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What is your high school grading scale?

AKittkaAKittka Posts: 1,412Registered User Senior Member
edited January 2013 in College Admissions
Hi, I go to a private college preparatory high school and our grading scale was very difficult since this past year and has recently been changed because the administrators thought it was a disadvantage to students applying to college. I've been surfing this site and seeing amazing GPAs (4.5+) and wondering how so many kids are getting these high GPAs and then many of them having mediocre SAT/ACT scores.. just curious i guess. Also honors courses are weighted +.5 and APs + 1 at my school.

I know a lot of kids are just very smart and work hard, but I also know the grading scales are very different across the country. Thanks.

Oh, and I have a 4.23 GPA, which is top 5-10% out of 285 students. (school doesn't give out class rank)

Old Grading Scale: (Rounding)
A - 93-100 (4)
B+ - 90-92 (3.5)
B - 85-89 (3)
C+ - 83-84 (2.5)
C - 77-82 (2)
D+ - 75-76 (1.5)
D - 70-74 (1)
F - 69 and below (0)

New Grading Scale: (Rounding not allowed)
A+ - 98-100 (4.3)
A - 93-100 (4)
A- - 90-92 (3.7)
B+ - 88-89 (3.3)
B - 85-87 (3)
B- - 82-84 (2.7)
C+ - 80-81 (2.3)
C - 77-79 (2)
C- - 74-76 (1.7)
D+ - 72-73 (1.3)
D - 70-71 (1)
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Replies to: What is your high school grading scale?

  • AdamJazAdamJaz Posts: 491Registered User Member
    A 4 B 3 C 2 D 1 F 0

    It is up to the teachers what they want their class scale to be. 99% of teachers have 90-100% = A, but I know my AP Euro teacher (who only gave a handful of As per semester) had 70-100% = A, 60-69% B etc....

    AP Grades are given an extra point on the grading scale.

    Honors are not weighted.
  • Flare12345neoFlare12345neo Posts: 826User Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    At mine:
    F=65 and below
  • teenage_clicheteenage_cliche Posts: 3,522Registered User Senior Member
    Similar to Flare's, with A+ being 97-100, A being 94-96, A- being 91-93, B+ being 87-90, etc...

    No weighted.
  • AKittkaAKittka Posts: 1,412Registered User Senior Member
    Well all your grading scales seem pretty difficult. Do you go to public/private school? And what is considered a "good" GPA at your school?.. just curious :)
  • Daniel12Daniel12 Posts: 147Registered User Junior Member
    At my school:

    A => 4
    B => 3
    C => 2
    D => 1
    F => 0

    +'s and -'s don't count toward GPA for us. Honors and APs are both given a full +1 on the grading scale, so it's no surprise that we have a (very small) handful of students in the 4.7-4.8 range. Most teachers use the standard scale (90-100 A, 80-90 B, etc. with +'s and -'s), but some use different systems.

    I don't think it's really an advantage though. The school profile puts everything in context. I guess it might help with UC admissions (minus Berkeley and... was it Irvine?), where raw GPA is factored into the point system (as I understand it).
  • atrophicwhisperatrophicwhisper Posts: 1,744Registered User Senior Member
    At my school:

    honors/AP A's => 5
    regular A's, honors B's => 4
    regular B's, honors C's => 3
    regular C's => 2
    regular and honors D's => 1
    regular and honors F's => 0

    That's for GPA calculation. The grading scale itself is pretty standard (90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, <60 F.) I go to a public high school in Arizona.
  • circumlocution2circumlocution2 Posts: 489Registered User Member
    mine is exactly the same as your new grading scale, AKittka- except we don't have an A+ extra weight category. Our honors classes are +.1 or +.2 and AP classes are +.3. I go to a private school. I guess a good GPA is a 4.0 or up, weighted. That's really subjective though.. Because the weights are pretty low, it's hard to get just a 4.4 (other kids on here have 4.9+)
  • roxxyroxxy Posts: 475Registered User Member
    A = 93-100 (A+ = 97-100)
    B = 85-92 (B+ = 88-92)
    C = 77-84

    It's on a 7-point scale.
  • thepreztheprez Posts: 332Registered User Member
    A 94-100
    B+ 90-93
    B 84-89
    80-83 C+
    Not sure after that, except an F is below a 64.

    APs are weighted +.5 if you take the test. Honors aren't weighted.

    I didn't realize some schools weighted for honors.
  • phonyreal98phonyreal98 Posts: 1,984Registered User Senior Member
    A 92.5-100 (4)
    B 84.5-92.4 (3)
    C 76.5-84.4 (2)
    D 69.5-76.4 (1)
    F 69.4 and below (0)

    AP's are weighted +2 if you take the exam, +1 if you don't. Honors are weighted +1.
  • hoonosehoonose Posts: 637Registered User Member
    A 80-100
    B 70-79
    C 60-69
    D 50-59
    F 49 and below

    It's Ontario, so it's a slightly different marking scale. However, no one uses GPA, so it's all based on percentages anyways.
  • AKittkaAKittka Posts: 1,412Registered User Senior Member
    Wow, I was not expecting such different grading scales. I didn't realize some schools didn't give out +/- grades or that the weights would be so different. I guess unweighted GPA is a better indicator of academic performance.
  • frutiaspicefrutiaspice Posts: 1,265Registered User Senior Member
    A 4
    B 3
    C 2
    D 1
    F 0

    Our school doesn't do weights or +/- but our counselors have in their database what our GPAs would be if they were weighted (add one point for each AP and Honors)
  • seclusionseclusion Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    A 94+ (4)
    A- 90-93.9 (3.7)
    B+ 87-89.9 (3.3)
    B 94-86.9 (3.0)


    Nothing is weighted...which makes rankings a total mess. The person who is taking "child development" and "woodshop" has the same ranking as someone who is juggling 5 APs. Ahhh...
  • AKittkaAKittka Posts: 1,412Registered User Senior Member
    Now that is not fair. "Woodshop" and AP courses have the same weights? If we had woodshop, which we don't, it would be considered an elective and only be worth "half credit." A normal course like AP Calc is worth 1 credit and an elective like public speaking or economics is worth .5 credits. The GPA scale is also decreased proportionally (A=2) and the class is only one semester (half the year). Does anyone else's school have credits for each class? I guess thats another question. At my school we have to have at least 26.5 credits to graduate.
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