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Recording lectures - which device would you recommend?

Star`Star` Posts: 173Registered User Junior Member
edited April 2010 in College Life
To replay back to review, or take notes on what I missed during the live lecture, etc. :]

What device would you recommend? Which do you use?
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Replies to: Recording lectures - which device would you recommend?

  • justtotalkjusttotalk Posts: 939Registered User Member
    I bought one of those Olympus digital voice recorders that has a USB to directly upload onto a computer. It has great sound quality.

    I used it for the first lecture of my first class in college. Never again. Are you in college already? If not, maybe wait til after your first few classes to see if a recorder will help you.
  • DMOCDMOC Posts: 1,442Registered User Senior Member
    Any kind of recorder can work, as long as it does its job.
  • biglawhopesbiglawhopes Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    I recommend with every fiber of my being (no joke) the Livescribe Pulse Pen. I'm a Philosophy major and have been able to maintain a pristine GPA thanks to the crazy advantages of what I consider the greatest academic tool ever. It sounds so dramatic, but I honestly recommend it to everyone. It's not just a recorder it also converts your notes to PDF files (a convenient second copy in case you lose your notes) and lets you click on what you wrote and hear exactly what the prof. said at that exact time.

    Get one. You'll love it.

    MIT Admissions | Blog Entry: "Livescribe's Pulse Pen"

    Livescribe :: Never Miss A Word
  • purplequeuepurplequeue Posts: 115Registered User Junior Member
    i heard there is an application you can download to you mac to record?

    I think it was garage band, i heard there was someway you could record on it...
  • biglawhopesbiglawhopes Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    You can record lectures on Garageband; it works well for smaller classrooms, not so much in lecture halls.
  • east89east89 Posts: 930Registered User Member
    If you're using a laptop, you can just get Camtasia studio.
  • LobzzLobzz Posts: 1,970Registered User Senior Member
    Wow. I've actually wanted to try this, but have been putting it off for a while. Sounds like a great way to "take notes". Anyone know if this practice is prohibited at any school?
  • Emaheevul07Emaheevul07 Posts: 5,966Registered User Senior Member
    I have an olympus one, and it records my professors clear as day from the back of a full lecture hall. It's great.

    It's this one:

    Amazon.com: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (VN 6200PC): Electronics

    Some professors are ornery about it and want you to ask permission, I think for fear their lectures will be sold or something. But if I've never seen a professor actually say no, and given that I have no intention of selling or sharing, I take mine out at the back of the room without saying anything. It sits in the outside pocket of my purse on the floor in front of my seat. He'll never know the difference anyway.
  • biglawhopesbiglawhopes Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    I had a renowned Bio prof, whose britches were a size or two too big, he explicitly said he "hated being recorded as it prohibited him from allowing for great discussions with students." This didn't make much sense as he never asked a single question and it was an intro class. He was and is notorious for testing on random details he mutters (old man) through class; not recording lectures was not an option.

    Many attempted to record with "normal looking" recorders and he was great at spotting them. The few of us with the Pulse Pen made it through the class inconspicuous and helped our fellow classmates study. Most of the class ended up recording the class via Garageband.

    I honestly feel that it's okay if you are not recording as a means to sell it and make profit or do some dishonest deed that the professor could truly punish you for. Some professor's are just tough lecturers and grasping everything is hard.
  • corey91corey91 Posts: 902Registered User Member
    Oh, I think this would be a great idea. Then I can study and exercise at the same time! I always find I grasp things more when I listen to them (ie audiobooks). There is no way to mistakenly scan or skip sections.
  • Experiment8Experiment8 Posts: 262Registered User Junior Member
    Many attempted to record with "normal looking" recorders and he was great at spotting them. The few of us with the Pulse Pen made it through the class inconspicuous and helped our fellow classmates study.

    The livescribe pen I owned was a joke. It wouldn't record well at all if the lecture hall wasn't really small, and even then you end up with all the shuffling and whispering of people around you magnified much louder than the person lecturing.

    Not to mention the model I had wanted you to wear these goofy headphones that have a mic in them, just to get the 'quality' of recording I described... a pen with headphones connected to it that you're wearing is not exactly 'inconspicuous'
  • biglawhopesbiglawhopes Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    Experiment, I'm not sure which model you had but I got mine not too long ago (I'm a freshman). I know a few friends whose older model (which really isn't entirely "older") doesn't record as well. I've honestly never had to use the headphones for recording, even in a big hall.
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