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What is a Brag Sheet?

MorganBrennaMorganBrenna Posts: 72Registered User Junior Member
edited August 2005 in College Admissions
My colleges aren't asking for any of my extra activities, I really want to include them and someone once told me about a brag sheet. I don't know what this is, but if I could find out I would sure appreciate it! So if anyone could tell me anything they know about a brag sheet that would be great!
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Replies to: What is a Brag Sheet?

  • celebrian25celebrian25 Posts: 15,373Registered User Senior Member
    exactly what it sounds like. It's a sheet with all of your accomplishments, anything you want to "brag" about. never considered using one so hopefully someone else can give more details
  • zantedeschiazantedeschia Posts: 7,841Registered User Senior Member
    It's just a more detailed version of your ECs, community service, awards, talents, etc. I think there is a template that Michelle Hernandez wrote about in her book?
  • aal0haaal0ha Posts: 116Registered User Junior Member
    I believe, it's pretty much a resume.

    Whether it helps you get in or not - I have no idea.
  • FlavianFlavian Posts: 752Registered User Member
    Don't title it "Brag Sheet"!
  • gsp_silicon_valleygsp_silicon_valley Posts: 1,542Registered User Senior Member
    yeah, a brag sheet is just slang for a resume or personal profile sheet. CCers who post their laundry list (stats) are posting their brag sheet!
  • dazedandconfused12dazedandconfused12 Posts: 258Registered User Junior Member
    Are awards included in brag sheet? If so, do you write one-two sentences about it?
  • gsp_silicon_valleygsp_silicon_valley Posts: 1,542Registered User Senior Member
    Normally, you keep a resume real simple, no more than 2 pages. There are plenty of samples on the net. Just search for "high school resume" or something like that...


    This is creative, but overkill, and hard to read, IMHO...
  • FlavianFlavian Posts: 752Registered User Member
    I think Brag sheets have a minimal effect on the application, unless you discovered the cure to over 100 different cancers LOL (then you'd list them all)
  • zantedeschiazantedeschia Posts: 7,841Registered User Senior Member
    Yea they're definitely not a necessity, but if you feel like you need to explain your ECs a bit for the adcom to understand, you might make a brag sheet.
  • gsp_silicon_valleygsp_silicon_valley Posts: 1,542Registered User Senior Member
    I think we can let go of the "brag sheet" reference, now that we know it's simply a resume or written personal profile.

    It's not so much that a resume should be attached to the college application, but that it is a handy document to have available for employment or scholarship applications, unexpected interviews, etc. When you are looking for that part-time job, internship or research opportunity, it is great to have your resume instantly available.

    This is a "working document," meaning you will constantly update it as you complete more classwork, community service hours and earn awards or other recognition. You will want to keep it on your computer (i.e. MS Word document) so that you can update, print and/or e-mail it as needed. Keep the latest copy on a (pocket) flash drive or in your online AOL, yahoo or hotmail folder, so that you have access to it anywhere you go.
  • makeyourselfxomakeyourselfxo Posts: 328Registered User Member
    Those links were helpful, gsp...

    I've had a word document with education/extra-curricular activities/awards kept for awhile but it never looked that nice. But now I'm modeling after the links posted to give to teachers who I hope will write me recommendations this fall.
  • zantedeschiazantedeschia Posts: 7,841Registered User Senior Member
    Well I've had a resume for a while, but it's mainly for jobs, not for colleges. I did, however, give a copy to my teachers who wrote my recommendations, but not to the colleges themselves.
  • MorganBrennaMorganBrenna Posts: 72Registered User Junior Member
    Thank You for your responces. The attached resume's were helpful! So a resume, or brag sheet can be up to two pages long correct? Should it be in any certain format, or just a professional one?
  • LIR8LIR8 Posts: 29Registered User New Member
    This may be a stupid question but don't you like have to do a resume (as I prefer to call it)? I understand that you can list ec's, talents, accomplishments etc. on the app. but often times there isn't enough room to place everything. Therefore I thought that everyone does a resume. Is this not true?
  • Mr.BMr.B Posts: 1,914Registered User Senior Member
    Not everyone does a resume, and a brag sheet is slightly different from a resume which is primarily job or task oriented. A brag sheet can be as simple as a list of activities and awards or positions held, it can include jobs, but is usually focused on ECs for most students. I am sure your local public library has access to books with copies of application brag sheets.
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