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Did anyone take AP Bio, Chem, AND Physics?

hatookuhatooku Posts: 49Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2011 in College Admissions
Hi, I'm a freshman currently in Bio Honors. I'm planning to take honors level chemistry at a CC this summer to go into Biology AP (I like Biology and I'm planning to major in Biology/Human Biology). I'm planning to take Chemistry AP during my junior year, but during my senior year I would have to take physics Honors instead of AP because our school doesn't have Physics AP. Even if we did, I would have to take Honors before AP (right?). If anyone took all three science AP's, how did you guys do it? I'm planning to take AP level physics at a CC if possible, but I would probably have to take honors before... (Our school only has 7 periods max)
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Replies to: Did anyone take AP Bio, Chem, AND Physics?

  • Skittsie13Skittsie13 Posts: 169Registered User Junior Member
    Does your school let you double or triple up on core classes? I'm still a junior, but if my schedule works out for next year I should complete all 3 AP sciences by the end of senior year. I took honors bio freshman year, honors chem as a sophomore, AP Chem and honors physics as a junior, and I signed up for AP Bio, honors biochem, and AP Physics C: Mechanics (my school doesn't have E&M) for next year.

    Also, it depends on the school, but mine makes you take the honors course before AP (and in the case of AP Bio, both honors bio and honors chem first.)
  • RedSevenRedSeven Posts: 1,665Registered User Senior Member
    Are you interested in Physics?

    If not, just take Honors Physics (if you take any at all). There's no point taking extra classes in a subject you don't care about and/or aren't interested in.

    If you're interested in it, then by all means - go for it!
  • sherpasherpa Posts: 3,367Registered User Senior Member
    My son took AP Chemistry sophomore year, AP Physics B junior year, and AP Biology and AP Physics C senior year. It worked out fine for him.
  • LoremIpsumLoremIpsum Posts: 3,501Registered User Senior Member
    My son took chemistry at the local university freshman year of high school, then took the AP exam on his own; took AP Physics B sophomore year (and self-studied for the two Physics C tests); and is taking AP Biology this, his 3rd and final year. He managed to get all 3 APs into 3 years by skipping the honors prerequisites, which I don't recommend unless you're one of those rare kids hardwired to permanently understand this sort of material the first time it's presented.

    So, yes, it's done and there might be 1000 students out of one million plus ever year who manage it. If you're trying to get into MIT or CalTech, it might even be expected, but otherwise very few colleges will expect you to have done all 3 APs -- they will be happy enough to see that you took an honors or AP science class every year you were in high school.
  • DrGoogleDrGoogle Posts: 11,047Registered User Senior Member
    It's possible to do all 3 APs if my daughter double up AP Chem and AP Bio in her senior year.
  • bluebayoubluebayou Posts: 23,332Registered User Senior Member
    A couple of local kids took all three in the same year. 3-5's. Both accepted into 7/8 med programs. Quite a few of kids at our HS take all three.
  • schoolisfunschoolisfun Posts: 1,238- Senior Member
    Not sure how your school allows it, but for me:
    Fresh: Bio Honors
    Soph: Chem and Physics Honors
    Junior: AP Chem; AP Physics
    Senior: AP Bio
  • dodostevedodosteve Posts: 119Registered User Junior Member
    Similar here, I am in a south Cal hs.
    Fresh: Bio honors , Marine Bio (I have nothing better to take.)
    Soph:AP chem (because I take regular chem during summer school of fresh yr).
    Junior: AP Bio, AP physic C
    Senior: APES, AP physics B

    I think I am supposed to be rewarded with a "Diploma for Science Nerds" LOL.
  • DrGoogleDrGoogle Posts: 11,047Registered User Senior Member
    dodo, I didn't know one can or should take AP physics C before AP physics B?
  • hanselparenthanselparent Posts: 264Registered User Junior Member
    I am in AP bio and its really interesting, I like it. It does get difficult though. AP classes I have taken: English Language, Biology, Studio ARt.
    Will take: AP ENG LIT, AP Stats, AP Spanish

    If u think u can handle it, go for it, you can always drop out and move down a level. I would say ap biology is easiest though. CHEM and Physics are math related.
  • portia0105portia0105 Posts: 91Registered User Junior Member
    I took Honors Bio long distance the summer before freshman year from CTY, then AP Bio from CTY on top of my usual course load as a freshman. I also took Hon. Chem in 9th and Hon. Phys. in 10th. I also ended up being two years ahead in math, so I finished AP Calc BC as a sophomore, which freed up my math class, so this year (as a junior), I'm taking AP Physics C: I/II and AP Chem. AP Bio's not conceptually difficult, but I found that I had difficulty with memorization; AP Physics and Chem are challenging, but more math-based, which appeals to me. Good luck!
  • jerzgrlmomjerzgrlmom Posts: 1,245Registered User Senior Member
    My son took all three APs. In our HS, kids are required to take Honors level science before AP level so he needed to double up. He took Honors Bio in 9th, Honors Chem and AP Bio in 10th, Honors Physics and AP Chem in 11th, and AP Physics C (had room for extra math so AP Calc BC, AP Stats and AP Comp Sci) in 12th.
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