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Bedwetting and roomates

Dude321Dude321 Posts: 3Registered User New Member
edited July 2012 in College Life
I have suffered from bedwetting since11 and dont know what to do in college. I use disposable underwear to help my problem but what should i do. Do i tell the school and ask to be put with someone with a similar problem? Do i try and hide it from my roomate? Any one have sugestions?
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Replies to: Bedwetting and roomates

  • invader71invader71 Posts: 1,616Registered User Senior Member
    I would suggest perhaps asking for a single room for medical reasons although I think you will be fine with a double. You can just try to explain your situation to your roommate and I do not think that would scare them off or anything.
  • StoneMagicStoneMagic Posts: 447Registered User Member
    I would definitely talk to the school - they deal with problems like this all the time, and will hopefully be sympathetic to your issue. Options could be your own room to having a roomie with similar issues. As for sharing this with your roomate if you just follow the normal course of selection and assignment, I would urge caution - you may end up with a sweet and caring person who will support your situation, or a total _ _ _ hole who might go out of their way to embarass you. It's a risk because you don't know the type of person you'll be dealing with, and that's reality.
  • terencterenc Posts: 1,128Registered User Senior Member
    Definitely try to get a single. Call the housing office ASAP.
  • vlinesvlines Posts: 3,579Registered User Senior Member
    have you choosen your college? If not, include the dorm set up as a criteria. There are a number of colleges that offer suites, where you will have your own room, and share a bath with only one or two other people instead of a hall bath.

    That will allow you to keep your privacy.
  • ladeeda6ladeeda6 Posts: 508Registered User Member
    Push for a single. Call your housing office. Personally, if it was me I wouldn't tell my roommate.
  • francie12francie12 Posts: 136Registered User Junior Member
    I know you are not asking for suggestions about this, but it worked so well for our son, when nothing else would, so I feel I have to mention it. It took care of the problem that he struggled with for many years.

    Bedwetting ends with the Potty Pager - wireless alarm - an effective treatment option to cure enuresis.

    Good luck, and have a great first year of college.
  • milkweedmilkweed Posts: 665Registered User Member
    2-3% of adults have this problem so I'm sure that colleges have dealt with this before.
    I'd call up the disabilities office and ask.
  • Teen123Teen123 Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    Thanks for all the advice- more will be apprecuated- thanks
  • neuroscience1234neuroscience1234 Posts: 321Registered User Member
    Definitely go with the single. I think it's a bad idea to tell your roommate. Unfortunately, like Stonemagic said, you can end up with a roommate who will be totally understanding, or a complete ******bag. Single may not be the "traditional freshman college experience", but it will save you a lot of stress your first year. You already have to adjust to being in college, and having to constantly worry about how roommate will handle your problem is not a good idea. And a roommate may not go out of their way to embarrass/humiliate you, but they most probably will tell a close friend of theirs your problem. The close friend tells another "close friend" and blah blah blah. After that, it's a done deal. I know it sounds like I see the worst in people. But in such a case, it's better to be cautious.
  • PRiNCESSMAHiNAPRiNCESSMAHiNA Posts: 2,120Registered User Senior Member
    Get a single if possible, but definitely DO NOT TELL YOUR ROOMMATE. Some people seem nice, but they're not, etc. You don't want your first semester/year of college to be ruined because of a nasty person that can't keep their mouth shut.

    Good luck!
  • JustLivingLifeJustLivingLife Posts: 21- New Member
    One of my cousins had the same issue, he just told people he has a bladder infection and wets the bed.

    And he's a big, muscular, 6'5 black guy, so I doubt his roommates told people lol.
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