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What is the Easiest Second Language to Learn?

Dr.HorseDr.Horse Posts: 1,289- Member
edited April 2008 in College Confidential Cafe
What is the Easiest Second Language to Learn? I have to take a year of a language and I am looking for the easiest. I was thinking American Sign Language.
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Replies to: What is the Easiest Second Language to Learn?

  • Mike41691Mike41691 Posts: 3,501Registered User Junior Member
    Mandarin, Sanskrit, or Arabic.
  • kyledavid80kyledavid80 Posts: 8,093Registered User Senior Member
    It's highly dependent on what your native tongue is. For example, those who learned Chinese first will find Vietnamese easier than Italian, most likely.

    For English speakers, it helps that two things be similar: a) the vocab, and b) the grammar (which are the elements of language). You might look into French, Spanish, or Italian. German would also be an option, though it really depends on what kind of person you are. Some find German easy, some hard (though English is a Germanic language).

    ASL is completely different. It isn't just learning a bunch of hand movements for different words. There's a whole grammar to it. That, combined with the fact that it has a completely different mode of communication (not sonic or written, but signed), would make ASL challenging, methinks.

    I would stick with a Romance language. I personally would go for Spanish.
  • skatjskatj Posts: 837Registered User Member
    Spanish is pretty easy.
  • rockermcrrockermcr Posts: 14,670Registered User Senior Member
    ASL is really hard. Seriously. You're better off with a written language.

    I agree with everyone who said Spanish is a good choice.
  • JBVirtuosoJBVirtuoso Posts: 4,579Registered User Senior Member

    Rather than go with what's easy, go with what's available. Esperanto won't get you very far in life.
  • amdathlon477amdathlon477 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    Here is a great, credible website to answer your question:

  • Dr.HorseDr.Horse Posts: 1,289- Member
    My school has darn near every language possible.
  • MetdethGNRMetdethGNR Posts: 952Registered User Member

    I took a 3 month course and within a few weeks was able to understand alot simply because it looks so much like English.
  • jackht27jackht27 Posts: 714Registered User Member
    german spanish french italian.
    go with one of those. that's why they offer them in high school.

    i learned german because i wanted to learn danish. and i have a head start because the languages are similar. haha
  • p_hp_fanp_hp_fan Posts: 259Registered User Junior Member
    Actually...lol...Esperanto would be the best choice. However, you might have trouble finding a course on that. If the only language you know is Enlgish (which I will assume), I'd go with learning Spanish. If you get down to the Latin...you have a lot of cognates, and it's probably the most useful in the States depending on where you live.

    Also, Mexican and especially Puerto Rican Spanish is becoming very lazy and susceptible to English influence...good for your ease of learning, bad for their culture.

    Also...I don't know what you're taking a year of foreign language for, but most four year universities will want at least two years of foreign language. Just a precaution.
  • fizix2fizix2 Posts: 3,570Registered User Senior Member
    Depends on what languages you already know.
  • AznPwydAznPwyd Posts: 446Registered User Member
    "It's highly dependent on what your native tongue is. For example, those who learned Chinese first will find Vietnamese easier than Italian, most likely."

    how would chinese make learning Vietnamese easier than Italian? Vietnamese, unlike other asian languages, uses the latin alphabet just like European languages
  • AznPwydAznPwyd Posts: 446Registered User Member
    oh well i was looking up 'vietnamese language' on wikipedia and i guess it does say that a lot of vietnamese words are borrowed from chinese. However, i know Vietnamese fluently and when I listen to Chinese music I find that there are no cognates because I can't recognize anything.

    Chinese: 邏之彼嗇私豐
    Vietnamese: Trăm năm trong cõi người ta, Chữ tài chữ mệnh khéo là ghét nhau.

    Vietnamese and Chinese is nothing like Spanish and Italian though, when I went to Italy, I could pick up a lot of things they were saying with the Spanish that I learned in school
  • wraider2006wraider2006 Posts: 1,162Registered User Senior Member
    अवश्य हिन्दी.

    Hindi would be a good choice.
  • FellowCCViewerFellowCCViewer Posts: 3,777Registered User Senior Member
    pahahaha no way.

    But, as Kyledavid said, it really depends on what language you currently know. So, OP, which languages do you know?
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