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Ask a BU Freshman

brightside09brightside09 Posts: 74Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2010 in Boston University
So, I just started my freshman year at BU and I'm loving it! I do remember what it's like to fill out applications/wait for a response/make a choice, so feel free to ask me any questions you have about life at BU, academics, or anything you can think of!

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Replies to: Ask a BU Freshman

  • bernier93bernier93 Posts: 191Registered User Junior Member
    Did you take the recommended number of units for each of the courses at high school, or just the required/less than the recommended for some?
    Because I'm thinking of doing two math classes (Hon Prob and Stats + AP Calc) instead of a math and a science (Honors Physics, 1.5 periods) senior year. I am a junior atm.
  • brightside09brightside09 Posts: 74Registered User Junior Member
    It took more than recommended for most of the subjects requirements. Either of those combinations would look really good for your senior year, so if I were you I'd pick whatever you'd like more. If you like it more, you'll do better. Also remember that on top of all your school work you'l have college apps, and they take more effort then you might think, so don't overload yourself and make senior year unenjoyable-it should be fun too!!
  • bernier93bernier93 Posts: 191Registered User Junior Member
    That's part of the reason why I want to do AP Calc instead of honors physics - that why I could have early release or late arrival! (potentially)
  • JajFlingJajFling Posts: 43Registered User Junior Member
    I'd go with getting an AP class, I suppose honor's stuff looks good when applying for college, but they're really just useless. They will help probably though if you take teh same course in college, understand it better as you already know it.
  • pumpkinspumpkins Posts: 645Registered User Member
    I'm a senior from Washington. Do you think it's too late for me to start applying to BU? I discovered BU not too long ago and I think I'll really like it. I've never been there, but it sounds great! My gpa:3.78 and sat:1800. Let's just say I'm an average student. (I'm just undermining my scores and abilities, so that I won't get my hopes up). What kind of future do you see for me as a BU freshman?
  • AlectricityAlectricity Posts: 388Registered User Member
    I'm going to bank off of brightside's post and say that I am also a freshman here. If you don't mind brightside, I can help answer questions too. :]

    Pumpkins: your sat's are a little bit inconsistent with your gpa. If you have that GPA, your SAT should be higher! Seems like 1900 is the number for BU. Try to improve it! BU is a great place. People here are great and with that gpa and a higher SAT, you would fit right in.
  • shoozershoozer Posts: 116Registered User Junior Member
    hows the social life so far?
  • AlectricityAlectricity Posts: 388Registered User Member
    awesome. nice people. lots of things to do. parties at MIT if you're into that kind of thing. It might sound like they suck but they party like nutssss. My floormates are cool. Everyone leaves their door open and everyone is suppperrr friendly :] anything else you wanna know about?
  • Lauren591Lauren591 Posts: 256Registered User Junior Member
    Like brightside and Alecticity, I'm also a BU freshman. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here...and I almost didn't apply last year. If you're in the same boat, just do it. It's such a great school and the social life is really terrific. Shoozer, Alectricity summarized some of the really fun parts already, but I'll add a little more. There's a lot of great things going on around here all the time, particularly weekends. I live in Warren, and my floor is extremely bonded. You become such great friends with people quickly here, since you're always together. I love Warren and would really recommend it to any incoming freshman. It's very social on most floors, and makes going to the room next door or common room always available. Every night, even on low key weeknights, we just meet up for massive dinners together and then hang out together afterwards. Being in the middle of Boston and having a school (which really does have a campus vibe) is perfect.
  • TheMan777TheMan777 Posts: 685Registered User Member
    Im a freshman. I live in Warren as well. Although people will tell you that Warren is the worst place to dorm - I really disagree. I think the people here are really bonded (especially on my floor). If you don't have a bonded floor, try the floor above or below you - you will DEFINITELY find a great group of floormates.

    As for life - as an engineer - its really tough... I haven't gone out much, but thats because I am a slow learner. A lot of my friends can find the time to get out (though they have a lot of late nighters). There is a great social life like there is in every university
  • kobeerkobeer Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    hey guys! at BU, what are some of the extracurricular activities that u do? (clubs, volunteer...)
  • sak09sak09 Posts: 1,151Registered User Senior Member
    kobeer: There's literally ANYTHING you are interested. There's cultural groups, religious groups, acapella groups, intramural sports, groups for specific majors, there's even a quiditch team! Here's a list of all organizations/groups on campus...Boston University - Student Activities Office - Student Organizations. As you can see there's pretty much everything. I've never met anyone who said that they couldn't find something to join.
  • AlectricityAlectricity Posts: 388Registered User Member
    There's even a community service center place! You can go there and ask them to assign you to a volunteer assignment. It's pretty neat. You aren't committed to any time period. You go when you can!
  • odin64xodin64x Posts: 692Registered User Member
    Aw, you're all freshmen? So you've yet to experience a BU Hockey game? Make sure you go, the season is starting soon!
    I'm a currently a junior and I'd be happy answer any questions you guys might have as well.
  • Ny0rkerNy0rker Posts: 1,632Registered User Senior Member
    A few questions..

    1. do students venture out to other areas of the city much?

    2. on the app, should I list the other schools i am applying to?

    3. how is the food?

    4. do you find the classes challenging? do students take their work/studies seriously?

    thank you=]
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