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Hot Brown Girl Pictures!!!

goblue10nisgoblue10nis Posts: 584Registered User Member
edited July 2007 in Brown University
Sorry, I lied, can you evaluate my chances?

I'm a junior about to be a senior

SAT (planning to retake and do better, math was anomaly and reading will improve at least a little):2130
CR 680
M 700
W 750

ACT (just retook, but don't feel I'm going to do better) 33
E 35
M 36
R 28 (***!!!)
S 33
essay 12

SAT II (not planning on retaking)
Math II: 780
Chem: 760
U.S. His: 780

I'm a junior at largest public h.s. in Michigan, but it's like one of the best h.s.'s in mich. overall. Won state championships past two years in tennis, and I've been ranked 1 in SE Mich. Not expecting to play tennis in college

Essays should be pretty good.

Expecting great recs.

3.97 out of 4 GPA unweighted, basically taking all the advanced courses that are offered and fit my schedule, school doesn't do rank but obviously I'd be best or up there w/ the azns (by the way I'm white)

this yr: AP US His (awaiting AP Test score)
AP Chem (awaiting AP score)
AP Math Analysis (its called AP @ our school but there's no test...so its more like accelerated or honors)
AP English (awaiting AP Lang Test score)
Accelerated Spanish 4
(AP Chemistry Lab)

next yr:
AP Physics
AP Bio
AP U.S. Gov
AP Spanish
AP English (corresponds to AP Lit test)
BC Calc (which really is AP)
Philosophy (not AP but sounds interesting)

I got a B+/A- 1st/2nd semester of 9th grade intensive English, and A- 1st semester of 10th grade Intensive English. These were hard classes. Other than that I've gotten all A's, really improved my English since then.

Other ECs aren't great, they're Ok:
Football (freshman team): 9th grade, Captain, got to go to varsity practice during their playoffs with a few other freshman, earned the "Coach's Award" for exemplary leadership, setting a good model.
Student Council Representative (9th grade)
Spanish Honor Society (10, 11, expecting 12)
National Honor Society (11, expecting 12)
Key Club (9, 10, 11, 12)
Do some volunteer work but no a whole lot, less than 100 hrs total so far easy)
National Chemistry Olympiad (11): only like 10 ppl from our region made it, this was a good accomplishment.
Do Miscellaneous work around tennis club
Played a bunch of other sports at younger ages but focused on tennis
A bunch of other miscellaneous small things and awards
Going to Stanford Summer College this summer, hopefully will get a rec from a prof?

Basically I'd do a lot more stuff but tennis can be a huge time commitment, like 25 hrs a week during school yr and sometimes 30+ during summer, not to mention all the travel time for tournys.

So, after reading all that, what do you think of my chances at Brown? (or any other advice?)
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Replies to: Hot Brown Girl Pictures!!!

  • SexyLikeAScorpioSexyLikeAScorpio Posts: 255Registered User Junior Member
    HAHA..cute way to capture a persons attentioN!
  • CeeliCeeli Posts: 139Registered User Junior Member
    Sounds like your chances are pretty good, but the AP courses that aren't associated with AP-just accelerated- shouldn't really be listed
  • ClaySoulClaySoul Posts: 2,176- Senior Member
    Hahha, funny

    Pretty good chances. I'm going to be trite and tell you to write good essays.
  • ughawkwardughawkward Posts: 43Registered User Junior Member
    If you're actually hot, I'd say work that into your essays. There's an optional photograph in the application, and that can really make a difference too.
  • Wait_Listed_BrunWait_Listed_Brun Posts: 28Registered User New Member
    well, i know someone ugly as hell got in, and the unbelievable part is that, his/her ECs are even more awkward than his/her appearance... (no bias, just telling the truth

    good chances and good luck(luck is a important thing),
  • summer_susurrussummer_susurrus Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    You are going to stanford's summer college too?

    What classes are you taking?

    I am taking Nobel Lit, The Production Process and Phyc of mind reading.
  • daman11daman11 Posts: 904Registered User Member
    the thread title is brilliant
  • negrunegru Posts: 880Registered User Member
    Pics first, chances later
  • icebox4icebox4 Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
    this thread is worthless without pictures.
  • brand_182brand_182 Posts: 7,589Registered User Senior Member
    This is the third time I've checked this thread, all because of the title. You're evil, and I suffer from short-term memory loss.
  • i<3YaoMingi<3YaoMing Posts: 228Registered User Junior Member
    third time i checked the thread... and still no pictures. now i'm mad Lol xP
  • schriztoschrizto Posts: 4,099Registered User Senior Member
    darn, that thread title works like a charm. . . this thread's got like 5 times the views of a typical chance thread.
  • goblue10nisgoblue10nis Posts: 584Registered User Member
    bump (will someone please actually evaluate my chances instead of comment on the thread title...)

    Oh and by the way I upgraded that 33 on the ACT to a 35.
  • trackster262trackster262 Posts: 171Registered User Junior Member
    good stats.
    leave out all of the crap about ninth grade clubs(football, stuco)
    emphacise spanish and tennis
    why arn't you going to play in college?
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