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what will you do if your gf cheats on you?

JoshuaisamanJoshuaisaman Posts: 5Registered User New Member
edited March 2010 in College Life
hi everybody,i just want to know what will you do if your gf cheats on you.
most people in Taiwan will fight and hit their rival.

what will foriegners do?

more special or something like that?
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Replies to: what will you do if your gf cheats on you?

  • NaturallyNaturally Posts: 1,308Registered User Senior Member
    Dump her.

    Do not "fight your rival." You will still be left with the same problem--an untrustworthy girlfriend. (And for goodness sake, don't hit your girlfriend either. You probably already know that, but just to be clear . . . )

    Also, if you "fight your rival" you can be kicked out of school or even brought up on assault charges (or both). And the police will not care two hoots about the little affair; they aren't going to say, "Oh, your girlfriend cheated on you with this guy? We're fine with you beating him up then." No. Not going to happen.

    Seriously, just dump the girl and move on.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Posts: 28,363Registered User Senior Member
    Dump that wench. She's not worth your time and effort.
  • DCHurricaneDCHurricane Posts: 2,976- Senior Member
    lol'd at "fight your rival"
  • RacinReaverRacinReaver Posts: 6,608Registered User Senior Member
    It's only legal to fight your rival in the States if you get your friends to sing the Mortal Kombat theme during the fight.
  • WooflesWoofles Posts: 278Registered User Junior Member
    ^^^ lolol.
  • tbolts856tbolts856 Posts: 265Registered User Junior Member
    If your girlfriend cheats on you, there's no sense in fighting the guy. It's not really his fault - he's not the one cheating on you. The best thing to do is just dump the girl.
  • BaelorBaelor Posts: 3,640Registered User Senior Member
    It's his fault and hers, assuming he knew. Of course, if people didn't hook up, this wouldn't be an issue at all. Dump her.
  • PathetiquePathetique Posts: 679Registered User Member
    Yeah, fight the guy, because the girl had no say in cheating on the guy. The "rival" used his manly powers of persuasion to get her in to bed, and the dainty flower was powerless to resist his advances.

    Seriously. I never understood why people get mad at the person their partner cheated with. It's not like your boyfriend/girlfriend had no say in the matter.
  • TwistedxKissTwistedxKiss Posts: 2,535Registered User Senior Member
    Because they have no personal attachment to the other party and can feel pure anger without the sting of betrayal that comes from their SO.
  • peter_parkerpeter_parker Posts: 923- Member
    Agree with all the replies.

    It would be your girlfriend's fault if she cheated on you - she was the one who made the commitment, the agreement - and betrayed your trust willingly.

    The "other guy" is not really at fault - he never made a promise to you (unless he is your friend, of course). Even if he knew she had a guy or boyfriend - people can never gauge how serious these things are unless you are married or what-not. Many times a guy might assume that the relationship has already expired or is on the verge of collapse if the girl would agree to cheat - whether or not that's true.

    Admit it - if you were pining/ crushing after some hot girl you *weren't* in a relationship with, and some other guy made out with her/ bedded her, you'd probably STILL be ****ed at the guy - mainly out of infantile jealousy/ ego/ dick-size contests. That is usually the same case here.

    Dump the girl, ignore the guy, move on to better, hotter girls.
  • reillythemanreillytheman Posts: 391Registered User Member
    i believe in free love ie. open relationships so i wouldnt give a damn...if i love my gf she can do whatever she wants that makes her happy
  • JoshuaisamanJoshuaisaman Posts: 5Registered User New Member
    thanks your suggestions~
    but sometimes i will be angry and if i really do not know how to deal in that terrible time...
    what can i do...

    you are a nice guy~^^
  • JoshuaisamanJoshuaisaman Posts: 5Registered User New Member
    but i still have a questions...
    some people say that "other guy" is not only fault , but if he knows someone has gf, he still wants to date with her. i think it is really worthy to tolerate the bad mind....
  • somnisomni Posts: 1,185Registered User Senior Member
    challenge him to a duel
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Posts: 28,363Registered User Senior Member
    ^... to the death.
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