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My Roommate is Satin. I'm quite Scared. What now?

LuckyStarBoyLuckyStarBoy Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
edited August 2008 in College Life
I'm enrolling at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall.

I recently met my roommate on facebook, and let me tell you, he's quite a character!

When I send him messages (I only messaged with him once), he says he doesn't care what I have to say, he says that I'm wasting his time, he told me to shut up, and he even said "STOP TALKING TO ME YOU PETIFILE."

He says that he's going there with some girl, and that they're "gonna be chillin dis yeer." So I'm assuming She'll be around a lot, as will possibly 874597846 other girls.. (which is awesome in some aspects, but bad in others..)

What do I do? This kid has problems...
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Replies to: My Roommate is Satin. I'm quite Scared. What now?

  • embroglioembroglio Posts: 250Registered User Junior Member
    Um talk to the university about changes of roommates.
    Maybe you can print off the things he has said on facebook and fax it to the residential life office.
  • flakkid111flakkid111 Posts: 173Registered User Junior Member
    wow that sucks. im glad i havent had a roomie like that yet. we havent been best friends but they were ok.

    although i did laugh pretty hard at "STOP TALKING TO ME YOU PETIFILE." and "gonna be chillin dis yeer."
  • cbeleycbeley Posts: 158Registered User Junior Member
    as will possibly 874597846 other girls..
    I have a hard time believing there are 874597846 other girls who wish to be around him >_>

    By the way, for anyone curious, he also made this thread in the UW-Madison forums, though, not much insight has been made there either.

    EDIT: I'd give satan a little bit more credit by the way. I'd imagine, if there were a satan, he/she/it would be a rather intelligent and devious person/thing/it/etc.
  • IlikeDiceIlikeDice Posts: 578Registered User Member
    wow, i just got your thread title.

    lol, it's satan, not satin.
  • cbeleycbeley Posts: 158Registered User Junior Member
    lol, it's satan, not satin.
    Weird, I never even noticed he misspelled it, yet I spelled it correctly in my post without thinking. :S
  • Kayleigh_9109Kayleigh_9109 Posts: 365Editor Member
    Haha. I saw satin and was very confused... and then got it. but didn't really connect the misspelling! I thought I was out of it!
  • luckycharmedluckycharmed Posts: 247Registered User Junior Member
    Lucky. My freshman roommate was Felt.
  • i_wanna_be_Browni_wanna_be_Brown Posts: 7,176Registered User Senior Member
    agree with someone earlier, show reslife the "stop talking to me pedophile thing" tell them you want a room change.
  • lethargytmlethargytm Posts: 1,068Registered User Member
    what race is he?
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,229Registered User Senior Member
    Not so bad. One of my roommates used to scratch his butt and then maul everyone's food in the fridge. I wonder where old Andy Silverman is today. Last I heard from him he was at grad school at UNC-CH and hating how small the town was. No good Chinese delivery food after 9 or something like that. Actually this guy sounds pretty cool.
  • phonyreal98phonyreal98 Posts: 1,984Registered User Senior Member
    Yes...your roommate is a fine cloth...mwahahahhaha!!!
  • repzolowrepzolow Posts: 147Registered User Junior Member
    l o l (10 chars)

    sorry... lol..
  • ApocalypteApocalypte Posts: 61Registered User New Member
    Go to Something Awful, go read the nightmare roommates thread and start praying that he doesn't become one of them.
  • LuckyStarBoyLuckyStarBoy Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
    I appreciate the correction in my spelling.... but I've had more English lesson in this thread that I have had roommate advice.

    Satan. Satan.

    One of those words that screws me up. As does the word "jealous."
  • LuckyStarBoyLuckyStarBoy Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
    Oh. As for his race, he's white and his red hair goes down almost to his waist.

    And he's OBSESSED with "Drowning Pool."
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