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CollegeFanatikCollegeFanatik Posts: 342Registered User Member
edited September 2007 in College Confidential Cafe
I own a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier right now who is turning one in 2 days. Before him I owned a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier who died right after her spay operation from vet. caused complications.

It makes me so sad to think of these fantastic dogs being vilified and that everyone is swallowing whatever is being printed to sell a story. All dogs have the potential to attack - all dogs have teeth and are never to be 100% trusted. I am a huge dog lover but I understand that dogs are only animals after all.

Look at this page:

Then look at this page:
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Replies to: Pit Bulls

  • MannySMannyS Posts: 385- Junior Member
    Killers, I say.
  • rockermcrrockermcr Posts: 14,670Registered User Senior Member
    I disagree with you.
  • andreaaaaaaandreaaaaaa Posts: 7,930Registered User Senior Member
    of course not all pit bulls are bad dogs. but they do seem to be involved in a lot of injuries. this just happened near where i live. but i think that the owner and how the dog is trained can prevent a lot of stuff like that.
  • rockermcrrockermcr Posts: 14,670Registered User Senior Member
    That's such a pleasant article.

    Oh. And, the place I live, which is called Toronto, but not the one in Texas, has laws against pit bulls. I don't know how strict they are, but there are certain restrictions with pit bull ownership. I know that I had to get some sort of letter stating that my dog (American Bulldog) wasn't a Pit Bull, and I had to take it with me whenever I took him for a walk.
  • CollegeFanatikCollegeFanatik Posts: 342Registered User Member
    Yes, pit bulls can be involved in violent attacks - as can any other dog. The point of the two links I posted though show that "pit bills" get blamed for practically any dog bite today. People are just assuming if it's a dog bite it has to be a pit bull - which just isn't fair. It is another example of the media vilifying a breed and the public just going right along with it - it's practically mob hysteria.

    Check out the links I provided in the first post.
  • rockermcrrockermcr Posts: 14,670Registered User Senior Member
    Yeah, but there's a reason that pit bulls have this reputation. Prove to me that golden retrievers, for example, have been involved in as many attacks as pit bulls.
  • OaksMomOaksMom Posts: 615Registered User Member
    I was bitten as a child by an Old English Sheepdog...a quick bite and he let go, difference with Pits is that they bite and hang on...they are very difficult to pry off of the victim (be it person or animal). It's not necessarily that they are 'bad' dogs just that this is characteristic of their breed. I've read of people who have had to shove a hose down a pitbull's throat and turn it on full blast to get the dogs to release their jaws.

    Sorry but no thanks...the homeowners insurance premium (or lack of insurability) would put me off from ever owning a pitbull.
  • CollegeFanatikCollegeFanatik Posts: 342Registered User Member
    When someone can definitively tell me what a "pit bull" is then I'll start looking for statistics. And rockermcr I would be careful if I were you. Once they decide to put down all the "pit bulls" your bully breed (who, incidentally, also has a bad rap) is probably next if it doesn't get rounded up as a "pit bull" before then.

    I'd much rather get bit by my full grown 35 pound Staffordshire Bull Terrier than your 70-120 (breed standard) pound American bulldog with a set of jaws almost identical to the mythical "pit bull."
  • 1of421of42 Posts: 2,443- Member
    Yeah, rockermcr, don't you just love our good premier whose handiwork the ban is? </sarcasm> God, Dalton is such an idiot.
  • silverpebblesilverpebble Posts: 309Bounce Email Group Junior Member
    Punish the deed, not the breed. Yes they are powerful and need to be handled correctly, but they are also absolute sweethearts. People need to realize that the person who can have a golden retriever may NOT be able to handle a pit bull, and stop messing around with dog ownership. Accidents happen, but outlawing or hurting an entire breed because of it is cruel.
  • michunclemichuncle Posts: 630Registered User Junior Member
    In the last week, two people and an infant were mauled to death by dogs here in Michigan. A 13 year old boy was mauled by a dog yesterday in Detroit. He lost most of his leg muscle to the bone.



  • 1of421of42 Posts: 2,443- Member
    I'm of the opinion that owners should be criminally responsible for everything their dogs do, meaning that if a dog bites someone, the owner is charged with assault, and if the dog kills someone, the owner is charged with manslaughter.

    I think that would very clearly end the problem of dog attacks - no owner would be willing to take any risks with their dogs if they are potentially dangerous - while still allowing safe owners and safe dogs, no matter the breed, to live as they do.
  • rockermcrrockermcr Posts: 14,670Registered User Senior Member
    And rockermcr I would be careful if I were you. Once they decide to put down all the "pit bulls" your bully breed (who, incidentally, also has a bad rap) is probably next if it doesn't get rounded up as a "pit bull" before then.

    Yeah, I'll be sure to tell everyone that my dog, who died two years ago, is an American Bulldog.

    Why don't we let this thread die now, okay? :)
  • Southern887Southern887 Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
    I own a pitbull and he is the sweetest thing in the world. it is all about ownership if the dog is trained and being socialized with other dogs then it will turn out just fine but, if the dog is hit and mistreated then that dog will turn out with agressition problems.
  • Mr PayneMr Payne Posts: 8,850Registered User Senior Member
    Pitbulls are the most effective killers of the domesticated canines.
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