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a safe in my dorm room

alisone05alisone05 Posts: 99Registered User Junior Member
edited September 2010 in College Life
I'm trying to buy all the stuff I need for college, and I am trying to decide if I should get a safe. Brink security makes pretty good safes like you'd find in a hotel room...the kind that you can bolt down to somthing like the inside of your wardrobe. (I doubt whoever inspects the room will notice a few little holes..) and I'm thinking I'd like one to keep things like my cash and important papers, and other paraphanelia I don't want stolen/found by someone. will this make me look paranoid? i mean, my roommate is someone I have never met, so who knows who she is and who her friends are? my question is, is it common/normal to bring a safe into the dorms? and...if i were your roommate, would you think its weird if i had one?
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Replies to: a safe in my dorm room

  • buggzzbuggzz Posts: 217Registered User Junior Member
    Definitely not weird. I know many friends who bought safes in their dorms, not only because of cash safety but the important documents like passport and stuff are very vuluable.

    So i guess u shudnt take chances and take the safe
  • unlimitedxunlimitedx Posts: 3,007Registered User Senior Member
    a safe is only useful if it's heavy enough for the average person to not be able to carry it away, so getting one in the dorm the first place is a problem.
  • IcarusIcarus Posts: 4,336Registered User Senior Member
    personally, i think having a safe is a bit too paranoid. You say that your roommate is someone you've never met, but you have to understand, everyone going into college is in the same position (unless they chose their roommate beforehand, in which case this doesn't even apply). Just due to the fact that you'll be living together, there is a mutual trust and respect that is there. If you have such problems with your roomate that you feel you need a safe to guard your things, you need to change rooms immediately.
  • hnbuihnbui Posts: 562Registered User Member
    just buy a samm bow and put a lock on it.
  • funkyfunnybunnyfunkyfunnybunny Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    personally, i think bringing a safe is paranoid. not to mention the fact that you probably won't use it as much as you think. i would think that it'd be annoying to have to crack a code to get out cash or jewelry or whatever it is that you want to put in there. secondly, if your roommate takes something, you can take something of hers -- you know where she lives after all... :-) (j/k)

    on another note:

    haha... have you ever seen those portable safes? it cracks me up

    what kind of dumbass thinks it's a good idea to have a safe that can easily be transported from one point to another? so instead of having to take the time to crack the code at your home/dorm/work/whatever, the thief can figure it out at his leisure.

    makes me laugh anyway.
  • portraittheartistportraittheartist Posts: 152Registered User Junior Member
    i'm scared my roomie'll be a klepto, too, but i'm just hiding my cash in books. not the "cut-a-hole-in-the-middle-of-a-book" kind of stash (although, hey, that might work for 3-D stuff like jewelry), but just slipping a few 20's between the pages of a book on my shelf.
  • michelecmichelec Posts: 1,031Registered User Member
    I think thats a bit overkill. Your roomate might take offense that you think they'll steal your stuff. I don't know thought I've never been to college yet.
  • anoviceanovice Posts: 1,376Registered User Senior Member
    I recently posted about this and someone told me to get a locking file cabinet. I mentioned that I was concerned about my jewelry and was ridiculed for that throughout the thread, LOL, but other than that there were alot of great tips. :) Do a search and I'm sure you'll be able to find it.

    ... so I got myself a small locking file cabinet. I think it will work well.
  • kb54010kb54010 Posts: 1,133Registered User Senior Member
    Hmm...if you want to carry a safe up god-knows how many flights of stairs, only to put a couple things in there that you probably don't need at school anyways...go for it.

    Personally, if my roomie brings a safe....I'll be forced to have some fun at his expense.
  • alisone05alisone05 Posts: 99Registered User Junior Member
    well brinks makes these small, lighter safes that bolt on the inside of a dresser drawer or something, from inside the safe, so i might get one of those. if anyone wants to steal it they would have to take the whole drawer, and that might be a little more difficult and noticable than just picking the safe up...god knows i wouldnt want funkyfunny bunny to think i'm some kind of dumbass..lol ;-)
  • michelecmichelec Posts: 1,031Registered User Member
    at college i don't think you'll get too many theives or thugs, so don't worry too much :) i'd worry more about getting a laptop stolen.
  • gio14rlk7gio14rlk7 Posts: 48Registered User Junior Member
    funkyfunnybunny you got that from one of Jeff Foxworthy's shows. :) I agree though...portable safes...lol.
  • CC ArticlesCC Articles Posts: 32,210- Senior Member
    I would be so offended if my roommate showed up with a safe. So really the question is: do you want your roommate to hate you?
  • ottothecowottothecow Posts: 1,042Registered User Senior Member
    Just get a small lock-box...you know...the kind thats just a metal box but affords you the protection of having a lock and being something odd to steal.
  • funkyfunnybunnyfunkyfunnybunny Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    who's jeff foxworthy?
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