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How much money does a average college student earn...

az1698az1698 Posts: 1,900Registered User Senior Member
edited June 2008 in College Life
How much does a average college student earn in one year?
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Replies to: How much money does a average college student earn...

  • b@r!umb@r!um Posts: 9,866Registered User Senior Member
    Work study and a summer job might give you $6,000 a year before taxes.
  • Cards4LifeCards4Life Posts: 1,211Registered User Senior Member
    Working all summer, I made about $2800 from early May to December 31st, 2007. Mind you, I only worked 3 hours/week once school started due to my other job (unpaid, but $500 scholarship), so I could've earned more if I didn't have the other job.

    To give you an idea, I've earned about $2000 from Jan 1 thru May 15, working 10-15 hours/week, and haven't received any summer checks yet. I'll pull in almost $600 two paychecks from now, covering the 16th-31st. Depending on the job and if there are limits to how many hours you're allowed to work, you could make a lot of money.
  • AUlostchickAUlostchick Posts: 1,818Registered User Senior Member
    In 2007 I made about $1750. That's working about between 6-10 hours a week, being paid between 5.50 (first job from Jan to end of summer) to 5.85 (first job after minimum wage went up) to 6.50 (latest job from September on).
  • theoneotheoneo Posts: 6,934Registered User Senior Member
    In 2007 I made about $3000 over the summer. I made $9/hour and worked many hours each week, sometimes up to 50.
  • moizuhkmoizuhk Posts: 397Registered User Member
    how much are taxes?
  • apumicapumic Posts: 1,529Registered User Senior Member
    taxes are usually 10-20% for college students' income brackets...

    I believe my total income tax filed the last couple of years has been around 6-8k/yr and I've been working full time in the summers and 15-25 hrs/wk during the school year
  • theoneotheoneo Posts: 6,934Registered User Senior Member
    Yeah my taxes were about 15% of my income.

    I'm getting some money back soon though. Cha-ching.
  • LumineLumine Posts: 669Registered User Member
    I made about $2,500 this last academic year doing 10 hrs/wk of work study at $7.95 an hour.
  • dilksydilksy Posts: 1,903- Senior Member
    I made about $8600 in the 2007 calendar year (end of sophomore/beginning of junior year). 10+ hours a week tutoring/grading @$10 an hour during the semester, $3800+ for NSF funded REU project in the summer, $2000+4 weeks room and board+Cedar Point trip+minor league baseball game+reimbursement for activities (like movies, laser tag, etc) as a summer camp residence counselor. I'd imagine this is a little bit higher than average because both the REU and the summer camp are pretty sweet deals, and I'm able to do both of them.
  • momofthreeboysmomofthreeboys Posts: 13,527Registered User Senior Member
    My son pulled in about $6500 in 2007 working 10-15 hours a week while in school excluding vacations and full time from Memorial Day to mid-August when he returned to school (I did his taxes). He worked just enough to cover gas, books, laundry and pocket money for the year, supplemented with the $50 his grandma sent him every month LOL and when he does come home he's always broke. We pay his car insurance (PL/PD) and his cell phone which is $10 a month on my family plan.
  • LACtransferhopesLACtransferhopes Posts: 233Registered User Junior Member
    I made about $15,000 last year (waitressing :( ), but I work 30+ hours/week. Lost about 20% in taxes (to answer rumors: YES, AS REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW SERVERS MUST CLAIM EVERY CENT THEY MAKE).
  • EastonEaston Posts: 57Registered User Junior Member
    I made about $2500 a few summers ago working at a public garden (could've been more if I wasn't late so often). I worked full-time and worked my ass off doing labor-intensive tasks, but I was in the best shape of my life and my maturity level grew.

    Now I'm making $22/hour working for an editor. It was listed through my school's recruitment website and while I thought I had no chance, I applied anyway. I couldn't believe I got the job, not because it was asking for much, but I just thought it would've been more competitive.

    But I think I sort of understand why the pay rate was so high, because the work does tend to fluctuate; more work during the fall and winter, and then it slides down for the spring and summer when I could be working 10 or less hours. During those busy months, I can pull in +$1600! But it's not like I go crazy and have a spending spree; I live off-campus so $800 goes to my rent and utilities while the rest is used for food and books for classes.
  • EsamisaEsamisa Posts: 2,181Registered User Senior Member
    I made 2500. I usually make some cash over the summer too (around 1000??) but I didn't work at all last Summer so...
    2100 from workstudy (9 hours a week) and 400 from magazine drawing commission.
    And I don't pay any taxes, just got it all returned although it was like 2 dollars to start out with..

    This Summer I'm making 1500 though.. 4 hours a day. I kinda want to work more during June (I'm only making 1500 during july so august and june's open) so i can hopefully make some more money. T.T wrecked my car recently... well at least i dont have to worry about insurance, parking fees, car registration fees...
  • 43212344321234 Posts: 926Registered User Member
    i'd say about 5,000 from working 8-16 hr/week at my workplace for 8 months.
  • IolantheIolanthe Posts: 148Registered User Junior Member
    I get $2000 in work study during the year. summer jobs can really vary depending on what you do.
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