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How can you tell whether a guy likes you or not?

taffyluchiataffyluchia Posts: 477Registered User Member
edited November 2006 in College Confidential Cafe
How do you tell? I can never tell.
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Replies to: How can you tell whether a guy likes you or not?

  • citrus377citrus377 Posts: 8Registered User New Member
    If he looks at you a lot/ compliments you/ gets nervous around you/ tells you cheesy jokes (which I think are cute)/ gets close to you/ touches you/spends more time with you/ pays a lot of attention to you/ tells you bluntly....then he's probably interested
  • sleepy23sleepy23 Posts: 73Registered User Junior Member
    you can always ask him
  • taffyluchiataffyluchia Posts: 477Registered User Member
    citrus377 -- thx

    sleepy23 -- yeah, if I am brave enough I would
  • elladorkesselladorkess Posts: 238Registered User Junior Member
    lmao.. my fault is that i'm too afraid not to tell him.. because then, i'd never know... and i'm not brave enough to keep it inside of me (well, for long anyways)...

    you could always flirt with him and see what happens..
  • NoFXNoFX Posts: 3,784Registered User Senior Member
    lol i can never tell. I don't even realise until a friend tells me that he's hitting on me or osmething.
    but there's one thing I have noticed: the guy always cracks jokes to make the girl laugh. (well.. in all my cases anyway..except I can never tell if the guy's doing that if he's interested or if he's just trying to be funny)
    If you don't have the courage to bluntly ask him, ask your friend, to ask her friend, to ask her friend, to ask him ;)
  • fayettifayetti Posts: 96Registered User Junior Member
    so if a guy always compliments you.. that means he's interested? Or maybe that's just his personality? Haha I am wondering as well! I can never tell.. :/
  • UntiltedUntilted Posts: 1,980Registered User Senior Member
    well. I'm a guy. if i like a girl, i would stare at her A LOT and just make a lot of eye contacts. and i'll get nervous as hell, man....i....stutter......
  • spydersport824spydersport824 Posts: 158Registered User Junior Member
    I'm a guy. It depends a lot for different guys, but there are some things in common that have already been mentioned. If the guy already cracks jokes and compliments, see if there is a difference in this habit when he's around you? Maybe he directs most/all of his jokes at you when there is a group present, or he does stuff to try to impress you when other people are around? Citrus summed up a lot of the habits nicely. Good luck

    P.S. if it's comforting at all, I can never tell if a girl likes me until everyone else around me tells me. hahaha.
  • fayettifayetti Posts: 96Registered User Junior Member
    aw this is a cute thread.. :)
  • taffyluchiataffyluchia Posts: 477Registered User Member
    very cute indeed... heehee
  • grapefulgrapeful Posts: 174Registered User Junior Member
    This probably applies more for girls but people tend to lean their heads to the side when they're speaking to someone they like.

    In guys I notice that some of them will speak to you in a softer voice/tone.
  • poison.ivypoison.ivy Posts: 496Registered User Member
    This thread is so cute that it makes me smile and laugh.

    Well the guy I like, I'm good friends with. He centers EVERY SINGLE ONE of his jokes around me that it sometimes gets annoying. All our friends say that it's obvious that we like each other but when I told him in an email how I felt about him, he did not respond to that part but afterwards, everything was back to normal. A damn confusing situation.

    The leaning thing for girls is so true.
  • usna_rejectusna_reject Posts: 1,533Registered User Member
    When he picks on you to get your attention
  • thesbohemianthesbohemian Posts: 438Registered User Member
    Let's see ... When he tries to get you drunk at parties and tries to get you alone promptly turning into an octopus if he does? When he stares at - no THROUGH - you all the time and parks outside your house at all hours of the night? When he somehow passes you in his car four times when you're out running? ;) Gawd ... I shouldn't even be joking about it because I've lived it ... :rolleyes:
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