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Essay Advice: Tips for "Why this school?" essay

digmediadigmedia Posts: 2,869Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2011 in College Essays
Many of the supplemental essay prompts are some variety of "Why this school?" And it seems so hard to write. What do you say? What do you really know about the school? Unfortunately, so many times the final essay will go on about how awesome the school is, how great the faculty is, and how unbelievable certain programs are.

And that's so wrong.

Tip #1: The essay needs to be about YOU. The schools don't want to hear about themselves. They want to know why their school would be a good fit for YOU. What are YOU interested in and why would their school provide that for you?

Tip #2: You don't want to come across as blindly in love with the school. Never say things like "I've wanted to go the Great State since I was two years old." Or "Going to Great State would be the culmination of a lifetime dream." As a matter of fact, you want to be just a little aloof. You want to come across as: "I wondered if Great State would be a fit, so I investigated..."

Tip #3: (Pardon this crude analogy, but it really works here). Imagine that the school is a classmate of the opposite sex that you really would like to date. How would you approach that person? Would you walk up and say "You've been my dream date since I started thinking about girls/guys"....? Of course not. It would be a turn-off and you would come across as a little nutty and desperate. And you know desperate does not work. What would work is... "Hey, I love sci fi movies and I heard that you might also." A little cool and casual might win the day.

Tip #4: Don't laugh at Tip #3. It works.

Let's look at the following essay on "Why Stanford?" and analyze it:
Stanford was probably the sixth or seventh campus we visited. Each of the previous ones left me with the thought of, "Well, perhaps I could learn to love the place... maybe (gulp)." But when we visited Stanford and first left the car, I knew something was different. I found myself listening a little more closely and paying more attention to the tour. My parents even said that my body language seemed more relaxed when I was there. When I returned home, I immediately started my research to see if Stanford was indeed a fit.

I had an idea about my major. I have been interested in Earth Sciences since a 9th grade field trip we did to a prototype geothermal power plant. We learned how this power could be tapped for pollution-free production of electricity. I was hooked.

So I investigated the Earth Sciences program at Stanford and found that they nourished that wonder and awe about the earth and its systems. I watched several videos of guest speakers on climate change and renewable energy resources. I dipped into the websites for some of the research centers. I devoured the information about the various departments within the schools.

It all reaffirmed the belief that I may have found my home for the next four years.

Nowhere does it rave about how great Stanford is in general. Nowhere does it talk about prestige. The general tone was: "I felt at home, so I did my research to see if Stanford might POSSIBLY be a fit for ME. And it WAS!"

It was NOT love at first sight... not yet. But there was that air of possibility. Only after I got to know the place did it look like there was a match. Just like with a person... even if there is chemistry on the first date, you don't declare everlasting love. How much stronger will it seem if that declaration only comes after you get to know the person in depth?

Good luck!

---Robert Cronk, author of Concise Advice: Jump-Starting Your College Admissions Essays
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Replies to: Essay Advice: Tips for "Why this school?" essay

  • lookingforwardlookingforward Posts: 9,796Registered User Senior Member
    I've seen winning writing that simply involved meeting students on campus and feeling the fit. Each applicant's background and needs come into play- the diversity candidate may value different aspects of the school than a kid interested in all the research opps. Some kids mention alums they spoke with, at length, or former hs friends who attend and whom they met with on campus.

    The blunders are real head-smackers.
  • digmediadigmedia Posts: 2,869Registered User Senior Member
    ^___ lookingforward: I like that advice ("feeling the fit"/"each applicant's background and needs come into play"). Excellent advice, since not everyone is interested in "research" per se. The point is to personalize it.
  • iceeun514iceeun514 Posts: 12Registered User New Member
    I've been struggling brainstorming what to write for my "why this school" essay prompts, and thank goodness for I found these tips on my first day using College Confidential!
    Funnily, I laughed when reading Tip #3 but immediately got caught by Tip #4. Ha ha.
    Thank you so much for such valuable tips!
  • weedbythewallweedbythewall Posts: 94Registered User Junior Member
    I love tip #3
  • jdlacejdlace Posts: 452Registered User Member
    I hate those essays
  • TechhexiumTechhexium Posts: 624Registered User Member
    Bump for those who need to finish their essays
  • orangefrootorangefroot Posts: 192Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks for bumping. I definately need this for my USC supplement. Ohmygoodness I have no idea what to say.
  • waitingforivywaitingforivy Posts: 878Registered User Member
    I am panicking. What if all my "Why X" essays were more formal than this, but still really personal and specific to me? I kinda wrote about how my interests fit into theirs and vica versa
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