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What's an A, B, C grade in your school?

XdarknessXdarkness Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
edited November 2010 in College Admissions
In your school? What percent is it for each letter grade, and what's your cumulative gpa? For me, (also, what schools are you applying to?)

A: 88-100
B: 76-77
C: 65-66
D: 54-55
Fail: below 53

I'm applying to Yale and Princeton and harvard, and mcgills in Canada, and I obviously have a 4.00 on this scale unweighted. On the more difficult ones, that are 93+ for an A, I would have about a 3.9.
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Replies to: What's an A, B, C grade in your school?

  • SummaAlumSummaAlum Posts: 71Registered User Junior Member
    A: 90+
    B: 80-89.99
    C: 70-79.99
    D: 60-69.99
    F: >60

    However, a few classes are curved with the thresholds 5% lower (AP Chem). In addition, for most AP classes a 5 will allow you to bump up one letter grade (I've done so in two classes =P).

    Though I don't see how this is relevant, I have 3.955 UW, 4.409 W, and am applying to Amherst ED and God-knows-where RD.

    EDIT: Wait, where is there an 11 point gap between A and B in the OP?
  • MrBlue9MrBlue9 Posts: 19Registered User New Member
    A: 92-100
    B: 83-91
    C: 74-82
    D: 65-73
    F: 0-64

    I have like a 3.5 unweighted right now, about 3.9 weighted. I'm applying to BU, Penn state, NU and lots of others eventually...
  • XdarknessXdarkness Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    I'm not sure exactly of my schools grading system, as we use gpa, so please excuse any minor issues.
  • toxic93toxic93 Posts: 2,684Registered User Senior Member
    A 90+
    B 80 - 89
    C 70 - 79
    D 65 - 69
    F below 65
  • adchangadchang Posts: 398Registered User Member
    I hate you all. I would have straight A's if we went by 10 point scale. As it is, I have a couple B's.

    A: 93-100
    F:69 and below.
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Posts: 29,814Super Moderator Senior Member
    ^ This is our local school's grading. That's why it's important to also look at class rank and rigor of classes.
  • adchangadchang Posts: 398Registered User Member
    Yeah. We're in the top 30 best public schools in the country, and I've taken a pretty rigorous courseload-- by the end of this year, I will have completed every science class my school has to offer. I finished off the math ones last year. *flexes nerd muscles*

    I'm hoping this and my decent standarized test scores I'm hoping will make up for the fact I have had one or two poor grades. I'm ranked maybe in the top 10%, but there are some people who slip through with A's in a lot of easy honors classes who are ahead. :\

    I still dislike the grading scale very much. It doesn't even make sense-- 7,6,10,4,70 for each letter going down.
  • packer22packer22 Posts: 363Registered User Member
    ours is difficult, but regular:

    100-93 (really a 92.5) A
    92-85 (again, really a 84.5) B
    84-77 (same deal) C
    76-70 D
    69 and below F
  • neekzgneekzg Posts: 1,006Registered User Senior Member
    A 90+
    B 80-89.99
    C 70-79.99
    D 60-69.99
    F <60

    I'm actually not positive about the D and F, and I'm not sure if there's a 5 point or 10 point difference between them.
  • XdarknessXdarkness Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    Wow, so when people say 4.00 gpa, their grades may be as low as 90%, to as high as 100? I was expecting it to be like 97 for an A.
  • schoolisfunschoolisfun Posts: 1,238- Senior Member
    98-100 A+
    95-97 A
    92-94 A-
    89-91 B+
    so on and so forth

    So far i've been lucky enough to have had only the grade from the 98-100 category :)
  • HelpWithSchoolsHelpWithSchools Posts: 386Registered User Member
    No wonder everyone around here has a "4.0 GPA."

    100-97 = A+
    96-93 = A
    92-90 = A-
    89-87 = B+

    So, someone at my school could have a 90% and have a 3.7 UW while at another school this 90% would yield a 4.0 UW. Heh.
  • rodneyrodney Posts: 9,406Registered User Senior Member
    ^^ditto what they said......
  • NuclearPenguinsNuclearPenguins Posts: 588Registered User Member
    Wow, an 88 is an A??!?!?! I feel sorry for those of you who have to get 95's for an A

    A = 93 and up (4.0)
    A-= 90-92.99 (3.7)
    B+= 87-89.99 (3.3)
    B = 83-86.99 (3.0)
    B-= 80-82.99 (2.7)
    C+= 77-79.99 (2.3)
    C = 73-76.99 (2.0)
    C-= 70-72.99 (1.7)
    D+ = 67- 69.99 (1.3)
    D= 60- 66.99 (1.0)
    F= 59.99 and below
  • MizzBeeMizzBee Posts: 4,575Registered User Senior Member
    S school has 98+ as A+, and they are common. It is foolish to look at his report card that says he has a 4.22 on a 4.0 scale (before weighting). Ends up with a 3.92 on the tranditional 4.0 scale, though would be lower with many of these scales.
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