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"Least Prestigious" Ivy League School?

califkidcalifkid Posts: 7Registered User New Member
edited July 2012 in Brown University
Just spoke with a Harvard freshman home for the summer--when asked he said Brown is well known as the least prestigious Ivy. Thoughts? Thanks.
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Replies to: "Least Prestigious" Ivy League School?

  • icebox4icebox4 Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
    The paramount rule in using online message boards: do not feed the ****.
  • AmbitiousMind07AmbitiousMind07 Posts: 1,010Registered User Senior Member
    ^There actually may be some intellegence to this post afterall: English lesson for the day..."least prestigious Ivy" = oxymoron. Albeit, a very ignorant oxymoron!
  • hollyerthollyert Posts: 801Registered User Member
    But mommy, the **** is so cute! Can we keep it?!?!?! Pleaaaasseeee?
  • TomTheCatTomTheCat Posts: 1,659Registered User Senior Member
    You're just splitting hairs if you compare Ivies in terms of prestige. They're all very prestigious which is, ahem, the reason they're referred to as Ivies.

    And, uhh, of course a Harvard undergrad would say that...
  • ilovebagelsilovebagels Posts: 3,499Registered User Senior Member
    I always thought Harvard people were "above" such petty petit-bourgeoise Ivy antics as prestige ranking...siiigh.

    Besides everyone knows the answer is Cornell ;)
  • kartrider360kartrider360 Posts: 349Registered User Member
    ^If you really think that, you obviously haven't been outside the small bubble that is the east coast of the U.S.
  • SirensongSirensong Posts: 963User Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    I would say that UPenn is the least prestigious ivy (except maybe Wharton) because people often forget that it's even an ivy league school. But in all honesty, after a certain point, prestige really doesn't make any difference; not that it even matters in the first place.
  • FDAMomFDAMom Posts: 47Registered User Junior Member
    You listen to a Harvard guy about Brown? Seriously.
  • icebox4icebox4 Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
    goddamnnit people, this thread is supposed to be on buried deep down the forums right now.
  • rmadden15rmadden15 Posts: 2,508Registered User Senior Member
    Ha. What a silly thread. What do Harvard students know anyway? ;)
  • TomTheCatTomTheCat Posts: 1,659Registered User Senior Member
    Clearly they don't know how to stay classy regarding 'competitor' schools ;)

    icebox, don't worry - we're not feeding the ****. This is actually a more interesting topic than some of the crap that other **** start ("her mOMMY got her into HARVARD!!!1!")
  • PeaPea Posts: 2,385Registered User Senior Member
    I think you're OK with "least prestigious Ivy". It's like being the shortest tall person, or the thinnest fat person or the richest poor person.
  • TomTheCatTomTheCat Posts: 1,659Registered User Senior Member
    Very true - as I said, splitting hairs.
  • meadow36meadow36 Posts: 5,620Registered User Senior Member
    It's the name.
  • PRUNEFACEPRUNEFACE Posts: 344Registered User Member
    All that really needs to be said is hotel management. cough*cornell*cough
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