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Whats a normal credit hours for a Freshman?

isnwtaisnwta Posts: 195Registered User Junior Member
edited October 2008 in College Life
I don't know if this question have been asked here frequently, but then I was just curious about the number of credit hours Freshman generally take.
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Replies to: Whats a normal credit hours for a Freshman?

  • nysmilenysmile Posts: 5,850Registered User Senior Member
    15 credits per semester or 5 classes (sometimes plus one lab).
  • hikidshikids Posts: 1,284Registered User Senior Member
    It is usually 4 or 5 courses @ 3hrs per course per semester depending on the program. For example, an engineering student may require 30 and a history major 24. Often over the course of the program you may bounce back and forth between 4 and 5. Look at the total # of credit hours required and you can figure out the pace, which is modified by how required courses are given.
  • STRAWBeRRYred89STRAWBeRRYred89 Posts: 472Registered User Member
    16 credits, 4 classes at my school
  • YauYau Posts: 353Registered User Member
    At my school they encourage freshman to take 12-13 credits the first semester. After that, 14/15 is a nice average with 16 on the upper end.
  • Knights09Knights09 Posts: 1,739Registered User Senior Member
    12-15 hours
  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon Posts: 3,067Registered User Senior Member
    My school starts you off with 4 classes a semester.
  • BrandoIsCoolBrandoIsCool Posts: 799Registered User Member
    I have 3 classes and a lab. I only have 13 units but that's recommended for the first quarter. I think quarter is different then semesters (?) I feel I could take up one more class though.
  • TikimoofTikimoof Posts: 93Registered User Junior Member
    We're recommended to take 15 first semester, and add or drop as needed. Some (foolish) people take 18-20, but it's not really recommended.
  • nysmilenysmile Posts: 5,850Registered User Senior Member
    Be careful of the 3-4 classes/semester idea. It could easily put you on the 5-6 year plan to complete your degree.
  • brillarbrillar Posts: 1,089Registered User Senior Member
    Damn... I'm in class 21.5 hours this semester, although you could subract 1.5 hours from that and you'd get the hours of all my serious classes. Then I also work during the week.

    First semester freshman. I'm going to MAKE SURE that my schedule is a ton easier next semester. The classes won't be easier, but I definitely need less class time. BLEH. My schedule is waaaay too much like a high schooler's.
  • chickenboi8008chickenboi8008 Posts: 2,500Registered User Senior Member
    they recommend u take 12 units as an incoming freshman but im taking 16 haha
    the norm is 16 tho
  • purpleacepurpleace Posts: 47Registered User Junior Member
    I have 5 Classes

    4 Credits Botany + Lab
    4 Credits Chem + Lab
    1 Credit Molecular Perspectives
    3 Credits World Cultures (required frosh course)
    3 Credits Japanese

    so 5 classes = 16 credits for me

    im a bio major by the way
  • isnwtaisnwta Posts: 195Registered User Junior Member
    actually i have signed up for 14 credit hours and i always feel if this is kina low??,,besides the thing of taking 5-6 yrs to graduate bugs me up due to this,,especially when i am still undecided on my major..
  • Ilovesoftball44Ilovesoftball44 Posts: 1,497Registered User Senior Member
    16 credits = 4 classes.
  • UpsilambaUpsilamba Posts: 587Registered User Member
    Pretty much all of the classes here are 4 credits (except accelerated languages, gym, perhaps art or music, etc.), and it's normal to take 4 a semester; if you're taking a gym class plus 4 classes though, that would up it to 18 credits a semester, though as far as I know, the gum classes don't have any homework, exams, etc., and don't meet as often as academic classes, so I don't think taking a gym class plus four classes would be much more work than the four classes by themselves.
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