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School Spirit: Division 1 vs D3 sports

Wneckid99Wneckid99 Posts: 925Registered User Member
edited July 2008 in College Life
I have a couple questions concerning this:

What is the school spirit like at D3 sports schools (mostly LACs)- when I visited LACs and other d3 schools they didn't seem to support the sports teams/weren't as into them as the other schools.

Do you guys think it is wrong in any way for me to use d1 sports as a reason to go to a school. I really like college sports and I think d1 sports is something I would want in my college- of course academics/life first- but top sports a plus. Im good enough to play d3 but not d1- but I think I'd want to have a d1 school

any insight/help/suggestions would be appreciated
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Replies to: School Spirit: Division 1 vs D3 sports

  • dmjt416dmjt416 Posts: 104Registered User Junior Member
    As far as school spirit and supporting sports teams, it differs with each school and some D3 schools have athletic programs that the students are into. I choose to attend Maryland in the fall partially because of the sports programs but not entirely of course. As a journalism major it was clearly the top school on my list in terms of the strength of program for my major.

    However if I was choosing between two strong programs which will prepare me well for a successful career, then factors such as the size of the school, the campus, and sports programs can certainly help you to decide where you would like to live for the next 4 years.

    Again, if in terms of academics if you are not taking a hit by going to a D1 school with a big sports program there is nothing wrong with using that factor to help you select a school.
  • huskem55huskem55 Posts: 4,284User Awaiting Email Confirmation Senior Member
    it depends- some D3 schools have more spirit than D1.
  • OKgirlOKgirl Posts: 2,134Registered User Senior Member
    At my D3 school, football is a big thing for us, but it isn't quite like our state's D1 teams. We don't have all the massive amounts of merchandise and tshirts as D1 teams. We don't have as many people going to games because we don't have as many people going to the school. People don't go to my school for the awesome athletic teams because quite frankly, we suck. We don't recruit all the best players around. Not many people want to go live out in the country at a small school just to play football. The reason why I picked my school was because it's not an athletic based school where football is everything. I don't care about sports, I care about acedemics.

    As far as picking a school, I don't think you should pick it based on athletics. You need to make sure they have comparable programs at the schools, you like the size and location and that type of stuff, and the other things you are interested in. If they seem pretty equal, sure pick the one with the team. Just don't pick the one with the team and then find out that they don't have the major you want or that it is the bottom ranked school for that major and only 10% (I know that's drastic....) of people find jobs upon graduation. Athletics should be a side factor, not the main factor. No matter what school you go to, you will have a team to watch. They might not be as popular, but at least you have a team.
  • Mr. BojanglesMr. Bojangles Posts: 824Registered User Member
    I only applied to Div 1 schools (the ones with good teams). It was a major factor in my choice of schools, so I don't think it's that bad. Saturday mornings are the best, tons of people in the street, vendors, competitions, and sometimes College Gameday comes to campus and really stirs things up. Basketball and baseball games are really fun too, they just don't have all the festivities beforehand. Don't forget about baseball...a good baseball team to watch in the spring is great.
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,202Registered User Senior Member
    There is nothing like being part of something larger than you that also is on national TV every week. Also it's something you can share with your school and friends well after you graduate.
  • BronxBombers7BronxBombers7 Posts: 354Registered User Member
    I went to a school in the Big East so the basketball games were always awesome...but we didn't have a football team, and every fall Saturday for four years I regretted not going to a school with a big football program. If you really enjoy sports, don't underestimate the importance of having at least one great team to follow at your school.
  • Wneckid99Wneckid99 Posts: 925Registered User Member
    for those that go to division 3 schools. what are the main things that make up your social life. im guessing a lot is similar to division 1 schools but theyre might be differences in the sports area..

    can anyone explain their view if they go to a d3 sports school. thanks
  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 Posts: 728- Member
    I wouldn't go to a school that didn't have D1 sports.
  • House of LondonHouse of London Posts: 1,268- Senior Member
    Go Syracuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    .........& UNC Chapel Hill!
  • dilksydilksy Posts: 1,903- Senior Member
    I don't think it should be a major factor, but you can certainly lump it in with a school's atmosphere/general fit, which may end up being a deciding factor. Rutgers and UCSD are very good at what I want to go to grad school for, but I just can't see myself going to either of those schools (at least partially because there's no college hockey nearby...).
  • vegheadveghead Posts: 50Registered User New Member
    ^^Cheers for UNC-Chapel Hill!
    Wneckkid99, would you play sports if you attended a D3 school? It seems like either way you could have sports as a part of your social life.
  • OKgirlOKgirl Posts: 2,134Registered User Senior Member
    for those that go to division 3 schools. what are the main things that make up your social life. im guessing a lot is similar to division 1 schools but theyre might be differences in the sports area..
    Well, I don't think that I'm a fair comparison because I'm out in the country and not all D3 schools are. Me and everyone else at my school does the same thing on weekends as D1 kids do. We just do it on a smaller scale (and don't get caught as often). On game day, the d1 school has traffic backed up a long way and there is nowhere to park. At mine, traffic isn't that bad, but there is still nowhere to park. Stadium is still packed (but ours is smaller....) and people still do all the spirit stuff. The games aren't as action packed as d1 schools, but stuff still happens. I really hate to say this, but it's like watching the best (or maybe #2 for us since football isn't that huge) HS football team in the state play.

    Really, the best way for you to find out if you are satisfied with their sports would be to go watch them play. If that school is too far away, start going to d3 games around you and see if you like those.
  • ag54ag54 Posts: 2,909Registered User Senior Member
    My son was in the same boat. He was being recruited for D3 football, but not good enough for D1. He went on some visits, including one where they were playing for their divisional championships. His impression was that there were fewer people attending the game than on a regular Friday night at his high school. That pretty much sealed it for him.

    He opted for the big D1 state school and the big time athletics.

    But, he didn't give up sports - he is playing for their club lacrosse team so he still gets his athletics fix but has the "big school" sports scene.

    Good luck with your decision.
  • chuychuy Posts: 3,916Registered User Senior Member
    I wouldn't go to a school that didn't have D1 sports.

    Same here.
  • jtrain351209jtrain351209 Posts: 158Registered User Junior Member
    Its not wrong for you to choose to go to a school based on its athletics. I go to Maryland, and it was definately one of the factors in choosing to go there, although I want to become a spots reporter, so have D-I althetics on campus helps for my career as well
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