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What do you do on a Friday night?

cewillmcewillm Posts: 153Registered User Junior Member
edited February 2008 in College Life
First weekend of the semester. I'm in my dorm singing and looking out my third-story window, watching activity below and in the adjacent dorms. They say Temple University never sleeps.

The guys on my floor went out clubbing tonight. They got caught drinking last night. My roommate leaves me alone and gives me the room on the weekends; he doesn't come back till 3 or 4. I don't fool around with girls, though, so it's just an exercise in solitary living.

I still don't have friends at Temple. It's such a rushed commuter school and there are too many cliques. I really would like to just find a girl to hang out with. Not have sex with. Just to do things. But alas, it's hard to meet people when you don't party due to anxiety and fear, and you don't drink. Also pretty hard when one cannot talk in classes and the clubs are uninteresting. The colleges cater to professional development and upperclassmen. Lonely freshmen are castaway.

This is what I think about on a Friday night. I'll probably take a shower and desperately try to establish contact via text.

Have a great weekend, y'all.
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Replies to: What do you do on a Friday night?

  • MNKeeperMNKeeper Posts: 325Registered User Member
    ha, I can sympathize with ya. I'm doing pretty much the same thing. Except it's mostly because no one is around since spring semester hasn't started yet. But still.... my school is a suitcase college and it's laaaaamme. three cheers for transfering!
  • OKgirlOKgirl Posts: 2,134Registered User Senior Member
    I usually stay home and study and go on the internet.

    I'm such a nerd.
  • lindz0722lindz0722 Posts: 698Registered User Member
    Tonight I stayed in with a housemate while 5 other housemates went out to the bars. We made rice and popcorn and watched a movie On Demand and then watched a few episodes of Sex and the City. :) It was an excellent Friday night; one of my favorites in a while.
  • asdfjkl1asdfjkl1 Posts: 1,950Registered User Senior Member
    I had very low expectation when I saw the title to be quite honest between the OCDing about transfers, SATs...or whatever (you name it). Hopefully, my expectations are way off. =]
  • MightyNickMightyNick Posts: 2,097Registered User Senior Member
    You could always study, like me :)

    But I have an excuse. I live in Ann Arbor. It's too cold to go outside. Nothing good on TV either.
  • UltomatoUltomato Posts: 72Registered User Junior Member
    yeah same here, my roomate went home, some are partying, some are playing video games, same old same old.
  • NewtonNewton Posts: 253Registered User Junior Member
    yea, me and my friend carpool to go home for the weekend. my roommates, who are also transfers, typically either take naps, watch tv, or use their computers. and this is UCLA! some social life, huh?
  • PerfectedxchaosPerfectedxchaos Posts: 872Registered User Member
    cewillm - where do you go?
  • mets600mets600 Posts: 261Registered User Junior Member
    wow, u guys r losers
  • CoCo Posts: 645- Member
    Doesn't look much different than my expectations asdf.
  • das8929das8929 Posts: 133Registered User Junior Member
    Friday night isn't really anything special for me as I go out any night when people are available. Last night I didn't do anything but smoke and chill in my room. But I go out on Tuesday and Thursday nights alot because that's when the bars/clubs have the best deals.
  • apumicapumic Posts: 1,529Registered User Senior Member
    I go out any night I have open and can afford to...but Friday nights are often filled with hanging out with friends, some partying and clubbing, etc. ...then I pay for it with hardcore studying all day Saturday! lol
  • AUlostchickAUlostchick Posts: 1,818Registered User Senior Member
    Well, usually earlier in the night I go to swing dance, and then me and my friends pick something to do. Sometimes we go out to a party, other times we might have our own party, or just hang out and play some games, or whatever. Last night after swing, I went to IHOP with a couple friends, then went to see Cloverfield with some other friends and then after the movie hung out again with the people I was at IHOP with.
  • CurrySpiceCurrySpice Posts: 239Registered User Junior Member
    Wow, this is a lot more depressing than I'd expected. I went out to a late, long lunch with friends (3+ hours), went back to a friend's house and watched Wedding Crashers (hilarious!). I was going to go play Lazr tag, but fell asleep (I've been sick for the past week).

    I'm a high schooler...
  • jack4640jack4640 Posts: 1,020- Member
    jeez just be friendly in your classes and find a group of people to play board games with if you don't like going out.

    I do a variety of things on Friday but they inevitably start with my roommate and I killing a mag of Yellow Tail, and we go from there.
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