelolcake Posts: 278Registered User Junior Member
    Like cyber said, silver has more memory.

    Personally, I prefer the silver... mainly because I can program little homework helping things. :).
  • jaredririejaredririe Posts: 125Registered User Junior Member
    The 84 plus silver is all you need for Stats.

    What makes the 89 better than the 84 silver plus for Calculus?
  • jkloljklol Posts: 26Registered User New Member
    It is better for Calculus becuase the 89 can solve functions, integrate, differentiate, and so on. the 84 cannot do any of this.
    If you know how to use the calculator it is a powerful tool. It can help you do any types of problems.
  • KMAKMA Posts: 322Registered User Member
    if I get the 89--will it be more of a hassle for stats (because it is designed for calculus) (ignore the fact that it is harder to work, etc)
  • MrWheezyMrWheezy Posts: 445Registered User Member
    Hmm, I have the 89 and for Statistics.. it's a bit more difficult, yes. But if you take the time to learn the calculator, you'll get used to it. It does take some time to learn for statistics though but for precalculus and AP Calc, it was a godsend.

    ex. A problem on a precalc test (partial decomposition of fractions) that my teacher designed for the TI 84s, which took 10 mins to do by hand, was done in less than 30 sec by me with a TI 89. It's a very powerful calculator.

    Unfortunately, the non-use of the TI89 in universities... Ehh.. Chances are you might be taking a calculus course in university and the calculators are pretty expensive. Some teachers, like mine, don't really teach the Ti89, so I'm left trying to figure things out myself. But I'd say get the 89 if you're going to do calculus, 84 Silver if you want to just do Stats and use it for university.
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