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Keeping Valuables in your Dorm?

*Steph**Steph* Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
edited September 2008 in College Life
I was just wondering... how safe is it to keep valuables in your dorm? I know it depends on the campus, but as long as your roomate is trust worthy, and you lock the door when no one is in your dorm, is it ok to take something valuable with you to college?

I am packing getting ready to leave, and there are a few things that have strong emotional and monetary value to me, and I am worried about taking them with me.
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Replies to: Keeping Valuables in your Dorm?

  • nerd855nerd855 Posts: 337Registered User Member
    What sort of things? I think it depends on what it is. I leave my laptop sometimes, rarely, but I put it away. I would not bring anything that I cannot replace.
  • bosox097bosox097 Posts: 401Registered User Member
    I brought a lock box with me to put things like my Ipod, money, wallet, etc. in when I'm not using them.
  • arkyarky Posts: 222Registered User Junior Member
    My door automatically locks every time it's shut so I don't have to worry about my roommate leaving it open. I do hide my wallet, but leave my ipod and laptop out. I've got a couple of special pieces of jewelry but I'm generally wearing them. I know other kids that have trunks they lock up and put everything of value in when they're not in the room.
  • amorris525amorris525 Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    I brought an HDTV, XBOX 360, and laptop, no problems so far, and I've even left the door open while doing laundry while on a different floor.
  • Fanatic517Fanatic517 Posts: 268Registered User Junior Member
    I have a 17th century Hindu manuscript in my room, as well as a painting from our art museum.
  • IolantheIolanthe Posts: 148Registered User Junior Member
    I didn't have a problem last year living on the second floor, we just always kept the door locked... but this year I'm on the first floor, so it's been a bit difficult remember to keep the window closed and locked.
  • sleepymansleepyman Posts: 214Registered User Junior Member
    I have a lockable file cabinet (at least someone can't walk off with it very easily) but I only use it for documents with private info etc. I really trust my roommate, we're pretty good friends. I leave my mp3 out (not that THAT piece of crap is worth much) and my laptop, and when sleeping my cell phone, wallet, and keys, all out in the open. Even if something is missing I would know who did it. Though we do live in a 4 bedroom apartment so it's not like there's a whole hallway full of strangers that could sneak in here when the door's open. And no one here even tries, if you're caught you're evicted.
  • GoldShadowGoldShadow Posts: 6,160Registered User Senior Member
    I trust my roommate/suitemates; we leave the door locked when no one is in the room.

    Regardless, I have a footlocker with a combination lock in which I keep valuables; some DVDs, extra cash, that sort of thing.
  • LumineLumine Posts: 669Registered User Member
    Anything irreplaceable with serious sentimental value (grandmother's locket, cherished stuffed animal, etc.) is better left at home.
  • chickenboi8008chickenboi8008 Posts: 2,500Registered User Senior Member
    i leave anything in my room cuz my roommate's my best friend so i can trust him not to steal nething. and our door locks automatically so i dont have to worry about nebody stealing nething
  • BodaciousGBodaciousG Posts: 332Registered User Junior Member
    I brought an HDTV, XBOX 360, and laptop, no problems so far, and I've even left the door open while doing laundry while on a different floor.
    Don't do that again. I can't even tell you how many people get robbed when they leave their doors open when they go take a shower or do laundry. You're asking for trouble. Why tempt fate?
  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon Posts: 3,067Registered User Senior Member
    I bought a lock box to keep my social security, passport, and birth certificate.
  • BronxBombers7BronxBombers7 Posts: 354Registered User Member
    I never had a problem with anything getting stolen from my room in four years of living with 3-9 other people in the same room. If you're someone who will constantly worry about it, though, I'd recommend a small lockbox or safe to keep extra cash, jewelry, iPod, etc. And make sure it opens with a combo, not a key.
  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon Posts: 3,067Registered User Senior Member
    I don't think I'll end up getting anything stolen from my roomates. They seem too nice to steal from me and I guess that's a little naive, but I really do believe in them. Still, keeping things tight in a box is mostly because I tend to lose things and I have important things I can't afford to lose.
  • *Steph**Steph* Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
    I am not really worried about my roomate at all. I trust her and she is a good person. I was just worried about some items I have that are worth a considerable amount of money, but I dont know if anyone else would even realise how valuable they were.

    It was a spontaneous worry I had, I dont think it is something I really have to worry about.
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