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Rejected for being overqualified

xgreatescapexxgreatescapex Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
edited February 2010 in Babson College
I received a letter from Babson College stating that I was too qualified to attend their school...this is retarded. How can I reverse this and get them to accept me?

Essays and every piece of writing was great

SAT: 2140 (Maybe cause of this?)
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Replies to: Rejected for being overqualified

  • cheezwhizcheezwhiz Posts: 424Registered User Member
    No, it was not due to the SAT score......this sounds strange.
  • HanitaHanita Posts: 413Registered User Member
    Wow, that sounds plain wrong.
  • animegirl334animegirl334 Posts: 8Registered User New Member
    overqualified is just the college's way of saying based on your appl, you just don't seem to fit the school. Its not that they think you're too good for the school. But you can always appeal if you have any new appealing information. Usually colleges let you appeal
  • gmags2003gmags2003 Posts: 35Registered User Junior Member
    You probably weren't over-qualified. Highly qualified...I believe that, but not over-qualified. I got waitlisted as well (why do you call it rejected?), but I know that I wasn't over-qualified. The letter said I was highly qualified. It wasn't really a slap in the face or anything. You can't do anything to reverse it other than hope to that they pull you off the waitlist. You are better than Babson my friend.
  • sundresssundress Posts: 24Registered User New Member
    They wrote you a letter saying "we are rejecting you because you are over-qualified"??
    That sounds ridiculous!
    I got in Early Action this year with a 2100 on my SATs...
    A 2140 should definitely have gotten you in!
  • monkey2109monkey2109 Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    I got the same score as you and I got in, what were your activities and stuff?
  • taxguytaxguy Posts: 6,621Registered User Senior Member
    First I can't believe that they said you are "overqualified." However, if what you say is true, either appeal with a showing of sincere interest or go elsewhere. Frankly, if a school told me I was overqualified, I would take them at their word and cross them off my list forever!
  • cheezwhizcheezwhiz Posts: 424Registered User Member
    Yes, I think the wording on the letter is highly qualified. NOT overqualified. Bid difference there.
  • StevsterStevster Posts: 17Registered User New Member
    I'm sure they didn't say overqualified, in all likelihood highly qualified. For what its worth I got a 2250 (780M, 760CR, 710W) on my SATs and got in.
  • ryguy13ryguy13 Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    greatescape I hear you. I had a 720 M, 600 Cr, 540 W, and didn't get in. Lots of extracurrics,a nd volunteer work. 92 GPA, 118 WGPA. Wondering why I was rejected to, since I am better than their averages by a good deal.
  • Carlosc_sfCarlosc_sf Posts: 9Registered User New Member
    Well, I think its more then just SAT, Grades, and What not. My SATs are the only thing lacking in my application, but i was accepted.
    There was a little hand-written msg saying they enjoyed reading my application. So, I think the essays were a really big deal + recommendations as well.

    Btw, do you guys get you GPA on a different point score? what does 92 mean? is that like 3.98 out of 4.00 scale?
  • yoyorksyoyorks Posts: 59Registered User Junior Member
    i didn't even send in my supplement, even when they asked me for it and they still accepted me, :). i wasn't even planning on attending babson but i might now.
    sorry to hear about your case though mate.
  • mm22mm22 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    there is no way you were rejected for being over qualified. No school would ever say that in the first place and second, I got a 2200 on the sats plus many aps. However i do think its odd with such good sat scores that you got rejected. But you were not over qualified...
  • ConarchConarch Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    - Deleted -
  • desiking75desiking75 Posts: 220Registered User Junior Member
    I got in with a 2160, so its not that... do you really want babson that bad or is this an ego thing?
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