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How to file suit against the University?

UniversityOfMichUniversityOfMich Posts: 17Registered User New Member
edited October 2010 in College Life
I feel there is a severe conflict of interest going on at my public university. The school is using public dollars to propagate a biased agenda. I also feel as if I am being discriminated against (academically) for my beliefs.

For instance, my macroeconomics teacher is teaching out of a book that is authored by Paul Krugman of the New York Times. I fail to see how this is neutral, in any regard.
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Replies to: How to file suit against the University?

  • NiklasKNiklasK Posts: 296Registered User Junior Member
    Haha good luck wasting thousands of dollars on legal fees.
    You won't win by the way, you need a big hook, not a "this textbook is biased" to win against an institution.
  • rymdrymd Posts: 1,055- Senior Member
    UHH? that's hardly a reason to attempt to sue. how about a legitimate reason?
    what's wrong with paul krugman? he's a genius. like stephen malkmus. and noam chomsky.
  • ABR1190ABR1190 Posts: 295Registered User Junior Member
    If people were able to sue for things they don't believe in, then there would be no universities because they would be bankrupt. If you're so unhappy, transfer.
  • SithisSithis Posts: 637Registered User Member
    Just don't go to class and fail the course then, if your personal beliefs are so important to you.
  • TomWolfe321TomWolfe321 Posts: 257Registered User Junior Member
    I like you rymd, I really do
  • XX55XXXX55XX Posts: 1,014Registered User Member
    Go to a bible college if you hate liberalism so much.

    Isn't one of the points of going to college exposing one's mind to alternate beliefs?
  • Johnson181Johnson181 Posts: 4,226Registered User Senior Member
    Yeah, you don't have a case.

    At all.
  • theReachtheReach Posts: 1,653Registered User Senior Member
    Stop whining.
  • mathsciencedudemathsciencedude Posts: 1,802Registered User Member
    I think you'd be better off just filing a complaint with the university instead of actually suing.
  • JanofLeidenJanofLeiden Posts: 505Registered User Member
    So your economics teacher is using a textbook written by a Nobel Prize winner in economics?

    Yeah, I'd sue too.
  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena Posts: 2,844Registered User Senior Member
    "Hi. I go to U of M (or are you a Walmart Wolverine?). I am bitter, think I am better than everyone else, and deserve pennance for wrongs done against me."

    Get over it.
  • Structur3Structur3 Posts: 75Registered User Junior Member
    To say that he's a great economics because he won the Nobel Prize is a logical fallacy and a pathetic argument. I wouldn't want to be forced to buy a book written by Al Gore in an Environmental class.

    Krugman is a horrible excuse for an economist and I wish you luck on your suit. Also, you might enjoy this article:

    Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics | Unelected.org
  • RoxSoxRoxSox Posts: 2,179Registered User Senior Member
    Too bad. I'm in a sociology class taught by a professor who is a self-proclaimed socialist and he wrote his own textbook. The class is simply on American society, but it's mainly all about how socialism will save America.

    I consider myself pretty liberal, but it's a bit much for me. What can I do? Learn his beliefs so I can spit them out to him on the test and get the hell out with my A. Do the same and you're fine.
  • daretorundaretorun Posts: 687Registered User Member
    A. That's a stupid reason to sue. Get the hell over it, now or have fun losing thousands of dollars to pursue a case that does not even exist
    B. ^^Unelected? Honestly? Their blog slogan is "Kill the Fed, Kill the War"......
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Posts: 28,993Registered User Senior Member
    Hi, my name is UniversityOfMich. Yes, I named myself after the university I despise. But don't worry about that. I hate my very liberal university because it's liberal. Can I sue my liberal university for being liberal?

    Seriously... that's what you're saying. Transfer to Hillsdale or Cornerstone.
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