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Wearing Shorts in Cold weather

classclass Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2010 in College Life
What do you think of wearing shorts in cold weather? Do you think these people increase their chances of getting sick when they wear summer clothes in wintry weather?
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Replies to: Wearing Shorts in Cold weather

  • DCHurricaneDCHurricane Posts: 2,976- Senior Member
    I wouldn't wear shorts when it's cold because it's god damn cold, not the risk of getting sick. I've got a killer immune system anyway.
  • LLaKHigHLLaKHigH Posts: 144Registered User Junior Member
    Good topic. I wear shorts often in the winter, but that's only because I spend most of the day inside a building anyway. It's only cold between classes, which isn't much of a problem for me because my legs don't get cold very fast, only my toes. And I almost always wear warm socks.
  • icedragonicedragon Posts: 2,170Registered User Senior Member
    Ummmm.... *looks down*

    I'm wearing shorts and its like 40 degrees outside :P
  • Dreamin in JapanDreamin in Japan Posts: 161Registered User Junior Member
    Personally I hate when people don't know how to dress seasonally and they complain about it being cold. It's called layers because it's winter time. So yeah if I saw someone wearing shorts I would think they were silly and from the suburbs where they can easily just get in and out of a car so the weather isn't important to them.
  • ThisCouldBeHeavnThisCouldBeHeavn Posts: 16,060- Senior Member
    I wear shorts everyday, no matter the weather. Even when it dipped all the way down into the 40's last month.
  • morgs0403morgs0403 Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
    I don't think it's bad as long as the person doesn't complain about being cold. Some people just react to cold differently. you can't catch a cold or the flu from being cold so i don't see a problem with it
  • S0adS0ad Posts: 914Registered User Member
    Inside I don't see a problem. I don't think you would increase your chance of a cold. My bio teacher told me that was a myth, that you get sick from being cold out because breathing and the germs, or something or other, not because you don't have your mittens on. However, depending on how cold it is, frostbite can occur. I went outside in very cold weather once, with no gloves, and when I got inside my hands took about 30 minutes to warm and literally made me cry they hurt so bad.

    So I wouldn't be outside in the cold in shorts for long periods of time for risk of frostbite. Though the word "cold" depends on the person. To my bf its anything below 50. To me its below 0.
  • mflevitymflevity Posts: 1,201Registered User Senior Member
    My personal cold-meter has been radically adjusted during the last three weeks.

    After 19 years living in St. Louis (4 moderate seasons every year)--

    Cold = 35 or below. Warm = 60 and up.

    After six months living in Minnesota (yeah)--

    Really cold = -10 or below (it got to -30s with windchill a few weeks back). Cold = 10 or below. Warm = 30 and up.

    Will I throw on some shorts when it finally gets to 40 in a few months? I don't know. Maybe capri pants. :)
  • NonAntiAnarchistNonAntiAnarchist Posts: 921Registered User Member
    I wear shorts in the winter! And I live in NJ!
  • CaillebotteCaillebotte Posts: 1,546Registered User Senior Member
    At Cornell, this is usually a reliable indicator that someone's an engineer/CS major. I see it more frequently than you'd imagine and I don't really understand it; is it laziness or do they just not own pants?
  • icedragonicedragon Posts: 2,170Registered User Senior Member
    I'm just used to it. I love the cold weather so it doesn't bother me :P
  • XX55XXXX55XX Posts: 1,014Registered User Member
    I knew a kid in high school who wore only shorts. Never saw him in trousers, regardless of the weather outside.
  • TwistedxKissTwistedxKiss Posts: 2,535Registered User Senior Member
    I usually laugh to myself at kids that wear shorts in the snow. It looks silly. Wouldn't you laugh at someone wandering around in snow pants in july?
  • Easton722Easton722 Posts: 466Registered User Member
    depends. out here it's common to see shorts and flip flops when a snowmelt is going on on the streets, but the grass is still packed with 6+ inches. 40 without wind is pretty decent weather for shorts, but I dont like it at all. i dont understand how someone could like those gloomy, cloudy days. i need sun, and green.
  • NonAntiAnarchistNonAntiAnarchist Posts: 921Registered User Member
    I have to wear shorts in the snow because I can only afford one season's worth of clothes. Thanks for reminding me of that.
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