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Do I need a laptop for college?

lifeisgood2011lifeisgood2011 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
edited June 2011 in College Computers
Hi, I was wondering if its essential to have a laptop for college? I'm going to be an incoming freshman with a pre-med major. I heard for pre-med majors that most of the work is done in textbooks and labs, so I'm not sure if a laptop is still needed. Ok, thanks in advance for your advice!
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Replies to: Do I need a laptop for college?

  • SibeliusSibelius Posts: 291Registered User Junior Member
    I've been considering a desktop for quite some time. Given what you said, there's a good chance you could get away with one, but you have to consider exactly what you lose with a desktop- If your roommate wants to go to bed, you can't grab your computer and surf in the common area. If you want to relax, you can't take your computer over to your bed and surf, you're always at your desk. If that's ok with you, then get a desktop, you'll get more power for less money.
  • GoldShadowGoldShadow Posts: 6,160Registered User Senior Member
    Premed isn't really a major, but I'll assume you'll be taking a lot of science courses.

    Now, I recommend every incoming college student get a laptop, but that goes double for you because you'll be typing up labs and papers (including spreadsheets, charts, etc), not just for premed courses but for a lot of courses.
  • SibeliusSibelius Posts: 291Registered User Junior Member
    What difference does it make what kind of computer you have for typing? Laptops are no better at making spreadsheets than desktops
  • GoldShadowGoldShadow Posts: 6,160Registered User Senior Member
    The OP never indicated that s/he is bringing a desktop to school, either.
  • underoath89underoath89 Posts: 152Registered User Junior Member
    You def need a computer, either a desktop or a notebook, but a notebook is obviously more mobile.
  • ucapplicant05ucapplicant05 Posts: 1,415Registered User Senior Member
    Need a notebook? Not at all. A simple rule is that the luxury of mobility comes at the cost of performance and usability (given same price point). As for the specific purposes of science courses, chances are it won't even be feasible during class.
  • Meteorain007Meteorain007 Posts: 288Registered User Junior Member
    You dont need one, but I believe its rather convenient. Sure, you might not take it everywhere, but its good that you CAN. You don't want your teammates in a group project ****ed off because they all brought their laptops to the library to do work but you didn't because you dont have one.

    Ok that was kind of a stretch, but hte convenience is nice, even thought you may not thing youll need it.
  • quicksilver40133quicksilver40133 Posts: 281- Junior Member
    If you don't plan on carrying it around with you, or working on it in the library/common room, it makes much more sense to get a desktop. Reliability, stability, usability, etc. And they're easily upgradable.
  • rugbywingerrugbywinger Posts: 158Registered User Junior Member
    desktops are also extremely cheap, especially if you can build it yourself.
  • vanessamavanessama Posts: 311Registered User Junior Member
    laptop is better. you can work with it anytime. although battery life may be the biggest problem with laptops.
  • flongflong Posts: 1,600Registered User Senior Member
    well people like laptops because they can type up their notes in class rather than hand writing them. it's neater, no paper/pens needed, and you can save it easily onto the hard drive. Since your doing alot of sciences focused towards medicine it cant hurt to have a laptop in ur lectures to just type notes and that way you will always have ur notes on ur lap top rather than forgetting scraps of paper that have ur notes on it.

    my laptop is a tablet PC so i can fold my laptop screen down, take out a pen that comes with the laptop and write notes on it. That is a hybrid of everything and the notes save so if that is what u might want then those are around too.

    laptops arent necessary. they're just more conveninet esp in college where you may not have the ROOM to bring in a desktop because some dorms hav eonly one desk for u and ur roomies to share.
  • haru07haru07 Posts: 661Registered User Member
    I never use my laptop outside of my room. I go to a small school, so my classes are about 10-20 people (maximum is 20, bound to get smaller as the years progress). The professor teaches by lecturing, so I guess typing notes would be nice, but its not essential to have a mobile computer. Pen and paper still work. As flong stated laptops are of course nice, but at my classes I've yet to see one.
  • danislostdanislost Posts: 148Registered User Junior Member
    Yes, you need a computer for college.
  • NJresNJres Posts: 5,642Registered User Senior Member
    Very personal choice.

    Older son, sent with desktop. Afraid he would lose or break a laptop.

    Younger son, just dropped him off with a laptop. He was wondering himself if he should take it to class to take notes. Even if he doesn't take it to class, there are now so many places with wifi networks it seems like a notebook would be a very nice thing to have, sit down anywhere and surf the net! :D
  • hops_scouthops_scout Posts: 3,903Registered User Senior Member
    I don't take mine to class, but we do have several wifi spots oncampus I may hit at some point. Also, I've been here two weeks and I have gone home both weekends so far. I've taken my laptop back with me each time.
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