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RyetteRyette Posts: 11Registered User New Member
edited July 2009 in Boston University
I made a "chances" thread a month and a half ago, or so, but I just got my ACT results and I've a new question:

My cumulative GPA is absolutely terrible (2.9 unweighted, 3.1 weighted) because of special circumstances; on the contrary, my current GPA is well over 4.0 weighted, and my unweighted is ~3.9 currently, with 3 AP classes and 2 dual-credit college classes.

However, although Boston is going to see my 2.9 GPA, I was wondering if this would be offset by my 10/2007 ACT score--30 Composite.

I applied ED for Boston U, and they were informed of the special circumstances regarding my initial grades. Does anyone know if they consider current grades + ACT score over cumulative GPAs, or is the entire high school record more important?

Once again, thanks for anyone's help!
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Replies to: ACT vs. GPA

  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon Posts: 3,067Registered User Senior Member
    A high test score can't make up for a low GPA. The GPA always counts for more.
  • lostandfound5lostandfound5 Posts: 396Registered User Member
    I'm going to have to disagree with you. BU looks at a whole picture. If they see something like a low GPA but very high test score they want to know WHY. Obviously you've told them why, and they'll take that into consideration.It doesn't mean they ignore it, but they consider the whole picture.
  • almostlikethelynalmostlikethelyn Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    If they know why, that's the best you can do.
  • michlovemichlove Posts: 100Registered User Junior Member
    A high test score can't make up for a low GPA. The GPA always counts for more.

    is this necessarily true?
    on my board topic, i asked if a high gpa like a 3.98 with a 26 ACT was better than a semi-good gpa like a 3.8 with a 32 ACT. is that different ?
  • TheMan777TheMan777 Posts: 685Registered User Member
    I think at that point, .18 points on your GPA doesn't matter as much as the higher ACT score, MUCH MUCH higher ACT score at that - so yea, I would rather have the 3.8 and 32 rather than the 3.98 and 26. Plus it will help your FA chances and possibly earn you a scholarship.

    BTW you might not wanna revive a two year old thread - start ur own!
  • applicannotapplicannot Posts: 4,366Registered User Senior Member
    I think the above poster made a good point... they'd probably rather see a 3.8 and a 32 rather than a 4.0 and a 26. I don't think your test scores can make up for your GPA, but they can help to solidify it (especially the ACT). There's grade inflation, special circumstances, grade deflation... but with test scores, your leeway is much less. I have a "relatively low" GPA, especially compared to my SAT score. I don't think my SAT score will make up for it, but it will probably reinforce the positive aspects of my transcript.
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