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Should I get a MacBook Pro or a PC laptop for college?

StarstuckStarstuck Posts: 337Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2010 in College Life
I'm indecisive if I should I get a Mac or a PC for university? I want a Mac, but my dad says that I'm only paying extra for the status symbol. For me, I rather have a laptop that I actually like that one that I don't like as much.

I'm going to be a business major, if that's any help.

Should I get a MacBook Pro or a PC laptop for college?
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Replies to: Should I get a MacBook Pro or a PC laptop for college?

  • JfrzenJfrzen Posts: 53Registered User Junior Member
    Well, I really love my Macbook Pro. It was a lot more expensive and the hardware isn't as powerful as a comparably priced laptop from a different brand, I think the build quality is really great. I got an iPod, and a printer, and a student discount with mine which dropped the overall cost down a decent amount (sold the iPod).

    Back to the build quality- The trackpad is extremely convenient and not a gimmick like you'd think. The multi touch gestures are very handy. The aluminum body is also lightweight but feels solid and doesn't retain much heat. The LED lit screen is also an extremely good looking screen. The battery life is also the best I have ever used (they advertise something like 7-8 hours)

    Cons- it sucks for gaming because you have to dual boot Windows to run most games. It may also suck for you if you're a business major! I'm not a business major but I assume you're gonna be using excel and the MS Office suite. While Apple has their own, their programs aren't as powerful as Microsoft's, nor as widely used. But yeah, you can do basic stuff like save word processing files as MS Word files.
  • pierrechnpierrechn Posts: 1,505- Senior Member
    you are better getting a dell xps laptop or an alien ware, they will probably be in the same price range as the mac but better
  • lolcats4lolcats4 Posts: 3,203Registered User Senior Member
    For me, I rather have a laptop that I actually like that one that I don't like as much.

    well that to me says everything. get the macbook.

    I was very skeptical about getting a macbook pro, and did loads of research on pc laptops before finally getting my 15" mbp. Looking back it was an amazing decision. Does everything I want, including playing the latest games with high settings (I paid extra for the switchable graphics card).
  • karabeekarabee Posts: 859Registered User Member
    jfrzen is (unintentionally, i'm assuming) leading you astray with one of the cons: there IS a microsoft office suite for macs, which i chose to purchase instead of iLife since i need excel and such for engineering. it works just as well as if it were on a MS computer, i have yet to have compatibility issues, and i still get all of the perks of having a mac.
  • pierrechnpierrechn Posts: 1,505- Senior Member
    i really cant see why people spend 1500+ on Macbooks, unless they have money to bloww uhhh oooooo oooo
  • derelicticaderelictica Posts: 7Registered User New Member

    I've had plenty of compatibility issues, with Excel most specifically. Apple's spreadsheet program Numbers hasn't been able to properly open any Excel files I've had.
  • east89east89 Posts: 930Registered User Member
    It's like every other week with these threads.
  • karabeekarabee Posts: 859Registered User Member
    no, i meant that instead of numbers, i use excel for macs, and my TA's have never had a problem opening my excel spreadsheet on their PC's and vice versa. i don't own iLife, but instead have MS word/excel/powerpoint running on my macbook. same programs, different platform.
  • ohnoezDxohnoezDx Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    I bought a 13" MBP. I was going to purchase a Dell but I decided to get a mac because I was going to have to get one eventually. I love how lightweight it is and the trackpad. The screen is amazing and it's able to handle a lot. I'm a graphic design student so I thought it was a good purchase. I also got the mac version of microsoft office and I haven't had any compatibility issues. I didn't purchase Life because I knew it would be a big risk.
  • PurpleAndProudPurpleAndProud Posts: 62Registered User Junior Member
    I bought a mbp 13" last summer. When I realized that, 8 months after purchase, it had a resale value of $1,000 (bought for $1100), I sold it in a heartbeat and bought a 12.1" Asus for less than half of what I sold the mbp for.

    Reasons I'm glad I made the switch:
    -I personally like Windows 7 more than OS X. OSX must have been a nightmare before expose came out and it still doesn't handle quick app switching that well.
    -Made more than $500 off the deal
    -Asus is more reliable than Apple
    -MS Office '07 (windows) is about 1000000x better than MS office '08 (mac)
    -don't have to jump through hoops for various things (e.g. buying a $30 addon just to get my mbp connected to a projector)

    Things I miss:
    -The mbp touchpad was amazing
    -It looked nicer
    -quicksilver was better than the one windows alternative (launchy)
    -My Asus has a weaker processor and it shows. However, if you spend a bit more (say $700) on the windows laptop that's not even an issue.
  • ohnoezDxohnoezDx Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    Of course the resale value is going to be lower...
  • pierrechnpierrechn Posts: 1,505- Senior Member
    @ohnoez duh he was shocked that it was only a 100s less
  • ohnoezDxohnoezDx Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    I guess I misunderstood why they sold it.
  • reillythemanreillytheman Posts: 391Registered User Member
    are you doing high end video editing? are you doing high end sound mixing or DJing? do you find yourself in an expensive studio looking for a better tool? is music recording and editing one of your passions and skills in life? are you contracted to compile professional video clips into a presentation for a company?

    if no, then dont get a macbook pro. That kind of technology isn't $1500 for nothing. you dont need a $1500 dollar computer to create a text file and surf the web.
  • singlefilesinglefile Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    PC for sure. Macs are never worth the extra money. Despite the modern-day stigma, PCs are incredibly capable. Get one (I have had good experiences with Dell & HP) running Windows 7 and you should be good to go.
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