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what is the easiest science to take?

lilplaya2567lilplaya2567 Posts: 32Registered User Junior Member
edited May 2010 in College Life
ok i will be a junior in the fall and i have to take 2 sciences with one being a lab. Im currently enrolled in Biology and the lab for the fall. And i was wondering which science would be easier between Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Nutrition and Geology?

and also what science would be easier to take as one of my lab sciences'?
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Replies to: what is the easiest science to take?

  • pinkstrawberrypinkstrawberry Posts: 262- Junior Member
    I'm going to assume that these courses you listed are the ones for non-science majors (so geology wouldn't be heavily chem based, chem and physics not heavily calculus based, etc). I took a Nutrition class and it didn't have a lab but it was pretty easy. After that, Geology is probably easiest.

    I'm a biochem major and the easiest class in our major is General Chem which is pretty basic so I would try that. The labs are pretty straightforward too.
  • christian612christian612 Posts: 360Registered User Member
    Intro bio class
  • lastchancexilastchancexi Posts: 404Registered User Member
    Nutrition and Geology.
  • Alix2012Alix2012 Posts: 1,246- Senior Member
    Intro bio class
    I would guess the intro bio class would be the hardest of the bunch to do well in - I remember back in intro bio, there was a ridiculous amount of material on each exam and it was curved so half the class was guaranteed sucky grades in the C/D/F range to weed people out. In comparison, intro chem courses are pretty straightforward with basic math, and physics classes for non-science majors are always easy because you can't really understand physics without higher level math which isn't present in those courses.

    So Nutrition and Geology. Chances are the labs in all these will be boring but easy too.
  • QwertyKeyQwertyKey Posts: 4,590Registered User Senior Member
    Ask someone at your school. I'd imagine it'd be Nutrition or Geology. No way is it going to be Physics. But this would be different at every school.
  • lilplaya2567lilplaya2567 Posts: 32Registered User Junior Member
    thanks for the replies...well looks like ill have to stick wit bio since nutrition and geology are full. i should be ok because the teacher i signed up for seems pretty easy

    also would you all recommend getting the same teacher for biology and biology lab?

    @pinkstrawberry yes these are intro level science courses that i have to take even tho im an accounting major
  • DCHurricaneDCHurricane Posts: 2,976- Senior Member
    Nutrition. Geology seems like a lot of boring memorization and a subject that you really gotta be interested in to enjoy. Whereas even a basic nutrition course you can easily apply to everyday life.
  • justtotalkjusttotalk Posts: 939Registered User Member
    I'm an accounting major, too. I took bio, chem and physics in college, and for me physics was easiest--but it was calculus based so I'm not sure about the geometry/trig version. It's somewhat similar to the kind of thinking you do in accting classes--mostly concepts with a bit of math intertwined.

    Otherwise, do biology (of those 3). Chem is quite a bit of work, even though it's not particularly difficult. It'll take time away from things you actually are interested in. And chem labs are very cumbersome. Intro physics labs are very easy in comparison, at least at UW
  • icedragonicedragon Posts: 2,170Registered User Senior Member
    wouldn't anthropology classes count as a science? if not go with nutrition and geonology
  • 02RGuy7202RGuy72 Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    Check and see if they offer Environmental Science as a biological science credit. It's offered in my school and it's cake! Plus, there's a lot of relevant information you'll learn as well as easy access to research material. There's a ton of information out there!

    EVERYONE has gone "green"!
  • LonghornDanLonghornDan Posts: 532Registered User Member
    Some anthropology classes are considered a science, at least at my school that is how it is.
  • lilplaya2567lilplaya2567 Posts: 32Registered User Junior Member
    yea anthropology is considered a science at my school as well i forgot to mention that was well. Also Geography and grantetology (or however you spell it too lazy to look lol)
  • brown14brown14 Posts: 808Registered User Member
    how easy is environmental/earth systems?
  • collegenewbcollegenewb Posts: 37Registered User Junior Member
    environmental science
  • catsushicatsushi Posts: 1,970Registered User Senior Member
    It all depends on your school. Chem can be easy at one school, but it's considered one of the hardest classes at mine. Environmental science could be made easy or it could be difficult. Also depends on how you treat the class. Go to every lecture/do all the work = hard, but if you slack off of course it'll be made easy.

    Stick with a science that interests you the most, otherwise you'll end up wanting to kill yourself at the end of the semester.
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