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What kind of job/salary do you expect/want right after graduation?

augustuscaesaraugustuscaesar Posts: 395Registered User Member
edited June 2010 in College Life
Since I'm in finance I hope to earn over $100K working at an IB firm. If that's not possible, then I might as well do accounting, earning around $40K... :( I know 100K is kind of outrageous, but if it's not for the money, I'd never even bother going into Commerce. I'd rather do history or economics.

What about you guys?
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Replies to: What kind of job/salary do you expect/want right after graduation?

  • ZamzamZamzam Posts: 854Registered User Member
    Nobody in my family--save my rich uncles--has ever made $100k, so that is definitely not my expectations. I'd like to get a government job paying $40-50k, hopefully in intelligence or in the State Department.

    Why aren't you doing Economics if you really like it? I can see not studying History, but Economics is probably the most practical of all the social science majors.
  • akhman24akhman24 Posts: 586Registered User Member
    I'd be happy with $40K.
  • randomgrandeurrandomgrandeur Posts: 671Registered User Member

  • WeskidWeskid Posts: 1,288Registered User Senior Member
    I'll be happy to get a job, any job, in the television industry.
  • hops_scouthops_scout Posts: 3,898Registered User Senior Member
    I could definitely manage with $35-50 thousand per year to start out. Sure, I'd love to make more but I'm not going to think I'll make more than about $50-60 thousand a year ever unless I get into professional sports.

    I will probably head straight to grad school after graduation because it is a great way to get experience as a GA and something like 70% of certified athletic trainers hold a Master's Degree or higher.
  • kiz137kiz137 Posts: 129Registered User Junior Member
    I want to get a job in Animation, and they're supposed to start out at roughly 45k and then work their way up to 100k once they gain seniority. But I don't know, it all depends.
  • augustuscaesaraugustuscaesar Posts: 395Registered User Member
    I suppose it depends on where you live. Some cities have such high living costs that $40,000 is more like the survival rate.
  • chris2k5chris2k5 Posts: 896Registered User Member
    I'm still in HS but after 8 years in college I expect to make at least $70,000 a year or else I am going to freak out because I won't know how to pay off these loans. :)
  • rsxwheeeeeersxwheeeeee Posts: 1,269Registered User Senior Member
    depends where I go to college. If I go to GaTech, I'd like ~$50K starting. If not, ~$30-$35K (i'd be doing broadcasting everywhere besides GT, and that industry is tough)
  • wutangfinancialwutangfinancial Posts: 808Registered User Member
    After graduation?
    30k/year, at most

    I would like to make 200k/year as a small business owner, eventually.
  • scotchlite5scotchlite5 Posts: 245Registered User Junior Member
    60k as a physician assistant. 80k with more experience. I want to be a fantastic health care provider by 6 months after graduation.
  • 43212344321234 Posts: 926Registered User Member
    realistically, probably about 25-30k/yr
  • skybax22skybax22 Posts: 344Registered User Junior Member
    It asks how much we want to make as well, so I will say $20 million a year. ;)
  • JohnnyEnjoi65JohnnyEnjoi65 Posts: 65Registered User Junior Member
    my major at my college averages about 50K a year, so at least that much.
  • insomniaticinsomniatic Posts: 1,287- Member
    I laught at all of you thinking you will be making $50k right out of college. I will be happy with $25-$30k.
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