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What is an iclicker?!?!

AlyalexAlyalex Posts: 64Registered User Junior Member
edited July 2011 in College Life
I need it for two different classes and have no idea what it is!

And since two of my classes need one, can I only buy one and use it for both classes? Or do I need to buy one for each class?
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Replies to: What is an iclicker?!?!

  • CaillebotteCaillebotte Posts: 1,546Registered User Senior Member
  • DylanKDylanK Posts: 347Registered User Member
    "i>clicker is a versatile, easy to use electronic multiple choice device that helps provide instant feedback on what students are learning. The students have fun using i>clicker and learn at the same time." - Dean Antic, St. Patrick High School
    An audience response system allows students to instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by their instructors.

    Each student uses a "clicker," a portable, handheld device that allows students to vote by "clicking" on the appropriate button for his/her choice.
    Each instructor uses a receiver that collects votes sent by students’ clickers. Light and portable, the receiver is powered through any computer’s USB port.
    Instructors present a question and enable polling.
    Each student responds by “clicking” the appropriate button for his or her choice.
    A wireless signal is sent immediately from each responding clicker to the receiver.
    The receiver, through i>clicker’s easy-to-use software, logs and stores the data of each individual student.
    The instructor can then display voting results in a graph, to the audience.
    The results are also available for later analysis, grading, and exporting to any gradebook software or course management system.

    Directly from their website.
  • RioBravoRioBravo Posts: 851- Member
    They're annoying. I've only needed it once so far and probably never will again. It's mainly used as a participation tool for larger classes, e.g. the professor will post a multiple choice question on their powerpoint and give the class 20 seconds to give their answers. And the teacher can also use them to log attendance.
  • PurpleDuckManPurpleDuckMan Posts: 968- Member
    ^yes. It'll be a multiple choice question(s). Mostly to take attendance. Forced me to go to half of ny physics lectures
  • RioBravoRioBravo Posts: 851- Member
    The only class I've used it for was public health. Didn't even use it for every class nor was attendance taken with it. It was kinda interesting to see the class' responses to certain questions but beyond that it didn't add much value.
  • AlyalexAlyalex Posts: 64Registered User Junior Member
    Can I just buy one and use it for both classes?
  • RioBravoRioBravo Posts: 851- Member
    Yep, you may have to set it to a different channel but that's not difficult.
  • Joburg23Joburg23 Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    Yeap I-clicker is basically a little digital tool that lets you answer multiple choice questions or any question like that that the prof asks. You only need one and you can use it all four years of class. Most of classes used them and yes they are annoying because they are used for attendance (click in to get points, etc). It'll run ya about 30 bucks from the bookstore but it's not bad and like I said it's good all those years :]
  • SkylineEyesSkylineEyes Posts: 361Registered User Member
    I have never used one before and was curious how they are set up. Do you have to buy them through your school or can you just get one from ebay?
  • hyperJuliehyperJulie Posts: 1,540Registered User Senior Member
    You don't have to buy them through your school. You can buy it anywhere and register it online. Not sure how it works if you manage to get one used.

    Using them is pretty easy.
  • cahzrielcahzriel Posts: 71Registered User Junior Member
    They're a bunch of ********
  • Joburg23Joburg23 Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    I got mine used. Every semester you are required to re-register your i-clicker. So even if you already own one, you'd have to register it for that semester. It's alright to get it used. In fact, you'll probably get a better deal than the bookstore can give you
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