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College admissions essay

spazattackspazattack Posts: 831Registered User Member
edited January 2011 in College Essays
For those of you who got into top schools, what did you guys write for your essays? I'm having a hard time thinking of a topic..
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Replies to: College admissions essay

  • d4r7h3v1ld4r7h3v1l Posts: 915Registered User Member
    I wrote about my TI-83+ and got into Duke, Cornell, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, Rice, and WashU.
  • spazattackspazattack Posts: 831Registered User Member

    what did you talk about?
  • noobcakenoobcake Posts: 1,736Registered User Senior Member
    1. Driving down the road, thinking about my identity at college, then coming back into senses. (One of those frame stories, it was one page only single spaced because I used the phrase "ink laced sheet of paper"), got me into Cornell, NU, Rice, Emory, Pittsburgh (Full Tuition), Case

    2. Procrastination, got into Duke, WL at Penn. I guess this didn't work well.
  • ducktapeducktape Posts: 1,000Registered User Member
    Shower curtains.

    Got into all schools I applied to. (MIT, Pton, UChicago, ND, UMich)
  • leftylinkleftylink Posts: 47Registered User Junior Member
    I find darthevil and ducktape's responses slightly amusing - a very vague and seemingly unrelated answer that leaves you wondering "How the heck does writing about this subject get you into a top college?"

    I'm still a junior so it's a few months before I'll need to start writing an essay, but I think I've got a good idea of what I'm going to write.

    What is it?

    Rabbits, nerf balls, inner tubes, tetrahedrons, auditors. That kind of stuff. Banking on that to get me into MIT, Stanford, Cornell, CMU, among other nice engineering schools :)

    But seriously. Write something you're passionate about. Write something that makes the admissions officers think "Wow this student's passions really fit with what our school does!". Make the colleges think that you are an excellent fit for them, just as you decided that they are an excellent fit for you.
  • beanieboobeanieboo Posts: 718Registered User Member
    i wrote about how i sprained my ankle by tripping over a curb less than 8 hours before a huge cheerleading competition.. talked about my involvement with it and how we started the first compeition squad for my HS agianst the wishes of our coach and w/o funding.. and then how i went on the next day barely being able to walk and then winning first.

    someone told me dont do sports injuries.. but idk it worked for me. guess cauase i talked about my passion for cheerleading and stuff like that too.

    got into BC, villanova, lehigh, penn state, udel (w/ 16k scholarship). only rejected from penn
  • Johnson181Johnson181 Posts: 4,226Registered User Senior Member
    Katrina. It wasn't the typical sob story that has probably been written 1000 times though. It wasn't just an overview of 'it changed my life so much!' Because, well, it did. Why overhype something that's obvious and the adcoms have probably heard countless times? It was more focused on one specific moment of return... and how that went.

    So I guess my topic would be 'water lines.'

    In at WashU, Duke, Johns Hopkins, UNC, Georgia Tech psp semifinalist, and so on. (common app essay and twisted it to fit a few other prompts). This essay was seriously my baby though. I poured my soul into it.
  • DukeBlueDevilsDukeBlueDevils Posts: 444Registered User Member
    wrote about my summer @ stanford...ironically it didn't get me into stanford :(
  • Jeyday_LovelyJeyday_Lovely Posts: 365Registered User Member
    i don't know if this is useful, but i wrote about playing a duet with my sister at a big piano competition after many long hours of practice, thought i had it perfect, messed up and lost synchronization with my sister, and how i overcame it. my other essay was about my travels abroad with my family, realizing the role of family, etc.

    ...i got into UCLA, but i don't think the essays helped me too much.
  • blondie08blondie08 Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    i think one of the tricks is to write about something really random. i wrote about being a minority as a white girl, because i've always been in predominately asian schools. i framed it around describing myself as a "nai huang bao" which is a chinese steamed bun that is white on the outside, and yellow on the inside. i got into hamilton ED.
  • HammanHamman Posts: 355Registered User Member
    Just write about the obstacles that you have been able to overcome in life. They want to see growth through the hard experiences you've had. Different people have different life situations and they just want to see who well you've been able to deal with what life throws at you. I stuck to this philosophy and got into Harvard, Stanford, and Rice
  • braaapbraaap Posts: 314Registered User Member
    Writing about a Cinema class got me into Duke, ND, USC, UCLA
    Writing about a Sign language class at USC and UCLA

    For Harvard I wrote about a scar and moving from texas to Ca... But I got waitlisted
    and for Penn I wrote about a scar and all the stereotypes about philly and I guess that worked

    But then again... at the end of the day I Really believe without a 35 it all wouldnt have been possible :)
  • fizix2fizix2 Posts: 3,570Registered User Senior Member
    I was boring and wrote about why I was majoring in math. Pretty straightforward.
    Got me into Caltech (only place I applied).
  • zoogieszoogies Posts: 1,334Registered User Senior Member
  • hpg90hpg90 Posts: 374Registered User Member
    I don't really think that it matters what you write about as long as you write a well constructed, interesting essay. (And I have edited many on this site, it's not the content, it's the structure and ability to write that makes essays either great or awful, generally speaking.) I wrote about why my grades were not fabulous, (not directly, but indirectly, because my essay was about all the stuff that I do.....) I got into Amherst ED.
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