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What's the typical punishment for plagiarism?

skooliscoolskooliscool Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
edited April 2006 in College Life
This would be for a first-time offense in Freshman English class, but essay was VERY plagiarized -95% of it actually. Just a theoretical situation of course lol. Aside from failing the class, what should that person expect?
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Replies to: What's the typical punishment for plagiarism?

  • kk06kk06 Posts: 554Registered User Member
    Depends on the school. If there's an honor code, probably expulsion. If the person was to stay in, expect to have to work a lot harder to gain trust and respect - especially since they're only a freshman and have yet to show who they really are.
  • MacTech92MacTech92 Posts: 759Registered User Member
    Usually at the least you get a 0 on the assignment. Some profs give you a 0 or F for the class too. Not sure they'd expel on the first offense, but like the guy above me said it depends on the school. Maybe probation or something? Or maybe you couldn't repeat the class you'd fail?
  • kenshikenshi Posts: 600Registered User Member
    at my school its expulsion
  • redski59redski59 Posts: 1,381Registered User Senior Member
    Here, it's first offense = automatic F in class and it goes on your record. 2nd offense = expulsion.
  • kk06kk06 Posts: 554Registered User Member
    hey, i'm a girl!
    for real though, in hs you would get away with it - at my school you'd just get a 0 on the assignment. that's not a good way to start off a college course though.
  • ln17ln17 Posts: 311Registered User Junior Member
    What if you write something that are similar to online work but you have no idea that you it did, in other words you don't know that you are copying.?
    Seriously, there are billion of peoplein the words, So there must be some people that wrrite two or three simliar sentences so what is the big deal.
  • karthikkitokarthikkito Posts: 1,387Registered User Senior Member
    It won't be the exact same sentence.

    Ln17, if I'm not mistaken, one of your choices is UCSD. Just a heads up, first plagiarism is an automatic noted F (it gets marked as F, plagiarism on the transcript) and the professor can petition to expel you. If you cheat in a class for your major, you can be kicked out of the major. 2nd time, you're pretty much done for.

  • ln17ln17 Posts: 311Registered User Junior Member
    don't get me wrong, I have no intention of cheating but I was wondering if anyone got an F or expelled that they did not deserved.
    I also have another question, Is an English Composition at a community college count as a Humanity 1 at UCSD. What if I want to take Engl.1A at RCC to exempt me from the entry level writing but want to take the Human.1, would they let me do that or do they make me take Hum.2!!!!thanks!!!!
  • RBase07RBase07 Posts: 989Registered User Member
    "Just a theoretical situation of course lol. Aside from failing the class, what should that person expect?"

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at that wording. A dead give-away, in my opinion. Expect the 0 and a rescinded admission at your college.
  • karthikkitokarthikkito Posts: 1,387Registered User Senior Member
    No worries, just thought you'd be interested in knowing what the punishment here is.

    That said, typically, people won't be failed or punished for something they didn't do. There is an appeals process, but for the most part, it doesn't even come to that (either the student knows s/he cheated or there's a genuine reason for the misunderstanding which comes to light).

  • cavalier302cavalier302 Posts: 4,343Registered User Senior Member
    At UVA, you'd be kicked out, no question.
  • polkadot_heartpolkadot_heart Posts: 279Registered User Junior Member
    My school: You get to go to this seminar about plagiarism. You fail the class. People yell at you. But I don't think you get kicked out for the first time offense.
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Posts: 18,438Super Moderator Senior Member
    Dartmouth- 3 term suspension.
  • Dima343Dima343 Posts: 2,211Registered User Senior Member
    expulsion at W&L

    and i wouldnt have it any other way
  • alanstatsalanstats Posts: 107Registered User Junior Member
    It is too easy to get past turnitin.com if you can't you should consider yourself a moron. Turnitin.com detects 5 consecutive words in the same exact order as any other source online or in any published work. When plagiarizing you need only to change 1 word out of 4 or 5 and you'll be safe.
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