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Cal State fullerton acceptance?

i.said.hii.said.hi Posts: 88Registered User Junior Member
i'm being paranoid.
but apparently most people in my classes have already received their cal state fullerton acceptance letters over the winter break!

I thought i would be 100% in because although i did get 2 C's in my junior year (pre-cal H) i thought it would be fine.

I know there's still time,but i'm quite freaked out.

I've never taken any Reg. classes (until this year, econ), have taken 6 Ap's from soph. to senior year. I have a weight GPA of a 4.2 a non weighted of a 3.4 (DARN YOU PRE-CAL!!)

i applied for a nursing major.

I understand Cal State fullerton is quite behind and it takes a while for things to process.

Yet I turned in my apps on oct 2, but people around me who have turned it in at the last minute have already been accepted.


Sorry for being so freaked out. It's just I always knew that cal state fullerton would be my haven, and now...

so, when does cal state fullerton stop sending out acceptance letters?

Do you guys think that they're waiting to see my senior yr 1 sem math scores (calc AB) due to my poor perf. last year?

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Replies to: Cal State fullerton acceptance?

  • i.said.hii.said.hi Posts: 88Registered User Junior Member
    really? anyone??

    i heard that it was first comes first serve! i applied on oct 2, yet nothing.

    no rejection, no admission.

    could it be that they're waiting to see my 1st sem. senior grades in order to judge whether i've improved in my math criteria?
  • kraziespaghettikraziespaghetti Posts: 217Registered User Junior Member
    That could be it. I know a bunch of people who got into Cal State Fullerton (I go to Fullerton High, so a toooooooon of people are applying there), who have way less impressive stats than you. Don't worry about it. (:
  • MysonsdadMysonsdad Posts: 1,119Registered User Senior Member
    I am a teacher who teachers two classes that are all seniors. I asked them yesterday how many have heard back from the state schools. Some of my top students have not heard anything yet. Some other students have. I did have two students who have applied to Fullerton and have been accepted. From what I gathered yesterday, schools are still going through the process.
    Don't take this as sounding rude but have you tried calling CSF and asking them?
  • neilsmithneilsmith Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    my weighted gpa is 4.1 and my highest sat score is 1940; i applied to Fullerton since Oct but still didn't get any response til now.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Posts: 76,727Registered User Senior Member
    Is the nursing program impacted?

    If so, maybe that's why you haven't heard yet.

    Have you posted your question on the CSUF forum?

    California State University - Fullerton - College Confidential
  • sunnybaNANAsunnybaNANA Posts: 431Registered User Member
    i got accepted one month ago but probably because i applied for art...
    i think nursing there IS impacted, as I always hear about nursing and csuf going hand in hand :O
    and my GPA is one gazillion times worse than yours!!! ): so don't worry, i'm pretty sure you're in, just that, they probably haven't notified you yet, of course.. it's the same with some of my friends too, their GPA is like yours but they don't know if they're in yet!
    good luck!!
  • Socal70Socal70 Posts: 326Registered User Member
    They just lowered the EI index for out of Fullerton-area applicants so I just got accepted. =). I just gotta send in my 7th semester transcript for verification.
  • petizapetiza Posts: 125Registered User Junior Member
    I just checked online: I'm in! I also have to send in my 7th semester transcript.

    ***BIG, big relief for my family because of difficult financial circumstances***

    Dream: to study in Italy where I have family (I love Europe)
    Reality: to study where affordable (I love California) :cool:
  • ASquaredASquared Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I'm waiting to hear from CSUF also. Can you tell me where you checked online to see your admission status? Thanks and CONGRATS!
  • petizapetiza Posts: 125Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks ASquared - I received a letter following my application and it contained instructions (and probably also a password of some sort).

    I believe the webpage you're looking for is called Portal Login. I remember following instructions and setting up my username and/or password.

    I never received a letter or email saying I had been accepted.

    I'm sending you good vibes!! :)
  • xelinkxelink Posts: 1,124Registered User Senior Member
    has anyone NOT gotten an acceptance or rejection letter yet? I haven'Know a bunch of people who have though.

    and where do you check online?
    already logged in here
  • fennecfennec Posts: 33Registered User Junior Member
    got accepted for electrical engr , though i am waiting for cal poly pomona & long beach to come through
  • xelinkxelink Posts: 1,124Registered User Senior Member
    please and thank you.
  • nervousgirl10nervousgirl10 Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    The majority of my friends who have applied to CSUF have already been accepted! I'm getting really worried. The message on my portal about my application status is: "Thank you for applying to Cal State Fullerton. We have received your application. No admission decision has been made at this time." And they're asking for my 7th semester transcript. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
  • Socal70Socal70 Posts: 326Registered User Member
    What are your stats?
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