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ONE 5 star 5 subject notebook for ALL classes?

MsEbonie5701MsEbonie5701 Posts: 25Registered User New Member
edited August 2005 in College Life
I was talking to a friend, a senior in college, and she suggested that I get a Five Star 5 subject notebook and use it for all of my classes. She said it would eliminate the use of 4 different one subject notebooks and folders. She warned they were expensive but definitely an investment. She also mentioned that the notebook had folders and little pockets for index cards. Anyway, I took a Math class this summer and almost used up my 3 subject notebook. Then again, my notes were unorganized and unhelpful. What are your thoughts? One Five star 5 subject notebook for all my classes? Or different notebooks for each class?

Here's my schedule:

Math 118
Intro to African American Studies
Communications 102 (Interpersonal Comm)
English 161 (Research class)
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Replies to: ONE 5 star 5 subject notebook for ALL classes?

  • MatthewM04MatthewM04 Posts: 699Registered User Member
    How expensive are we talking for a five-subject notebook? You could get two three-subject ones if you want, which would give you more paper since you seem like you write a lot, and if your classes meet MWF and TR then you can just alternate taking one notebook to class each day.

    Worst case scenario is that you write way too much and would have to spend what, a few bucks for another one? In the grand scheme of college costs, it's negligible.
  • soccerguy315soccerguy315 Posts: 7,131Registered User Senior Member
    I don't understand the point of this.

    If you want to study your math notes you have to bring your notes for all your other classes too?

    but yea... whatever you spend on note taking binders/spirals is like 1% of your college costs
  • parasitelinparasitelin Posts: 57Registered User Junior Member
    I bought a five subject one because on many days I have a few classes in a row and wouldn't have much time to go to my dorm.
  • celebrian25celebrian25 Posts: 15,373Registered User Senior Member
    ....quesitons like these are reason why the thread on which color colored pencil one should pick get started
  • adconardadconard Posts: 803Registered User Member
    ....quesitons like these are reason why the thread on which color colored pencil one should pick get started

    LOL ... ...
  • IlliniJBravoEchoIlliniJBravoEcho Posts: 1,110Registered User Member
    Well I thought about that but I want a 3 subject just for physics with one section for class notes, one for discussion, and one for hw. So think about how your classes are broken down and how much you will be writing (how big you write, lots of drawings, etc). Just something to think about.
  • 2skys1imit32skys1imit3 Posts: 301Registered User Junior Member
    hm…1st get at least one folder for every class your taking…there’s quite a nice selection at your local Office Supplies store, University Store, even local Chain stores, or even the Super Market

    try out the one notebook thing, if it works out great, if not, save one night’s worth of Pizza money, have your friend pay your half, and go get a couple more one, three, five subject notebooks to your Preference :)
  • bluealien01bluealien01 Posts: 1,941Registered User Senior Member
    Is this another thread like the pencil one?
  • ats7321ats7321 Posts: 80Registered User Junior Member
    just go to the store any get whatever type of notebook you want. if you find out it's not helpful next term/trimester/semester try something different. I'd say whatever worked for you in high school should work for you in college.
  • zantedeschiazantedeschia Posts: 7,841Registered User Senior Member
    I like one subject ones bc I don't want to carry around all five subjects when I just want to look at notes for one, for example. Also, 5 subject ones have less paper per section, so I run out of paper before the term's over.
  • resteroniresteroni Posts: 56Registered User Junior Member
    you might want sections for sub topics. and if you write a lot, maybe it's not the best idea.
  • resteroniresteroni Posts: 56Registered User Junior Member
    you can't just refill a few sections of it, you'd have to buy a new one. so if you write a lot more in one subject than the others, you'd have like 4 huge notebooks to lug around.
  • i_wanna_be_Browni_wanna_be_Brown Posts: 7,068Registered User Senior Member
    for whomever said they wouldnt have time to go back and switch notebooks:

    couldnt you have a backpack and carry multiple notebooks? Isnt that what you did in high school?

    Oh yeah, to the OP:

    what worked in high school?
  • parasitelinparasitelin Posts: 57Registered User Junior Member
    I like 5 subject notebooks anyway.... I actually only used a 1 subject notebook senior year in high school for the last half of the year because the only class that I actually wrote any notes for or did any written homework for was math. If I needed to write something down for another class I'd put it in a random spot.
  • Spetsnaz OpSpetsnaz Op Posts: 870Registered User Member
    I tried to combine 2 or 3 HS subjects in one 5 subject and things were often messy and I ran out of space. Last year I just got a single mead notebook for each class - things worked great. That is what I suggest - even though it will be more expensive then one 5 subject.
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