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will my art supplement help at all?

hellostrangerhellostranger Posts: 108Registered User Junior Member
edited November 2008 in Brown University
Brown is definitely a reach school for me as of now..
my GPA (uw) is 3.8, my SAT is 1420 (2120) and ACT is 30.
but i do have a hope b/c of my focused interest in art and film, and that certainly shows in my EC activities and course selections. my essay also talks about my filmmaking experience and the quirky middle school i came from.
and since i am planning on majoring in Modern Culture and Media (aka film studies) or fine art, i think my app can complete that picture

thing is, since my stats aren't that great, i'm hoping my submission of art portfolio will help. i've met SMFA's and WashU's rep. and had a brief review of my portfolio and they both seemed to like it a lot.
Brown's website said submit it, but history has shown they don't really help.
that confuses me cuz then again, they give me very specific guidelines for portfolio

given all this, do you think a pretty strong art portfolio can really help me get accepted? esp. as a film/art major?
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Replies to: will my art supplement help at all?

  • ilovepeople712ilovepeople712 Posts: 623Registered User Member
    i'm wondering the same thing too.
    i also sent in a portfolio, well just about 10 works, but i'm interested to hear what they say.
  • hellostrangerhellostranger Posts: 108Registered User Junior Member
    bbbbbump plzz!
  • cro magnoncro magnon Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    i'm pretty sure it will help

    i talked with a brown music professor a while ago, and she said that if you send anything, they whole dept will look at it/review it, and they will have some pull as to whether or not you get in

    it was a while ago, so i dont remember EXACTLY what she said, but it probably works the same way with art

    p.s. does anyone know if i can still submit the arts supplement even though i applied ED?
  • AudiB4AudiB4 Posts: 495Registered User Member
    my son sent in a CD for review in the music dept after his ED application went in. Just make sure you label it with name/SS #. The admin office will forward it to the correct dept. This was 2 years ago, but I assume it still applies now
  • b1406b1406 Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    actually, I think the policy has changed. It says on the guide to applying to Brown that "Consideration cannot be given to any materials submitted after January 1. The work of Early Decision candidates must be received by the Admission Office not later than November 1." (Brown Admission: About the Application)
  • MandoliveMandolive Posts: 332Registered User Member
    Ahh I wrote my brown supplement essay about a film project I did but I don't have enough work to put into an art supplement. And I also applied for MCM but didn't mention film in my interests for studying -___-

    but it's nice to know another filmmaker/MCM applicant is here. hope to see you at brown :P
  • franglishfranglish Posts: 2,308Registered User Senior Member
    My D sent in a portfolio with her application two years ago. Her stats were excellent, her ECs showed a strong interest in art, and her rec letters included one from her art teacher. She said that she would want to concentrate in Visual Art, and she had several out-of-school art classes and the portfolio to support it. So she was a well-rounded, focused, very fine candidate. If she had not had the scores and grades to support her candidacy, then the art stuff probably wouldn't have been sufficient. It is Brown, after all. So, if you are considering concentrating (majoring) in art-- which could always change, by the way-- and if everything else is strong, then submitting the portfolio will be a supplement. That is how it is meant, after all. But if you are counting on the supplement to be the "hook," or the main proof of your candidacy, then, no, it may not carry much weight. D is currently a second year student, majoring in Visual Art, at Brown.
  • hellostrangerhellostranger Posts: 108Registered User Junior Member
    franglish, thanks for your insight. How does ur D like visual art at Brown? I know Brown's art is considered strong b/c of RISD connection, but is Brown's program itself good as well? some cons?pros?
  • franglishfranglish Posts: 2,308Registered User Senior Member
    My D loves the department. She really feels that it has everything that she could ever want to study. Not each semester-- some courses rotate. Also, students can create their own independent studies if a course is not part of the normal offerings. She is doing that currently, and has had great support from her advisers. She is planning to take a course at RISD this next semester. That is apparently fairly easy to do, although it does take some back and forth leg and paperwork to get approval. I don't know about cons, but the pros are enormous. The art building is wonderful. Very complete studios, and 24/7 access for students. Art supplies are available at RISD store, Utrecht supply, and Brown Bookstore has some. She usually goes to RISD store. Brown as a whole is amazing, and the fact that she can take any class she wants, pretty much, without distribution requirements, etc., is a real positive for her.

    Check out the department: Visual Art at Brown University
  • hellostrangerhellostranger Posts: 108Registered User Junior Member
    that's awesome! thanks
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