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Is a tablet worth it now?

TheSyrianGuyTheSyrianGuy Posts: 85Registered User Junior Member
edited June 2011 in College Computers
I'm really tempted to buy a blackberry playbook but my friends were saying wait for another year to get a tablet so I can buy a tablet right before going to college.So what do you think I should do?Do you think it is wiser to buy a tablet next year before college?
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Replies to: Is a tablet worth it now?

  • studentengineerstudentengineer Posts: 216- Junior Member

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  • turbo93turbo93 Posts: 2,667Registered User Senior Member
    Being able to play Angry Birds during Calculus - priceless :-)

    If you're going to get a tablet, get the real thing. I'm not an Apple evangelist by any means (my DD received a Windows Phone 7 for graduation from HS last month :-) - likely the first WP7 phone in a graduating class of 800) but knowing what I know the Playbook et. al. are not in the same league as the iPad.

    A year from now will get you a much better display in the iPad 3 or more powerful options from some of the better players in the game (Asus). If you don't need the tablet right now in a year there will be a lot of advancements in terms of capabilities, so I'd wait.
  • ALFALF Posts: 1,065Registered User Senior Member
    Right now, the iPad is head and shoulders above the competition. In a year, more Android-based, RIM and HP WebOS tablets will be out and will have had a chance to mature into version 2 products. The tablet market will be more competitive and there will be far more choices in a year. Unless you want an iPad, you should wait.
  • charlieschmcharlieschm Posts: 4,282Registered User Senior Member
    Surprise - a new study says that students that use tablets or laptops into class do worse in college. There are too many distractions for them.
  • TheSyrianGuyTheSyrianGuy Posts: 85Registered User Junior Member
    I do not need to use it in the class, I just need one for ebooks, Internet, apps&games in my free time. But for class I just need my pen & paper.
  • docchix3docchix3 Posts: 182Registered User Junior Member
    I like big pages and big text and not having to deal with zooming and scrolling. I think you'll find that even though textbooks are heavier, they are much easier to deal with.
  • excelblueexcelblue Posts: 1,840Registered User Senior Member
    If you need it now, buy it. If not, don't buy it.

    There's always something newer and better looming in tech, and you'll never catch up to it. It's like a carrot on a stick. You'll lose out if you buy anything before you need it, but you'll never end up buying anything if you wait for the next greatest thing to come out.
  • rymdrymd Posts: 1,055- Senior Member
    not 20 years ago, not 10 years ago, not now, and not any time soon. "just because everyone else has one" is not anywhere close to a legitimate reason. tablets are only useful in one way - as graphical tablets.
  • NuclearPakistan1NuclearPakistan1 Posts: 1,285Registered User Senior Member
    Not so much...

    ...personally I want to wait until the iPad 3 comes out, but party by the fact people are hyping something that's coming out next year. I just hate carrying my heavy laptop to class.
  • aStyleaStyle Posts: 973Registered User Member
    If you're going to buy a tablet, don't buy the Blackberry Playbook... plz
    The reviews say that it's not worth buying. The Playbook isn't BAD BAD. It just doesn't match the iPad 2/Xoom/Galaxy Tab(s) at that high price point. You get a piece of crap at that price. Software, apps, and fluidity are lacking. (That's what all the reviews say)

    Obviously the iPad 2 is the golden standard.
    The Xoom and Galaxy Tab are still pretty good. I tried the Xoom out at BB and the interface is hard to learn initially. But it can multitask like a beast. So get those if you crave power.

    What would the iPad 3 have? Obviously iOS 5. Quad core CPU? Tegra graphics? Any thinner and it can function as a blade...
  • dannyp32dannyp32 Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    wait for nvidia's tegra 3 processor, and then buy a tablet
    It should be out by the end of this year and by then, android ice cream sandwich will be out as well
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